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Chapter 74: Chapter 74: The Successor Is Really A Good Man

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Chen Chen grabbed the ‘Clan Master’s Essentials’, roughly understanding what it said after giving it a casual glance.

Its content level was similar to the imperial mind techniques of the patriarchal dynasties in the previous world.

However, it was not as detailed as the emperor’s mind techniques.

It was mostly just vague logic that seemed unclear.

It couldn’t be helped, since people who cultivated immortality enjoyed such fancy things.

At the same time, Xiao Wuyou was looking at Chen Chen’s suggestions.

Chen Chen seemed to have been worried that he couldn’t understand the meaning behind some of these suggestions, giving detailed, hundred-word-long introductions and explanations for each of them.

Looking at his clear line of thought, Xiao Wuyou’s expression changed again and again.

At this time, there was only one sentence that was running through his mind: so we can do that?

As the clan master, he was definitely a smart person, able to tell with some deduction whether or not Chen Chen’s suggestions would work.

However… Wasn’t his disciple born in a village? How could he think of so many extreme and unscrupulous means?

Could it be that there really was such a thing as a natural talent in this world?

Thinking of this, Xiao Wuyou subconsciously raised his head to look at Chen Chen, only to see that the latter was reading the ‘Clan Master Essentials’. He couldn’t help but blush.

The difference was too big…

At this moment, his ‘Clan Master Essentials’ seemed to be for amateurs.

Without hesitation, Xiao Wuyou released powerful ethereality with a solemn expression, immediately after which the Clan Master Essentials in Chen Chen’s returned to his storage ring.

“Ahem. I passed you the wrong one. The Tianyun Clan’s copy of the Clan Master’s Essentials seems to have gone missing. As for these suggestions of yours… Well, they are very good.

“However, many of them are not apt for the current situation of the Tianyun Clan, such as a few of the incentive measures. To be honest, the Tianyun Clan can’t afford to give away that many Spirit Stones right now.”

As soon as Xiao Wuyou said those words, Chen Chen interjected, “Master, there’s something I forgot to tell you. The outer clan disciple Zhang Ji found the ore of a Spiritual Rhinoceros in a desolate mountain in the Tianyun Mountains some time ago. The reserves are satisfactory and can meet the needs of the Tianyun Clan at the moment.”

Xiao Wuyou was stunned by those words. The Spiritual Rhinoceros ore was a necessary item for refining spiritual weapons and magic treasures. It was also worth a lot of money, so if they really found the ore, it would bring them a massive amount of wealth!

‘Is Tianyun Clan really blessed by Heaven?’ he wondered.

“In that case, the matter will be left to you. Just remember to discuss everything with the elders, as there are some things they would know better than I do. Let me know the reserves in that spiritual rhinoceros after you explore,” Xiao Wuyou said very decisively after a long period of silence.

The Tianyun Clan was on the verge of collapsing, so he didn’t mind letting Chen Chen go through that hassle.

“Haha! Master, you’re very wise!” Chen Chen laughed out loud and turned around to leave the Clan Master Hall.

Staring at his disciple’s back, Xiao Wuyou’s gaze became somewhat complicated.

His disciple was Heaven’s favorite, but his wits still had to be nurtured.

For example, Chen Chen suggested setting up one or two more apprenticeship points in Ji Zhou and strict inspections for things like robbery and murder along the way to ensure the safety of mortals who come to test their qualifications.

Putting it simply, he believed in human manpower more than immortal powers.

“Humans surpass the will of heavens… That is the claim of the demon clan.”

Xiao Wuyou sighed lightly before continuing to cultivate.

Three days later.

On Tianyun Mountains, there was a group of outer clan disciples digging for mines on the Spiritual Rhinoceros Peak.

The Spiritual Rhinoceros Peak was originally just a desolate mountain, but it earned its name after the discovery of the Spiritual Rhinoceros ore here the day before yesterday.

“Ah, we used to be able to earn Spirit Stones just by fetching water, but now we have to mine!”

“Exactly! Fetching water might not be easier than mining, but mining is too dirty!”

A few of the outer clan disciples were complaining while mining.

In the past two days, there had been a lot of rules implemented in Tianyun Clan, among which the old system of fetching water to obtain Spirit Stones for the outer clan disciples who did not have a status of cultivation was changed to a new one involving mining.

Some male disciples were fine with it, but how could the female disciples stand it?

After coming out of the mine, they would be covered in soot and look like apes.

However, it happened that they would be able to earn plenty of Spirit Stones after mining. Although their minds said no, their bodies really wanted it.

