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Chapter 704

Chapter 703 fate

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Chen Chen waited quietly for a moment before four people came together. The leader of them was sacred king Nether River.

Compared to Sacred King Luochen, Sacred King Nether River was much calmer. When he saw Chen Chen, his first question was not about the immortals of the lower realm, but about why Chen Chen had told them the


Faced with sacred king Nether River’s question, Chen Chen could not help but sigh at how crafty this fellow was.

“Let me be honest. The thing is, I took something that originally belonged to him, and he will probably find trouble with me… Strictly speaking, my situation is similar to yours.”

Although he said so, Chen Chen knew that this was not just a matter of a token.

Although the token was not bad, if he could get out of trouble, it would be fine to return it to the other party.

He was afraid that the immortal would dig into his background and investigate his identity.

In the eyes of the cultivators of the Abyss World, he was an immortal from the lower realm, but in the eyes of the immortals from the true lower realm, he was someone who could be easily found out by asking.

Therefore, Chen Chen’s heart was extremely against meeting that immortal.

Even if he didn’t have the token, he would still come to the Abyss sect today and tell these sacred kings about the immortals from the lower realm.

After hearing Chen Chen’s explanation, Sacred King Abyss River narrowed his eyes.

“You mean that you’re telling us this news because you want to use our hands to help you ward off disaster?”

“It’s a win-win situation. Although that immortal from the lower realm is a true immortal, I’m not necessarily afraid of him. I’m only telling you this to seek stability.”

Chen Chen’s expression turned cold, and there was a hint of arrogance in his tone.

At this time, another Saint King next to him said, “Sir, why are you so sure that the immortal is related to those immortals from before?”

Hearing this, Chen Chen said without hesitation, “Because the opportunity I snatched is related to dealing with the abyss. Isn’t it the same batch of immortals that dealt with the abyss?”

Sacred King Nether River waved his hand and said, “Then what do you think the other party’s attitude toward us will be? And how should we deal with it?”

“I can’t say for sure. I only met that person once. As for how to deal with it… at the moment, we can only deal with all the changes without changing.”

Chen Chen thought for a moment and replied.

The hall fell into silence. After a long time, sacred king Nether River laughed.

“In that case, are we allies now?”

“Of course.”

Chen Chen laughed as well.

The reason these sacred kings were wary of him was because they were worried that he had something to do with that female immortal from ten thousand years ago.

Now that someone really related to him had appeared, the Sacred Kings’guard against him would immediately be reduced by more than half.

“But let me say this first. Our Alliance is only limited to dealing with that immortal from the lower realm… As for the war of the two realms, I have no control over it.”

Chen Chen smiled, and his expression suddenly turned solemn. His expression changed even faster than flipping through a book.

Sacred King Nether River’s expression stiffened when he heard this.

Chen Chen then added, “What I said to Sacred King Luochen back then still stands. If I participate in the War of the two realms, I’ll be purely helping you. It’s impossible for me to not receive any reward.”

“You want the things from the immortal realm…”

Saint King Nether River muttered as he took out another storage ring from his storage ring.

This storage ring was completely emerald blue, and it was filled with immortal qi. It was clearly different from the storage ring of the nether world.

Needless to guess, this was the storage ring of the fallen female immortal from ten thousand years ago.

Seeing this storage ring, although Chen Chen was a little excited, his expression was quite calm. He only raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Most of the remains of that female cultivator are in this storage ring. The things inside are useless to us lower realm cultivators. If it’s useful to you, you can take it.”

Sacred King Nether River was quite generous. He directly gave the storage ring to Chen Chen.

Chen Chen was stunned at first, then came to a sudden realization.

The reason why Sacred King Nether River gave it so readily was to tie himself firmly to their chariot.

After all, he had taken the storage ring of that female immortal, so he could be considered to have shared the same interests as them.

Although he had guessed sacred king Nether River’s intentions, Chen Chen still unceremoniously opened the storage ring and sent his divine sense in.

The first thing he saw was a pile of mid-grade immortal stones. There were probably hundreds of them. In addition to the immortal stones, there were eight immortal artifacts, three tokens, and hundreds of pill


These things didn’t look very valuable on the surface.

“System, is there a token that can control the falling sky within a ten-meter radius?”

“Yes, the two-meter-long immortal item in front of Host’s eyes, the Falling Star Hammer.”

Hearing this answer, Chen Chen’s heart trembled. If it weren’t for the fact that he usually put on too much of an act, his face would probably be unable to hold it in any longer.

At first, he was just guessing and didn’t have much hope. But he didn’t expect that this female immortal’s storage ring actually had a keepsake that could control the falling sky!

Taking out the falling star hammer from his storage ring, Chen Chen began to examine it carefully.

This was just an ordinary immortal tool. In terms of quality, it was only comparable to his own immortal tool gloves. It definitely couldn’t compare to the ten thousand spirit cauldron and the Nine Heavens Mysterious


After observing for a moment, Chen Chen poured immortal qi into the falling star hammer, and it immediately began to shine with a dazzling light.

At the same time, Chen Chen finally felt the abnormality of this immortal item.

There was a core in the center of the Falling Star Hammer. The material of the core was almost the same as the material of the Falling Star. After he sent his divine sense in, he immediately felt an extremely special


A familiar feeling of control appeared in his mind.

“This feeling is… the supreme pure mysterious Heavenly Dao?”

Chen Chen was flabbergasted.

Never would he have thought that the falling star Hammer’s medium of communication was the heavenly axiom of the supreme pure mysterious sect!

In that case, the female immortal and the other immortals from the lower realm were all members of the Nine Heavens Mysterious sect..

The heavenly axiom of the supreme pure mysterious sect… the Tower of the Nine Heavens Mysterious sect..

Chen Chen did not know what to say. Fate was such a wonderful thing.

If the heavenly axiom of supreme purity and the tower of nine heavens were stolen by the cultivator who spat out the great void Dragon Kun, he would not be able to meet the immortal from the lower realm.

“Do You Fancy this magic treasure?”

The Voice of Saint King Styx interrupted Chen Chen’s thoughts.

Chen Chen raised his head and glanced at Saint King Styx. Then, he held the falling star and started to operate the heavenly axiom of supreme purity.

At this moment, he finally understood everything.

The Falling Star was a celestial object condensed by an immortal who had cultivated the heavenly axiom of the Taiqing Xuan to an extremely deep realm.

He was now in the mortal realm, and could only condense ordinary objects such as mountains and rivers. When his cultivation was higher in the future, he could also create an existence similar to the falling star.

Although he could not make it now, he could use the falling star hammer to control the falling star from hundreds of thousands of miles away using the heavenly axiom of the Taiqing Xuan.

With that thought, Chen Chen nodded solemnly. He said decisively,

“That’s right, I want this magic treasure.”

At the same time, hundreds of thousands of miles away, the meteorite that had not moved for 80,000 years trembled slightly and let out a weak rumbling sound..

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