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Chapter 670:

Chapter 668, Celestial Supreme Vision

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Seeing the dark ocean sprinkle all over the ground, Chen Chen beckoned with his hand, and a storage ring fell into his hand.

He originally didn’t want to offend the Tianming Holy Region. After all, there were peak Mahayana cultivators in the holy region, and with his current strength, he was still unable to deal with them.

‘Whether or not to kill this group of people was only a matter of a thought.

“Immortal! I have eyes, but I don’t know you! Please show mercy and give me another chance.”

Qiu Wen knelt on the ground, tears streaming down his face.

“Which sect are you from?”Chen Chen asked.

“Stable… stable sect.”

“There’s also a sect with such a name… to be honest, a truly stable sect shouldn’t offend anyone, do you understand?”


“It’s good that you understand. Actually, I’m also a person who likes to seek stability.”

Qiu Wen’s pupils constricted when he heard this, and then a finger slowly enlarged in his eyes.

After killing Qiu Wen, Chen Chen looked at mung bean.

This little fellow killed so many cultivators in one go, but he didn’t have the slightest sense of panic or fear. His small eyes stared at Chen Chen, as if he was waiting to be praised.

Chen Chen smiled and said, “Don’t use that kind of attack just now. It’s too wasteful!”

To be honest, Hei Ming was only at the early stage of the Mahayana realm, and Mung Bean’s attack just now… was comparable to the late stage of the Mahayana realm!

Even if he took it, he would probably lose half his life!

It was too wasteful to hit Hei Ming with this attack.

The reason why it was said to be wasteful was that mung bean’s black tortoise heavy water contained a large amount of immortal qi.

And to absorb immortal Qi in the lower realm, one had to pass through the immortal stone.

Although the stone tablet of destinies could also convert Immortal Qi, the speed was too slow.

Mung bean nodded its head as if it did not understand.

Chen Chen gently patted its head. Mung Bean had become an immortal spirit, so it would have another mouth to eat in the future.

However, Mung Bean’s battle strength, which was comparable to the late stage of the Mahayana realm, was also of great help to him.

He himself was in the middle-stage of the Mahayana realm, the late-stage of the mung bean realm, and the early-stage of the prideful Mahayana realm. As long as such a small group did not encounter a powerhouse at the peak of the Mahayana realm in the netherworld, they could do whatever they


After sending the mung bean back into the great void Crystal, Chen Chen opened the storage ring of the Netherworld and took out his netherspirit divine gold.

Other than the Netherspirit divine gold, there were also many other resources in there. However, in his eyes, they were only at the level of an ordinary mahayana cultivator.

As for the Supreme Dao Fruit, there wasn’t a single one.

“Senior brother, do we still need to contact the holy region to look for the Supreme Dao Fruit?”Yuan Qingtian asked softly.

Chen Chen shook his head and said, “We don’t have much fame right now and aren’t worthy of doing business with the Holy Region. If we continue to stick to it, we will only be creating trouble for ourselves.

“The matter of the Supreme Dao fruit should be settled by my main body. My main body is doing quite well in the Ziwei holy region now, so it shouldn’t be difficult to exchange for a few Supreme Dao Fruits.”

After saying that, Chen Chen looked at the ruined Tianshui Mountain.

“We can’t take this mountain gate anymore. Let’s go somewhere else.”


Three days later, Chen Chen traveled a million miles and arrived at a huge mountain that looked like a turtle.

This mountain was a nameless mountain. Chen Chen named it the Divine Turtle Mountain.

The Divine Turtle Mountain was extremely close to the Ziwei holy region. It was less than five thousand miles away. When he arrived at the Divine Turtle Mountain, he could take care of his main body.

Chen Chen spent the rest of the time cultivating in the mountain. He also comprehended a few secret techniques that he had obtained in the Longkun Plains.

A month had passed unknowingly.

During this one month, his main body gradually became familiar with the Ziwei holy region. He gained the favor of many Ziwei holy region cultivators.

