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Chapter 73: Chapter 73: Tianyun Clan Reform

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Upon returning to the Tianyun Clan, Chen Chen took stock of his gains during the trip.

There were more than a hundred pieces of dragon scales and half a dragon heart on the table.

In addition to that, there were a hundred pounds of dragon meat in his storage ring, with even more in the kitchen.

After the demon dragon was beheaded, the demon dragon’s body sank into the river and Chen Chen took all of those things away with him.

However, he didn’t have the cheek to take too much, only taking a little. The rest was split between Xiao Wuyou and You Ruoshui. If nothing went wrong, the standard of the food in the Tianyun Clan would be raised a notch for a bit in the future.

Of course, in addition to those items, there were also seven or eight storage bags in Chen Chen’s storage ring and another storage ring, all of which he found in the dragon’s cave in the bottom of the river using the system.

However, he was not in a hurry to open the treasure chest, as he felt that Zhang Ji was a better candidate for opening it.

“Master, what are these mussels for? There doesn’t seem to be anything peculiar about them…” a puzzled Hu Xian’er, who was in the kitchen, asked.

Generally speaking, the ingredients she used were all heavenly treasures that Chen Chen had obtained.

It was the first time that something as lowly as mussels had appeared in the kitchen.

Hearing this, the corners of Chen Chen’s eyes twitched. God knows why he wanted to pick those mussels. He had just subconsciously picked them up.

“Nothing, just cook it with the dragon meat.”

“Okay, master,” Hu Xian’er acknowledged obediently. Now that Chen Chen had the power of the dragon, she was more and more scrupulous towards him.

Besides, by following Chen Chen, she actually got to eat demon dragon meat. She was pleased with such treatment.

In the past, she wasn’t willing to cook and study under Chen Chen’s orders, but now she was willing to do so.

Just as Chen Chen was packing everything up, a familiar voice came from outside the courtyard.

“Successor! I have something important to report!”

“Please come in!”

Without waiting for Chen Chen’s response, the little morning glory took the initiative to speak up and welcome the guest.

Hearing the voice, a slightly lewd figure trotted in, stopping in front of Chen Chen.

“Wang Feng, what can I do for you?”

Chen Chen was a little curious when he saw who it was.

After he was taught a lesson last time, he was as well-behaved as he could be with the Tianyun Clan. He even helped the newly initiated outer clan disciples from time to time, making the jaws of some of the elders of the Tianyun Clan, who knew him, drop.

“Successor, the Wuxin Clan sent me a message yesterday to inform me to keep a close eye on you during this month to prevent any swapping…” Wang Feng answered nervously.

Upon hearing his words, Chen Chen seemed to be deep in thought. A month later, the new king of the State of Jin would be enthroned, and logically speaking, he would be making a trip to the capital of the State of Jin.

Besides, the Wuxin Clan had instructed Wang Feng to keep an eye on him…

The meaning was very obvious.

In a month’s time, the Wuxin Clan would probably create some trouble. The most likely possibility would be that they would hold him hostage. That was still a relatively gentle scenario. A harsher one…

Chen Chen did not continue to think about it.

“I know. You may leave. You have done a good job this time. As long as you continue to persevere, there’ll definitely be a way out for you in the future.”

“Thank you, Successor!”

Wang Feng bowed to Chen Chen before leaving the courtyard of the main peak.

After he left, Chen Chen frowned slightly.

In the past, he was not concerned about the affairs of the Tianyun Clan, but now, he was thinking of sharing the Tianyun Clan’s burden every day.

To be honest, it was still too relaxed in the Tianyun Clan, mainly because the management model was too backward.

In the novels of his previous life, they would often conduct inner and outer clan assessments to boost the cultivation enthusiasm of the inner and outer clan disciples.

But what about the Tianyun Clan?

Disciples whose status of cultivation had reached a certain standard would be promoted to inner clan disciples who were ranked according to status of cultivation. Additionally, the substantial benefits were not great either.

