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Chapter 706

Chapter 705, crushing power

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This time, even sacred king Nether River’s expression couldn’t help but change, and he took a few steps back.

“What should we do?”

Sacred King Luo Chen asked in a low voice.

This wasn’t the way to go on. At most, it would take a few more rounds before the protective array completely collapsed.

There were still tens of thousands of cultivators gathered here. If they really fought with this immortal, the aftershocks would be able to kill all of them.

If these tens of thousands of cultivators died, who would dare to come to the Abyss sect in the future?

“Bring this group of cultivators to the true spirit world to take refuge. Remember, after entering the true spirit world, guard the passage with all your might!”

Sacred King Nether River ordered decisively.

Upon hearing this, sacred king Luo Chen immediately said to the panicking cultivators, “Everyone, follow me.”

After saying this, he took the lead and flew towards the Abyss sect’s interior.

The cultivators followed behind him as if they had found their backbone. In the blink of an eye, more than half of the tens of thousands of cultivators had retreated.

Other than that, a few other saint kings also retreated with him.

“You all want to go to another great world, right? Let me tell you, you can run away from the monks, but you can’t run away from the temples. I will visit each and every one of you mortal cultivators’territories.”

As the white-robed immortal spoke, he activated his immortal sword and madly attacked the Abyss Sect’s array formation.

Although the Abyss sect’s array formation was constantly being repaired, it was unable to withstand such a powerful attack. Not long after, it exploded with a bang.

After the white-robed immortal broke through the array formation, he flew towards sacred king Nether River without saying a word.

Sacred King Nether River snorted coldly, and a small bowl appeared in his hand. Immediately after, a large amount of black liquid spewed out from the bowl, heading towards the immortal sword.

Chen Chen had seen this black liquid before. It was the water of the Nether River. At the same time, it was also a product of the destruction laws. It was extremely powerful. His true body had suffered a lot because of

this water of the Nether River.

However, the white-robed immortal did not have much of a reaction when facing the water of the Nether River. Only a cold glint flashed in his eyes. In the next second, a special rune lit up on his huge sword.

As soon as the rune appeared, an indescribable pressure appeared around the sword.

The water of the Styx was shaken by the pressure, and it was immediately sent tumbling back without any resistance.

Sacred King Styx hurriedly used the bowl in his hand to retrieve the water of the Styx. However, the immortal sword was already in front of him, almost cutting into his head.

At the critical moment, Sacred King Styx hurriedly used a life-saving magic treasure.


A streak of immortal light streaked across, and when sacred King Nether River reappeared, he was already more than ten miles away.

However, although he dodged this sword, his face had become extremely pale. Clearly, he had suffered quite a heavy injury.

As one of the top experts of the nether abyss world, he actually couldn’t withstand a single move from this white-robed immortal!

Compared to the injuries on his body, this psychological blow was more damaging to him.

“How dare you attack me? ! You’re courting death!”

The white-robed immortal reprimanded him lightly as he turned his palm and smacked sacred king Nether River.

This palm caused the world to change color, and an extremely heavy pressure slowly pressed down with the white-robed immortal’s palm as the boundary.

The precipitous mountain peak rapidly collapsed because of this pressure, and it was as if the sky had collapsed.

Sacred King Nether River was in the middle of this pressure, and he couldn’t even raise his head.

The other sacred kings had already escaped into the true spirit world, and no one dared to show themselves.

Chen Chen quietly watched from the side, hoping that the white-robed immortal would slap sacred king Nether River to death so that he wouldn’t threaten the true spirit world in the future.

However, this white-robed immortal was too strong. Compared to a peak Mahayana realm cultivator, he was several levels higher.

If he were to face this immortal, would he be able to withstand it?


As he pondered, Sacred King Nether River raised his head and roared, trying to break free from the suppression of his palm. However, no matter how much he roared, it was useless. In just a moment, he was pressed

down to one knee on the ground.

If this continued, he would definitely be crushed into a meat patty, and his primordial spirit would be destroyed as well.

At this critical moment, he suddenly felt that the pressure above him had been greatly reduced.

He raised his head and saw a tall figure standing in front of him.

This person’s hands held up the sky, and with just this action, he blocked the terrifying pressure.

Seeing this figure, sacred king Nether River struggled to stand up, and his tone was complicated.

“Battle-saint king, you’ve come out of seclusion…”

“I can’t let you all be my scapegoats. This isn’t how I do things.”

The stout figure spoke with a firm tone, and then his entire body began to emit golden light. A fearless and indomitable aura emanated from his body.

Gradually, the suppression above was pushed back by him.

A strange look flashed in the eyes of the white-robed immortal when he saw this scene. He withdrew his palm and asked, “You are the battle Saint King. Did you kill my junior sister?”

The battle Saint King stood with his hands behind his back and said indifferently, “Yes, I killed her.”

“She is only a female cultivator! And she has no intention of making an enemy out of you!” The white-robed immortal said angrily.

“So what if she is a female cultivator? The path of cultivation does not differentiate between men and women. One has to rely on oneself.”

Battle Saint King was puzzled.

The white-robed immortal was so angry that he laughed.

“Good, very good! A bunch of mortal cultivators who don’t know the immensity of Heaven and earth. One day, I will slaughter all of YOU FOOLS! I will comfort my junior sister’s Spirits!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the white-robed immortal roared toward the sky. The immortal sword that was hanging high in the sky suddenly shook and pointed toward battle Saint King.

An incomparable sharpness shot out from the tip of the sword. Even Chen Chen, who was watching from afar, felt a piercing pain all over his body.

The battle Saint King, who was facing the immortal sword head-on, was in an even worse state. Blood had already seeped out from many parts of his body.

Clearly, the white-robed immortal had not used his full strength to break the formation or defeat the Underworld River Saint King in one strike. Only now did he start to get serious.

The battle Saint King raised his head and glanced at the immortal sword. Blood immediately flowed out of his eyes.

“You are much stronger than your junior sister. Let’s fight somewhere else.”

After saying this, golden light flickered on the battle Saint King’s body as he shot into the distance.

Seeing this, the white-robed immortal no longer cared about the situation in the Abyss sect and chased after him.

After a few breaths, the two disappeared into the horizon.

After they left, Chen Chen walked out and came to the side of Saint Nether River.

Seeing that he hadn’t gone to the true spirit world yet, Saint King Nether River said in surprise, “I didn’t expect that fellow Daoist would dare to stay here.”

Chen Chen looked into the distance and said indifferently, “Why wouldn’t he dare? He might not be able to do anything to me. Moreover, if leave and fellow Daoist is in danger, won’t there be no one to save you?”

His words sounded nice, but sacred king Nether River really listened to him and did not doubt him.

No matter what, compared to the other sacred kings, this master divine turtle was much more loyal..

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