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Chapter 703

Chapter 702, the immortal descends to the lower realm

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“Senior, please wait. There is something else here. Please take it.”

Xianhe reached out his hand to stop Chen Chen and then placed a token in his hand.

This token was completely black and looked extremely heavy. There was only one word carved in the middle of the token.


“Senior, that immortal was ordered to monitor the Abyss and descend to the lower realm. This token is his personal token. If you have the chance to return to the Immortal World One day, please return this token.

“Oh right, this token is not only a token, but also a treasure. It can cover up all the Karma Entanglement on your body and help you cover up the divination of Heaven’s secrets. It might be of some use to you now.”

After handing the token to Chen Chen, xianhe explained.

Chen Chen held the token tightly and said softly, “Okay, I’ll remember it. But you must never tell this to anyone else, understand?”

“Senior, don’t Worry!”

“Then, fellow Daoist xianhe, we will meet again!”

Chen Chen cupped his hands and bade farewell to xianhe. Then, he flew out of the river of Forgetfulness Island.

This trip did not yield much for him. Apart from the token, he learned a prophecy.

“The true spirit has descended, the Abyss has been revived, and the Underworld God has returned. The world has been turned upside down…”

If this prophecy was true, it meant that the Abyss world was also on the verge of disaster.

If this news were to spread, the sacred kings of the Abyss world would probably attack the true spirit world in advance.

Thinking of this, Chen Chen could not help but feel a little anxious.

Although he had already set up many backup plans in the Abyss World, it was not to the point where he could completely overturn the gap between the two worlds.


Just as he was thinking about this, a white stream of light flashed by quickly not far away and shot toward the direction of the river of Forgetfulness Island.

Chen Chen caught a glimpse of a white-robed figure.

After taking a deep breath, this person seemed to have noticed Chen Chen as well. From a hundred miles away, he suddenly turned around and glanced at him.

The two of them looked at each other for a second before the white-robed cultivator flew out of Chen Chen’s sight.


After coming back to his senses, Chen Chen took a deep breath.

Although he had only brushed past this white-robed cultivator, he could clearly sense the surging immortal qi undulations from his body.

This person was at least a true immortal, and in terms of cultivation, he was a whole realm higher than him!

“There really is an immortal coming down to the lower realm, and he’s heading toward the river of Forgetfulness Island. The prophecy is true… No, I have to leave this place as soon as possible.”

Chen Chen didn’t have time to think about it. He took out the Sun Moon Soaring Shuttle and sat down with Yan Gui. After a few breaths, they entered the space passage.

After returning to the divine turtle sanctum, Chen Chen put Yan Gui down.

“Yan Gui, you and Yan Chen should go out and visit those Mahayana cultivators who are interested in joining the divine turtle sanctum.”

Although Yan Gui was puzzled, he still agreed.

“Yes, your subordinate.”

Chen Chen patted Yan Gui’s shoulder and entered the Sun Moon Soaring Shuttle again.

Actually, he asked Yan Gui and Yan Chen to leave the divine turtle sanctum temporarily so that they could take refuge.

If the white-robed immortal found out that he had taken the token on forget Chuan Island, he would definitely come looking for him.

Chen Chen did not know if there would be any conflicts at that time.

He only knew that with his current strength, he would most likely be in a passive position when facing a true immortal who did not know what his trump card was, and he was not a person who liked to be passive.

Therefore, he had to make preparations early.

“T’ll make a trip to the newly discovered entrance to the great world. I’ll be back in a few days.”

After entering the Sun Moon Soaring Shuttle, Chen Chen’s voice spread throughout the entire divine turtle sanctum.

If that immortal came here and could not find him, he might vent his anger on the people of the divine turtle sanctum. Now that he had announced his whereabouts, he would not implicate the cultivators of the divine

turtle sanctum.

As the master of the divine turtle sanctum, he had done his best.

After leaving the divine turtle sanctum, Chen Chen went straight to the location of the Abyss sect in the Abyss world.

Compared to facing the true immortals who didn’t know the depth of the Abyss world, he was more willing to face sacred king Nether River, Sacred King Ziwei, and the others.

These sacred kings took the ten thousand spirit cauldron. Strictly speaking, they had a grudge against the immortals of the lower realm. It was the best choice for him to go there now.

Coming to the sky above the heavily guarded Abyss sect, Chen Chen looked down at the densely packed cultivators who were preparing to go to the true spirit world. He did not hold back and directly barged in.

Not long after, a mahayana cultivator blocked in front of him with a cold expression.

Chen Chen did not even glance at this mahayana cultivator. He directly shouted, “Get lost! Let Sacred King Luo Chen Come and see me!”

His voice was filled with the power of an immortal. The mahayana cultivator could not resist at all and staggered backward.

The surrounding tens of thousands of cultivators were shocked when they saw a person suddenly appear and force the mahayana cultivator back with a scolding.

Only a few cultivators who had participated in the ceremony reminded him in a low voice, “It’s immortal Turtle!”

“So it’s him… no wonder he has such strength.”

“What is Master Oogway doing here? Is He here to make trouble?

In the midst of their discussion, a veiled woman flew out from the depths of the Abyss sect. She was none other than Saint King Luo Chen, who had visited Chen Chen.

Only at this time of the fall of the holy king out of a pair of eyes full of coldness.

“Senior, what do you mean? Although we didn’t reach a consensus, I was still polite to you. You didn’t have to mobilize so many people, did you?”

Chen Chen’s expression turned 180 degrees when he heard this. He didn’t care whether sacred king Luo Chen was willing or not. He grabbed sacred king Luo Chen’s arm and flew into the Abyss sect.

“Fellow Daoist, please forgive me. I have an urgent matter, so I came up with this plan. Let’s go in first.”

Being pulled and pulled in public, sacred king Luochen’s eyes were even colder. If this person did not have a supreme treasure, she would have slapped him first and let him know the dignity of being a powerhouse.

After being pulled into the Abyss sect, Sacred King Luochen shook off Chen Chen’s hand and said in an angry tone, “What’s the matter? Tell me quickly! Such rudeness is not the bearing of an immortal!”

After entering the Abyss sect, Chen Chen became calm instead. He sat down at the side and said indifferently, “Saint King Luochen, let me tell you something… Recently, an immortal has really come down to the


“Oh?”Saint King Luochen frowned slightly, not understanding what was going on.

Chen Chen added unhurriedly,

“Other than me, the immortals have a relationship with the female immortal from ten thousand years ago. They are the kind of immortals that you are afraid of. Do you understand?”

Hearing this, Saint King Luochen actually shook off the veil on his face and revealed a peerless face.

However, at this moment, this extremely beautiful face was full of shock.

“Where did you get the News?”

“I saw it with my own eyes. That immortal should be on forget Chuan Island now, right?”

Chen Chen said indifferently.

At this moment, Saint King Luochen became nervous and began to pace back and forth.

A moment later, she flew directly to the location of the spatial passage.

“Senior, wait here. I’ll inform Saint King Nether River.”.

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