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Chapter 69: Chapter 69: Bloodbath

After Zhang Ji said those words, everyone in the area fell silent as Murong Yunlan and Zhao Xiaoya immediately began to behave themselves.

“Ahem, I just arrived and I’m getting ready to go in.”

Chen Chen coughed lightly twice to hide his embarrassment.

Zhang Ji saw this and wanted to say something, but he grew timid and wimped out when he noticed Chen Chen glaring at him ferociously.

“Let’s talk about the rest later and go in first.”

Chen Chen then opened the door of the courtyard.

“Please come in, everyone.”

A few moments later, the four of them sat in the living room of the courtyard.

Zhao Xiaoya was the first to speak.

“Senior Brother Chen Chen, thank you so much for coming the other night. Otherwise, I might not have survived at all. Last night, I didn’t have the time to thank you personally because I wasn’t feeling too well. Please forgive me, Senior Brother Chen Chen.”

“It doesn’t matter, we’re disciples of the same clan.” Chen Chen waved his hand. His tone was calm and he was behaving just like her Senior Brother.

To be honest, the only way he could speak normally after hearing the conversation between the two women was to stay in this position. Otherwise, he couldn’t help but act nervous.

“There is no way I can repay your kindness for saving my life. Senior Brother Chen Chen, if you have any requests in the future, I will not fail to oblige.”

After she finished speaking, Zhao Xiaoya glanced at Chen Chen as she seemed to be hinting at something.

Chen Chen blushed and hurriedly turned his head to look at Murong Yunlan.

“Junior Sister Murong… you are?”

He clearly knew what she was there for but he still had to pretend like he didn’t know. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have a way out.

Upon hearing his words, Murong Yunlan smiled and stood up. She lowered her head with a shy expression on her face, and took out a robe from the storage bag she had brought with her.

“Senior Brother, you helped me out of a troublesome situation that day and I remember your kindness dearly. Autumn is about to begin soon and I made a special robe for you, Senior Brother, I hope you won’t mind it.”

After she spoke, Murong Yunlan walked up to Chen Chen and personally handed him the robe.

For some reason at this moment, the living room plunged into coldness.

Zhang Ji sat in the corner, keeping his eyes glued onto the floor, as if there were an ant on the floor.

“Junior Sister… you’re so thoughtful.”

Chen Chen grabbed the robe and placed it in his storage ring. Since she had made it personally, he couldn’t bring himself to turn it down.

Zhao Xiaoya looked tough on the surface but was actually gentle by nature while Murong Yunlan was the exact opposite. Both of them were beautiful.

Unfortunately, if the threat of the Tianyun Clan had not been eradicated, he would not be in the mood to fall in love. Otherwise, if his spouse died in the future, he would be really miserable.

Ahem, besides, he was only 16 years old and his body had not fully developed yet…

“Junior Sister Murong, you’re from a rich family. I didn’t expect that you’d know how to sew but this is ultimately just a trivial skill. Don’t hamper your cultivation because of this.”

Standing at the side, Zhao Xiaoya remarked in a clear and cold voice as she glanced at Murong Yunlan with jealousy and envy in her eyes.

Due to the fact that she came in a hurry, she did not have a chance to prepare a gift. There were a lot of valuable things in her storage bag, but they couldn’t be compared to a handmade robe!

‘Hmph! Cunning little girl! Is it a big deal that you know how to sew!? I’ll go back and learn how to sew too!’

On the other hand, Murong Yunlan maintained a look of composure as she answered, “You don’t have to worry, Senior Sister. The supreme elder of the clan has already taken me in as a disciple. Also, needlework may be a trivial skill but it trains one’s patience and allows one to control their temper.”

Watching the two girls continuously take jabs at each other, Chen Chen glowered at Zhang Ji furiously.

As his underling, Zhang Ji ought to intervene and say something to ease the awkwardness of the situation.

But what is this kid doing?

He was still immersed in looking at the ground with his head hung low!

‘This kid can’t be taught!’

Just when Chen Chen was thinking about how to deal with the next situation, a clear voice suddenly came from outside the courtyard.