On this day, Chen Chen was still sitting cross-legged under the Ziwei imperial flower cultivating. At this moment, his spiritual sense suddenly sensed something and looked down the mountain.

At the foot of the mountain, the anti-heaven Alliance cultivators who had come with him had already gathered together. It seemed that they were going to act together.

‘When Chen Chen saw this, he said to Zi Yue who was also cultivating under the ziwei imperial flower, “Fellow Daoist Zi Yue, what are they planning to do? Don’t I need to go?”

Zi Yue opened her eyes when she heard this and smiled indifferently. “Fellow Daoist has already advanced to the Mahayana realm. The way you cultivate is naturally different from theirs, so there’s no need to go with them.”

Chen Chen nodded and closed his eyes to continue cultivating.

At the same time, he silently communicated with his clone in his mind.

“Use your immortal astral vision to keep an eye on the few experts of the Ziwei holy region and see what they are up to.”

In the Divine Turtle Mountain, Chen Chen’s clone opened his eyes, and a white light shone in his eyes. Then, he tumed his head and looked in the direction of the Ziwei Holy Region.

‘The Ziwei Holy Region was five thousand miles away from the sacred turtle mountain, but under the effect of the mystic technique, celestial supreme vision, it seemed like they were less than ten miles away from him. He could clearly see all the cultivators walking in the holy region.

Even a certain holy region that specialized in bathing female cultivators, the tightly sealed spirit pool, could not escape his eyes.

“This mystic technique is really useful…”

Chen Chen sighed softly.

Of course, the main purpose of cultivating this secret art was not to peek at others bathing.

After looking around for a while, he soon saw a group of anti-heaven Alliance cultivators. There were exactly nineteen of them.

After scanning the group of anti-heaven Alliance cultivators, Chen Chen found two Ziwei holy region cultivators in a secret room nearby.

Both of them were at the Mahayana realm, so they didn’t have any expression when they spoke.

Chen Chen couldn’t hear what they were talking about even though they were so far away.

However, judging from the viciousness that occasionally appeared in their eyes, they weren’t talking about anything good.

“The people of the Abyss world must have done something to this group of anti-heaven alliance cultivators…”

Chen Chen thought to himself.

During this period of time, although the anti-heaven alliance cultivators had obtained excellent cultivation conditions in the Ziwei holy region, they didn’t have the great opportunity that they had imagined to allow cultivators to break through quickly.

After all, this group of cultivators had only cultivated in the abyss world for one to two years.

In such a short time, just relying on good cultivation conditions wouldn’t improve much.

From the looks of it now, the Abyss World wanted to completely control this group of cultivators before they truly promoted them.

As for how to control them..

He didn’t know whether it was through intimidation, bribery, or brainwashing.

After watching for about two hours, a group of anti-heaven Alliance cultivators boarded a flying ship and left the Ziwei holy region under the lead of a Mahayana cultivator from the Ziwei holy region, flying toward the west.

Chen Chen carefully followed behind them.

They followed them for a day and a night. At first, Chen Chen was still unable to determine the direction of the flying ship, but after following them for so long, he could roughly tell where the people from the Ziwei Holy Region wanted to go.

After all, this direction led to a famous place. There was only one place, and this place was called the demonic puppet holy region.

“Demonic puppet holy region…”

Looking at the name of the Holy Region Ten thousand miles ahead on the map, Chen Chen had an ominous premonition in his heart.

The demonic puppet holy region’s holy king was extremely skilled in puppet techniques. There were no cultivators in the true spirit world who had reached the peak of the Mahayana realm with this dao, and there was only one in the nether world.

It was rumored that the Saint King of the demon puppet had an immortal puppet that was extremely powerful, comparable to a peak Mahayana realm cultivator.

Other than that, the Saint King of the demon puppet did not go to the true spirit world. Instead, he stayed in the demon puppet holy region.

“Could it be that the Dark Abyss sect wants to turn all the anti-heaven alliance cultivators into puppets… ?”

Thinking of this possibility, Chen Chen’s heart suddenly turned cold..

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