What was the point of the ranking?

“It’s so backward. It’s time to put my management experience from the modern world to good use.”

Chen Chen sighed, took out a pen and a piece of paper, and began to write with vigor.

In his previous life, he had lived to his twenties and been a manager of a foreign enterprise. He was doing rather well, very experienced in transferring staff and brainwashing them.

Hence, it didn’t take long for him to list dozens of reform programs.

Since he was pressed for time, it was better to implement some of the programs sooner rather than later.

Chen Chen sorted through those programs before going to the Clan Master Hall.

In the future, if there was anything that he wanted to add or something that wasn’t suitable for the Tianyun Clan, he would just make a few trips.

When he arrived at the Clan Master Hall, he realized that Xiao Wuyou was cultivating.

With his talent, he could have broken through to the Nascent Soul realm long ago, but because of the Wuxin Clan, he froze and suppressed himself for decades.

With how much he had accumulated, he immediately broke through to the peak of the Nascent Soul realm.

With the remaining Heavenly Spirit Bell Stalagmite, he felt that he would be able to step into the mid Nascent Soul realm in a short period of time. Hence, he cultivated non-stop after his return.

Noticing that Chen Chen had arrived, Xiao Wuyou slowly opened his eyes.

He was very satisfied with this disciple of his.

Although Chen Chen was only at the early stage of the Foundation Establishment realm, the degree of condensation of ethereality in his body was no less than the peak of that realm.

‘This ability…’

In the Tianyun Clan, other than him and a few of the supreme elders, there were very few people who could reach that realm.

“Disciple, is there any confusion?” Xiao Wuyou asked, seeing Chen Chen’s gloomy face.

“Master, here’s the thing. In order to deal with the Wuxin Clan, we must improve the overall strength of the Tianyun Clan. Also, to make the Tianyun Clan stronger, we need to enhance the aggressiveness of the disciples, as well as the elders.

“After some observation, I discovered that there are many internal management loopholes in the Tianyun Clan at the moment, and everyone here isn’t ambitious enough, so I’m here to suggest some areas for improvement.”

Chen Chen’s tone was serious and earnest as he spoke, causing Xiao Wuyou to laugh after hearing his words.

‘My disciple was born in a village, so by right, he shouldn’t have much knowledge. Yet, here he is, thinking about how to manage the sect…’

“Disciple, do you know about management?”

“Ahem, I know a little. I helped the village chief manage the village in the past,” Chen Chen said with some embarrassment.

There was a peculiar expression on Xiao Wuyou’s face after he heard those words.

‘How is managing a village the same as managing a clan?

‘However, it’s good that he has such thoughts. After all, he has to take over my position as Clan Master of Tianyun Clan in the future. There’s no harm in starting to learn right now.’

Back then, he had also learned from his master for a period of time. In fact, he still had a copy of ‘Clan Master Essentials,’ which his master had given him.

‘Forget it, I shall give this kid some guidance. In the future, I’ll also impart the ‘Clan Master Essentials’ to him.’

After thinking about it, Xiao Wuyou said with a faint smile, “Feel free to voice any suggestion that you have.”

Upon hearing this, Chen Chen took out a piece of paper, entirely covered with words.

“I’ve roughly listed 32 of them. Master, please take a look!”

Xiao Wuyou’s hands trembled after hearing his words, shocked.

‘I know this kid is serious, but 32? Are you kidding me?

‘The rules of the clan are the result of the hard work of successive clan masters over many years. How can there be so many loopholes? Besides, other clans are very similar to us!’

However, he was afraid of being Chen Chen’s wet blanket, so he didn’t show a look of dismay.

Instead, he took out the ‘Clan Master Essentials’ from his storage ring and handed it to Chen Chen before taking Chen Chen’s proposal.

“Disciple, take a good look at this book. It will be of great use to you in the future! Now, I shall see what you have proposed.”

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