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Chapter 68: Chapter 68: What’s That Mess About?

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The hall was quiet for three seconds.

Immediately afterward, a terrifying storm swept around, shattering all the tables and chairs inside into pieces!

“Who’s the culprit!? Disciple! Who has ruined your status of cultivation!?”

Xiao Wuyou’s handsome poker face instantly turned tempestuous as the anger in his eyes seemed to be able to burn everything!

Seeing how infuriated Xiao Wuyou had become, Chen Chen was moved.

‘My efforts to dote on Master didn’t go in vain.’

“Ahem, Master, take it easy, my status of cultivation is still there, I’ve just lost my diaphragm.”

Chen Chen coughed lightly twice and carefully explained. At the same time, electric light emerged from his palm.

Seeing the electric light that emerged from the same source as if he were to do it, Xiao Wuyou’s eyes grew filled with disbelief.


‘How can he cultivate the Tianyun Divine Thunder Technique without a diaphragm? This is unprecedented!’

15 minutes later, Chen Chen began to explain to Xiao Wuyou what had happened, including the fact that he ended up drinking a lot of stalagmite after having a single drop.

After listening to his words, Xiao Wuyou slipped into deep thought. After a long moment, he let out a short sigh and said, “Disciple, you probably haven’t reached the foundation building realm. At the foundation building realm of the Tianyun Divine Thunder Technique, two vortexes will be fused into one… but your two vortexes are really powerful. I’m afraid the power in each of your vortexes is no less than the vortex that was synthesized after foundation building…”

“What do I do now? Master, can I still make it through the foundation building realm?”

Chen Chen was beginning to grow extremely worried. If he could not go through foundation building, he wouldn’t be able to create a path of immortal cultivation on his own, right? How exhausting would that be?

After another moment of silence, Xiao Wuyou said softly, “Don’t worry, you should be able to. You know, during ancient times, there were endless kinds of constitutions in the world. Some people can exceed the limit of the tenth tier of Qi training and advance to the eleventh tier, followed by the twelfth… Rumor has it that there are horrifying existences even in the fifteenth tier of Qi training. Although these people are in the period of Qi training, their strength is no less than the foundation building realm. As for you…”

At this point, Xiao Wuyou paused as he carefully recalled the intensity of the power of the two vortexes in Chen Chen’s body. He then tried to simulate their power using an ancient method.

“As for you, I’m afraid you will only reach the 20th tier of Qi training. In terms of strength, you won’t be weaker than those in the middle stage of foundation building.”

After he spoke, Xiao Wuyou could not help but smile bitterly.

’20th tier of Qi training? Sounds like a joke. Why not the 18th tier?’

However, those words that sounded like a joke were actually the truth!

Chen Chen was now no weaker than the middle stage of foundation building. According to the ancient method of deduction, his status was at the 20th tier of Qi training!

“20th tier of Qi training, does that mean that I can build a foundation?” Chen Chen asked. He was a little excited.

As long as he could build the foundation, he would be able to suppress others with his status of cultivation, regardless of whether it was the 10th or 20th tier of Qi training.

Anyway, increasing his status of cultivation was like a game to him.

“You can, but I’m afraid that the difficulty of advancing to the Foundation Establishment realm at the 20th tier of Qi training is more than a hundred times that of advancing to Foundation Establishment at the tenth tier of Qi training… The resources that you will need…”

At this point, Xiao Wuyou couldn’t go on.

Since Chen Chen had already gulped down such a large amount of Heavenly Spirit Bell Stalagmite, why would he bother worrying about resources?

Ordinary immortal cultivators needed a Foundation-Building Elixir to advance. Even if his disciple needed a hundred of them, it wouldn’t be considered much.

After all, the value of the bottle of Heavenly Spirit Bell Stalagmite was equal to more than a hundred Foundation-Building Elixirs.

If Chen Chen really couldn’t get a hundred Foundation-Building Elixirs, he would have to try to get some for his disciple, even if he had to go bankrupt.

“Master, I understand. Thank you for your understanding, I will go back to plan for foundation building!”

Chen Chen pondered for a while, and a bright smile soon appeared on his face. He then bowed to Xiao Wuyou before exiting the Clan Master’s Hall.