“I heard that a big figure in the clan wants to reform the Tianyun Clan, even implementing an elimination system. Rumor has it that those who fail to achieve a status of cultivation after two months will be expelled from the sect!”

“Cultivation is not easy either. I heard that we have to be ranked according to our status of cultivation. Those at the bottom of the ranks will get special subsidies from the clan, but if you still don’t have a status of cultivation after two months of being subsidized, you have to go to the mortal world!”

“Yes, yes, I also know about the ranking system. The elders and the clan master are included too. Do you guys know that Elder Zhou of the outer clan has been sulking all day after learning that he had been ranked behind a few inner clan disciples! He’s been making things hard for us every day!”

A few of the outer clan disciples were getting angrier and angrier, wishing they could find the person who had started the reform and give him a harsh scolding.

“I heard that it was the Grand Elder’s idea!”

“Is that so?”

“Yes, it’s spreading all around the sect. Apart from him, no one else has that capability!”

“The Grand Elder! F***!”

A group of outer clan disciples cursed, turning their grief and anger into power, mining the ores one after another.

At this moment, a female disciple was looking at the top of a mountain in the distance, her eyes full of admiration.

“Look, you guys, the successor is coming to send us drinks again!”

The group of outer clan disciples all looked at the mountain top upon hearing this, only to see a young man dressed in fluttering, white clothing looking at them with compassion.

“The successor is just too nice. He’s understanding towards us outer clan disciples and sends us food and drinks every day.”

A female disciple with a sullen face was moved to tears. When she wiped them away, her tears mixed with the dust without her knowledge.

“These days, the successor has been offering us the best things… Compared to the Grand Elder, the successor is so much better! If only the successor could become the clan master soon.”

“Shh, keep your voice down. If the Grand Elder hears you, you will be skinned alive! He mentioned in his reform that strength is the most important thing in the Tianyun Clan, and only the one who comes in first place can become the clan master!”

“Damn it! This is horrendous! This is deliberate suppression of the successor!”

At the same time, in the Tiandu Peak Elders’ courtyard, the Grand Elder was sulking, fury apparent in his eyes.

There were several other elders beside him who looked very innocent.


At that moment, the Grand Elder stood up abruptly and smashed his most beloved teacup.

“Who?! Who spread that rumor?! Who said that I initiated the reform?!”

A few elders looked at each other, wanting to say something, but did not end up doing so.

However, one of them finally mustered up some courage and said, “I guess it was the successor. At that time, he asked us to issue orders, but I did not think much of it. Now, the more I think about it, the more I find that something is wrong…”

“Chen Chen, that brat! He’s being so unruly just because he has the support of the clan master! He framed me! This is outrageous!” the Grand Elder cursed angrily.

When he went out in the past few days, he had to face the peculiar gazes of all the disciples. Sometimes, they would even curse him while discussing things amongst themselves.

How could his pride allow him to bear that?

“No, I have to find a way to get rid of the blame and clear my name. That brat Chen Chen is horrible!”

While cursing, the Grand Elder tried to think of a solution. At this moment, another elder entered the room with an anxious expression.

“Senior Brother, Tiangang cannot accept being ranked behind Chen Chen and went to challenge Chen Chen at the Spiritual Rhinoceros Peak… What should we do?”

The elder’s eyes flickered upon hearing his words.

In the past two days, the clan members had come up with a power ranking. Chen Chen was extremely thick-skinned too, arranging for him to be in tenth place.

Apart from the clan master, there were five supreme elders in the clan, thus taking up six places.

As the Grand Elder, he was ranked seventh, while the Punishment Elder was ranked eighth, followed by the Alchemy Elder, who was ranked ninth.

Next was the tenth place!

‘This kid only joined the clan a short period of time ago and he has given me such a low ranking! Isn’t he thick-skinned?! He’s so thick-skinned!’

Thinking about this, he sneered, ordering him, “Let Tiangang go. That bastard Chen Chen set his own rules. The disciples are allowed to challenge each other. If Tiangang challenges him, it won’t be considered an offense and the clan master cannot say anything about it.”

The elder who had just entered was incredibly anxious. Sun Tiangang was the eldest disciple of the clan and he had entered the middle stage of foundation building a long time ago. However, Chen Chen had been initiated only a few days ago.

“Grand Elder… Chen Chen is the future clan master. We have to show him some respect!”

When the Grand Elder heard the word “respect,” he lost his temper and cursed, “Respect, my foot! That bastard Chen Chen needs to be taught a lesson! Leave him alone! Let Tiangang challenge him! Let him shoot himself in the foot!”

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