“Senior Sister Zhao, things won’t stay the same forever, don’t bully the weak!”

As soon as his voice sounded, everyone in the room fell silent; it was so quiet that they could hear a pin drop. Murong Yunlan’s pretty face instantly became extremely flushed as she wished she could dig a hole in the ground and jump into it.

Chen Chen’s mentality was incredible!

‘The repeater, the morning glory, has begun again. Can’t you wait until they’ve left?’

‘Are you saying this now because you don’t think it’s embarrassing enough!?’

Although Chen Chen broke down mentally, he had lived through two lifetimes after all. He explained in a thick-skinned manner, “I’m rearing a flower demon in the medicinal herb field which likes to spout nonsense. Everyone, please don’t mind.”

After he finished speaking, the morning glory spoke again. This time, its voice was extremely low, mimicking Zhao Xiaoya’s voice.

“Junior Sister Murong, I advise you to avoid coming to this main peak too often. Don’t disturb Senior Brother Chen.”

After hearing those words, Chen Chen rolled his eyes and leaned back in his chair.

‘Forget it, do what you want. I give up on healing you too. None of my underlings are reliable.’

There was an extremely awkward ambiance in the main hall. Apart from Chen Chen, the other three were staring at the ceiling.

After a long while, Murong Yunlan couldn’t take being in the room anymore. With a flushed face, she stood up and said, “Senior Brother Chen Chen, I have to go back to cultivate. Goodbye.”

Moments after she spoke, Zhao Xiaoya stood up too.

“Senior Brother, I also have to go back to take my medicine. Goodbye.”

After Zhao Xiaoya finished speaking, the two girls hurriedly dashed out of the courtyard before Chen Chen answered, for fear that the morning glory in the medicinal herb field would say something that would make them feel ashamed of themselves again.

After the two women left, Zhang Ji carefully raised his head, and heaved a long sigh of relief.

Watching Zhang Ji, Chen Chen flew into a rage. It was his first time encountering such a daft underling!

‘Also, what do you mean you look scared? You almost made your sister marry me back then, that’s all. Do you have to be so scared!?’

“Brother! It’s the same as I imagined at first! An intense scene!”

Zhang Ji patted his chest with a solemn expression.

“Enough, don’t talk to me about this nonsense. How are you getting on with what I instructed you to do?” Chen Chen asked, hurriedly changing the subject as he didn’t want to talk about that nonsense anymore.

Hearing Chen Chen’s question, Zhang Ji’s expression instantly crumbled.

“Big brother, I did as you instructed, and as a result, I failed to warn that alchemy elder. Instead, he made that potion extraordinarily successful…”

Chen Chen secretly heaved a sigh of relief after hearing his words. He didn’t mess up after all, and the outcome was just like what Chen Chen expected.

“So did he give you something?” Chen Chen asked again.

He remembered that the system mentioned that the alchemy elder would give two Foundation-Building Elixirs and some other book.

Hearing Chen Chen’s words, Zhang Ji waved his hand and answered, “Brother, he said that he wanted to give me Foundation-Building Elixirs for thanking me! But how can I accept his own items? After all, he has offended you, Brother! So, in the end, I didn’t accept it and even scolded him on the spot! However, don’t worry because I didn’t mention your name!”

After he spoke, Zhang Ji put on a proud expression, as if he was waiting to be praised.

After hearing his words, Chen Chen looked at the ceiling, unsure of what to say.

After a long time, he finally responded, “Zhang Ji, come to my place to study for two hours every night from now on. You have to be educated. Also, in the future, go out and communicate with others more often, otherwise, you’ll become a fool, do you understand?”

“Okay, but Brother, after I scolded him, the alchemy elder told me that I have quite a character and he even insisted on taking me as his disciple. I thought that I’d be acknowledging a thief as my teacher if I agreed so I turned him down but he insisted and even informed the entire clan. I came to see you because of this matter. Brother, can you tell him not to accept me as a disciple?”

Zhang Ji looked extra aggrieved.

Chen Chen looked at him, slammed the table, and then hollered furiously, “No!”

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