Xiao Wuyou stared at Chen Chen’s back, and then looked at the debris of the tables and chairs on the ground. He couldn’t help but laugh at himself self-deprecatingly.

“I’m so old but I’m still so panicky. My mentality is really lacking… However, this kid really surprises me too much.”

On the way back to the other side of the courtyard, Hu Xian’er acted very obedient. While lying on Chen Chen’s shoulder, she gave Chen Chen a back massage.

“Master, your status of cultivation has reached the 20th tier of Qi training, it’s really shocking!”

“Oh, cut the bootlicking. You have an extra tail now, did you increase in strength as well?”

In his previous life, Chen Chen had read many legends about fox spirits. The more tails they had, the more powerful they would be. Now that Hu Xian’er had an extra tail, he naturally believed that she was more powerful.

“Master, you are so wise. My strength is also at the Foundation Establishment realm but I’m still far inferior to you, Master.”

“Tsk, since we have both grown a lot in strength, let’s celebrate tonight by cooking ten to twenty dishes.”

After he spoke, Chen Chen felt Hu Xian’er’s paws hammering hard on his shoulders ferociously, before becoming gentle again immediately.

“As you wish, Master.”

Seeing that he was making his way to the courtyard of the main peak, two silhouettes at the entrance of the courtyard caught Chen Chen’s attention.

“Zhao Xiaoya and Murong Yunlan? What are these two chicks doing here?”

Chen Chen saw the two women standing at the door as his heart dropped.

At this moment, Hu Xian’er was away from the courtyard as it was completely vacant.

He couldn’t expect the repeater, the morning glory, and the soil-digger, the Ochre Yellow Spirit to watch the courtyard.

The things in the courtyard were worth a lot of money, especially the heavenly treasures in the medicinal herb field. It felt like a loss to him, even if others simply looked at it.

“Master, in case these two are stealing things, let’s hurry back. That would be terrible!”

Hu Xian’er said as she transformed into her human form and looked towards the gate of the other courtyard.

“Don’t worry, they aren’t so terrible as to steal something.” Chen Chen said, pursing his lips.

However, just as he was about to go forward to greet them, he heard the conversation between the two women and he shuddered.

“Junior Sister Murong, I advise you to avoid coming to this main peak too often. Don’t disturb Senior Brother Chen.”

“Senior Sister Zhao, a few days ago, Senior Brother Chen helped me out of a tough situation in the outer clan. Today, I’m here to thank him. That’s what I ought to do. Besides, even without the last incident, Brother Chen and I are old friends, so what’s wrong with us interacting with each other? On the contrary, Senior Sister Zhao, you and Senior Brother Chen haven’t known each other for long. What are you doing here in the courtyard of the main peak?”

Hearing this, Chen Chen couldn’t help but shiver, because he could sense the strong tension between the two of them.


Logically speaking, he ought to appear at this time and interrupt the conversation. However, he could not stop his urge to continue eavesdropping.

“Junior Sister Murong, I went into obsession late at night yesterday. Senior Brother Chen Chen entered my room and saved my life. Is there anything wrong with me coming to thank him?”

Zhao Xiaoya emphasized the words ‘late at night’ and ‘my room’, seemingly hinting at something.

Murong Yunlan immediately became anxious upon hearing this. She then asked straightforwardly, “What was Senior Brother Chen Chen doing in your room late at night?”

“Junior Sister Murong, this is beyond your concern. You only need to know one thing, and that is the relationship between individuals cannot be measured and defined according to the duration that they have known each other for. To be honest, Junior Sister Murong, you’re just an outer clan disciple now while Senior Brother Chen Chen is the successor of the clan. There’s a great difference between you two…”

Zhao Xiaoya sounded rather complacent, seemingly having gained the upper hand.

At this moment, Murong Yunlan said something that made Chen Chen feel distressed.

“Senior Sister Zhao, you may be from the inner clan but there’s something I want to tell you. Things won’t always remain the same and you should never belittle those who are weaker than you. In three years’ time, my status of cultivation will definitely surpass yours!”

“What’s all this nonsense!” Chen Chen was incredibly speechless. Just as he was about to cough lightly to remind the two girls, Zhang Ji’s voice suddenly sounded from behind.

“Big brother, what are you doing standing here? Isn’t your residence right there in front of us?”

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