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Chapter 671:

Chapter 669, soul snatching seed

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What should I do?

Questions flashed through Chen Chen’s mind.

The Saint King of demon puppets probably wouldn’t directly turn the anti-heaven alliance cultivators into unconscious puppets. Instead, he would use some secret methods that were difficult to detect. Otherwise, it would be difficult for the Abyss sect to report to the anti-heaven Alliance.

And the secret methods also meant that the methods used wouldn’t be too intense. At that time, there might be a way to remove it.

No matter what, he would just have to wait and see.

Chen Chen thought as he followed. After two hours, the Ziwei holy region’s flying ship flew into the demon puppet holy region.

Chen Chen used his immortal gi extreme vision to check the situation in the demon puppet holy region from a thousand miles away. He found that other than the people from the Ziwei Holy Region, the other four groups of anti-heaven alliance cultivators had also arrived in the demon puppet holy


However, he did not see the three Mahayana realm cultivators from the anti-heaven alliance.

“Toriginally thought that they would give me special treatment by not bringing me along. Now, it seems that the demon puppet holy region’s methods are only effective on cultivators below the Mahayana realm.”

Chen Chen thought to himself. At the same time, he found a place to hide and stared at the demon puppet holy region.

After the group of anti-heaven Alliance cultivators were arranged to gather together, they entered a large hall in the demon puppet holy region.

A cultivator with a robe fluttering in the wind at the head of the Great Hall, who looked like a fairy, began to say something to this group of anti-heaven alliance cultivators.

Upon hearing the female cultivator’s words, the group of anti-heaven Alliance cultivators appeared to be extremely happy.

However, Chen Chen could clearly see that behind the great hall, there was a black-robed cultivator sitting cross-legged on the ground. His lips moved slightly as he looked directly at the female cultivator through the wall.

It seemed that the female cultivator was most likely a puppet that was controlled by the black-robed cultivator behind the great hall.

Unfortunately, the celestial supreme vision could only see but not hear.

Just as Chen Chen was feeling regretful, the black-robed person behind the great hall suddenly turned around and looked in Chen Chen’s direction. His pair of red eyebrows were slightly raised, as if he had sensed something.

“What sharp intuition! This person is most likely the sacred King Demon Puppet!”

Chen Chen quickly turned his head away. From a thousand miles away, he completely blocked his own aura. Since the black-robed man could sense that he was spying on him, his identity could basically be determined.

After Chen Chen turned his head away, the black-robed man seemed to still be a little worried. His lips moved a few more times, and soon, three people from demon puppet city flew over here.

Chen Chen turned around and ran when he saw this. This place was too close to demon puppet holy region. If they really fought, demon puppet holy king would probably be able to come over in a few minutes.

After running for about an hour and making sure that the three people didn’t chase after him, Chen Chen changed directions and returned to the vicinity of demon puppet city.

This time, he learned his lesson and didn’t look at Demon Puppet Holy King.

However, Demon Puppet Holy King had already finished speaking. A group of anti-heaven alliance cultivators were meditating under a monster statue that was hundreds of meters tall.

These people couldn’t see clearly, but Chen Chen’s celestial supreme vision could. From time to time, black gas would come out of the giant monster statue and enter the bodies of the anti-heaven Alliance cultivators.

After the anti-heaven Alliance cultivators absorbed the Black Gas, they didn’t show any pain on their faces. Instead, they showed joy.

Chen Chen could even feel that these anti-heaven alliance cultivators were becoming stronger at a pitiful speed.

“Alright, all the anti-heaven Alliance cultivators below Mahayana realm have been affected…”

Chen Chen sighed in his heart. He could only watch helplessly and could not stop this situation.

After watching for two hours, a guarding disciple of the demonic puppet sanctum near the monster statue seemed to have received an order. He turned around and flew out of the demonic puppet sanctum.

Chen Chen’s eyes lit up when he saw this scene. He began to focus all his attention on the disciple.

After the disciple left the demonic puppet sanctum, Chen Chen followed him silently.

After following him for three thousand miles, Chen Chen suddenly made a move and captured the demonic puppet sect cultivator without any suspense.

Seeing that there was no one around, Chen Chen dragged the demonic puppet sect cultivator into the jungle below.

Since he had already killed a mahayana cultivator from the Tianming holy region, killing another cultivator from the demon puppet holy region was nothing.

“Who are you?”

The cultivator from the demon puppet holy region turned pale with fright and asked in panic.

Chen Chen was too lazy to answer. He directly stretched out his hand and pressed it on his forehead, starting to use the soul-searching spell.

Not long after, he received a large amount of information about the demon puppet holy region.

This person was the so-called disciple of the holy statue in the holy region of the demon puppet. He had a cultivation base at the tribulation stage. He had left the holy region of the demon puppet because he had received an order to purchase a batch of cultivation resources in a city thousands of miles


The holy statue was the monster statue that was hundreds of meters tall. It seemed to be connected to the evil gods of the immortal world. It was extremely mystical.

Some of the powerful secret arts of the Holy King of the demon puppet had to be performed through the holy statue.

And this time, Saint King Demon Puppet’s secret technique against the anti-heaven alliance was called “Soul-seizing seed’.

This was a very high-level puppet secret technique.

Saint King demon puppet injected the soul-seizing seed into the body of the anti-heaven alliance cultivators, and they could sense the power of laws they had comprehended through the soul-seizing seed.

In this way, the anti-heaven alliance cultivators could quickly comprehend some of the power of laws.

However, once the soul-seizing seed was injected into their bodies, these cultivators would never be able to disobey the orders of the saint demon puppet king.

More importantly, the soul-seizing seed was extremely secretive, so the anti-heaven alliance cultivators were unable to detect it. Even if they followed the orders of the saint demon puppet king, they would subconsciously feel that it was natural and would not feel that they were being controlled.

As for removing this soul snatching seed, there was only one way, and that was to kill the saint demon puppet king.

Once he, the source, died, the soul snatching seed would self-detonate.

“Soul snatching seed, what a powerful control method…”

Chen Chen muttered to himself. Then, he suddenly realized that something was wrong and hurriedly threw the cultivator in his hand out.


With a shocking explosion, that cultivator actually directly self-detonated. At the same time, a wisp of black gas slowly dissipated in the air.

“Soul-stealing seed… this disciple of the demon puppet holy region also had a soul-stealing seed, but he didn’t know it!”

Chen Chen’s forehead couldn’t help but break out in cold sweat. This demon puppet holy region was too evil. It was likely that everyone had their soul-stealing seed planted by the demon puppet Holy King.

And now that this cultivator self-detonated, it was obvious that the demon puppet holy king had sensed his existence and issued such an order.

A peak Mahayana realm expert was indeed extraordinary. He had rashly approached the demon puppet holy region and was a little impulsive.

At the same time, in the demon puppet holy region, Sacred King Demon puppet opened his eyes, his long red eyebrows drooping on his eyelids.

“Tt seems that I wasn’t mistaken before. Someone is really spying on my demon puppet holy region. Hehe, now they’ve even captured a cauldron. They sure have some tricks up their sleeves.”

After muttering to himself, the Saint King of the demon puppet touched the storage ring on his finger.

A three-meter-tall giant appeared out of thin air in front of him.

The three-meter-tall Giant’s eyes were lifeless, and his entire body was filled with muscles. After appearing, he didn’t say anything and just stood there quietly.

‘The Saint King of the demon puppet glanced at the giant and said, “I can’t spare any time now. Go and bring that person back for me.”

The giant man immediately tuned around and flew out of demon puppet city, flying toward the direction of Chen Chen at high speed.

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