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Chapter 705

Chapter 704 came knocking on his door

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“What’s so special about this magic treasure?”

Sacred King Nether River asked curiously.

To be honest, this storage ring actually had a few extremely powerful immortal artifacts, but he had stopped them at Sacred King Ziwei’s suggestion.

He didn’t expect that immortal turtle could find something he liked. Did he miss something?

Chen Chen put away the falling star hammer and said with a smile, “This treasure means a lot to me.”

Such an ambiguous answer was meaningless. However, this was what one had to say to someone like sacred king Nether River.

If one lied to him, he would be even more suspicious.

Sacred King Nether River frowned when he heard Chen Chen Chen’s answer, but he did not say anything.

This person had already put away his things, so he could not snatch them back.

Sacred king Luo Chen said, “Since senior has taken our things, then in the future war between the two worlds, senior must make a move.”

Chen Chen did not even think and immediately swore, “I, perfected divine turtle, hereby swear that in the future war between the nether world and the true spirit world, if I stand by and watch, my immortal body will

collapse and die!”

The sacred kings smiled when they saw Chen Chen make such a solemn vow.

With such a powerful aid, as long as the new lower realm’s immortal didn’t do anything, the war between the two worlds would basically be settled.

Chen Chen put down his hand, but he was secretly laughing in his heart.

It was definitely impossible for him to stand idly by. At that time, he would have to help the true spirit world. This was not standing idly by.

Sacred King Nether River did not know what Chen Chen was thinking. He only thought that Chen Chen would really help them, and his words instantly became closer.

“With fellow Daoist’s help, our abyss world is like a tiger with wings!”

Chen Chen said with a fake smile, “If I’m not wrong, Sacred King Demon puppet is also here, right? What about him?”

Sacred King Nether River’s smile froze, and he subconsciously wanted to deny it. However, after seeing Chen Chen’s smile, he no longer pretended to be polite.

“Sacred King Demon puppet is indeed with us. Actually, there’s a misunderstanding between fellow Daoist and him… If we can resolve this conflict…”

“I don’t mind. I have nothing to lose anyway, but he lost an immortal clone. Can he let it go?”

Chen Chen asked back.

“Uh, for the sake of the big picture, Sacred King Demon puppet can do it.”

Saint King Nether River said with certainty.

Chen Chen looked at him deeply, and then both of them laughed at the same time.

After reaching an agreement with the Abyss sect, Chen Chen stayed in the Abyss sect.

As for how powerful Tian Yun was, he didn’t know. Anyway, what he could use to deal with the Abyss was definitely extraordinary.

It was definitely not something that a few saint kings could block.

He even suspected that if he summoned Tian Yun here now and smashed him down, all the Sacred Kings of the Abyss sect in the Abyss world would be finished.

Of course, he wouldn’t use such a powerful trump card so casually.

After staying in the Abyss sect for two days, there was news from the divine turtle sanctum.

There was really a white-clothed cultivator who came to the divine turtle sanctum to ask about him.

The cultivator who stayed behind to guard the divine turtle sanctum answered truthfully where he was, and the white-robed cultivator turned around and left.

When he received this news, Chen Chen began to wait silently.

If that immortal from the lower realm dared to come to the Abyss sect, it would only be for one or two days.

However, what he did not expect was that one day later, he received another piece of news that caused a sensation in the entire abyss world.

The prison-guarding saint realm was massacred in one night. The Sacred King of the prison-guarding Saint Realm, who was injured by him, was chopped into several pieces and his corpse lay in the Saint Realm.

According to the descriptions of the nearby cultivators, the one who attacked was a white-robed immortal.

Chen Chen was puzzled when he saw this news.

Could it be that the first thing the immortal did when he came down to the Abyss world was to kill a sacred king to establish his authority?

It was really not easy to be the sacred king of the Abyss World.

His reaction was still rather calm, but the other sacred kings were all shocked and furious.

Sacred King Shengui had killed sacred king shattering void, and that was a defensive counterattack. They could not say anything, and could only say that their skills were inferior to his.

But Sacred King Strangle Hell did not provoke that immortal, and actually caused the entire sacred region to be massacred. This made them feel a sense of grief at the death of a rabbit.

Sacred King Luochen had no choice but to go to the true spirit world and call Sacred King Nether River back.

Sacred King Nether River’s expression was unusually grave after hearing the news. Without the slightest hesitation, he used the communication token to ask all the sacred kings in their respective sacred regions to

come to the Nether Abyss sect.

However, before the first sacred king arrived, a thunderous voice sounded outside the nether abyss sect.

“Sacred King Nether River! Come out and see me!”

This voice contained an extremely terrifying deterrent force. At this moment, over ten thousand cultivators had gathered in the Nether Abyss sect. Under the deterrence of this voice, a total of seven to eight thousand

cultivators fell limply to the ground.

Saint King Nether River’s expression instantly turned from grave to gloomy.

Immortals… Hehe, immortals from the lower realm had always been this overbearing.

Even if the cultivators of the Abyss world had killed some immortals, the next immortal who came to the lower realm would still be like the heavens and the earth, looking down on them as if they were ants!

.. Only Daoist master divine turtle was an exception.

“Immortal turtle, are you willing to go out with me to meet this immortal from the lower realm?”

Sacred King Nether River subconsciously looked at Chen Chen beside him and asked in a deep voice.

“UH, there’s no need.”

Chen Chen shook his head, indicating his refusal.

Sacred King Nether River didn’t say anything when he heard this. He took a step forward and arrived outside the Abyss sect.

There were only a few extremely powerful array formations between this place and the outside world. Through the array formations, sacred king Nether River could see a white-clothed young man with a sword

hanging high in the sky above the Abyss sect. He was looking down at the entire Abyss sect from above, his eyes were filled with cold killing intent.

Needless to guess, this was the immortal from the new lower realm.

He was even more powerful than the female immortal from before.

“I am Sacred King Nether River. Who Are You?”

Sacred King Nether River raised his head and asked coldly. His tone was neither servile nor overbearing.

Hearing this, the white-robed young man sneered and said, “I’ve told you who am, but you’ve never heard of me. I’ll only ask you. Ten thousand years ago, when my junior sister went down to the lower realm, who else

other than battle sacred king was involved in killing her?”

Hearing this question, Saint King Nether River frowned.

Back then, when he killed the female immortal, he had also made a move at the last moment.

“You’re not going to tell me, are you?”

Seeing that Saint King Nether River didn’t say anything, the immortal sword on the back of the white-robed young man suddenly unsheathed. Then, in an instant, it turned into a thousand-meter-long sword and

slashed toward the array formation of the Nether Abyss sect with overwhelming Immortal Qi.


The Array Formation of the Nether Abyss sect was much stronger than the other saint domains. Ordinary Sacred Kings couldn’t break through it. However, under this sword attack, the array formation shook violently.

The tip of the huge sword even pierced into the array formation.

All the cultivators of the Nether Abyss sect turned pale with fright. If they weren’t restricted by the array formation, they would have immediately fled in all directions.

“You killed my junior sister with schemes and tricks. Do you really think that immortals are made of mud? Today, I’ll let you frogs at the bottom of a well know what the difference between Immortals and mortals is!”

As soon as the white-clothed youth finished speaking, the huge sword suddenly shook, and cracks immediately appeared on the sect protecting formation, as if it would collapse at any moment..

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