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Chapter 669:

Chapter 667: The Green Bean awakens

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Hei Ming cursed in his heart. With a flash, he appeared in the sky above the Tianshui Mountain. Then, he slammed his palm down and the array formation of the Tianshui Mountain collapsed.

Chen Chen, who was sitting on the mountain, raised his head and glanced at Hei Ming. He frowned.

He had actually provoked a mahayana cultivator so quickly. This was somewhat out of his expectations.

“Senior brother!”

Yuan Qingtian’s shout came from afar. Chen Chen looked over and saw that Yuan Qingtian was fine. He heaved a sigh of relief in his heart.

Seeing Chen Chen’s calm expression, Hei Ming subconsciously used his spiritual sense to check Chen Chen’s cultivation, but found nothing. This made him frown involuntarily.

Just as he was about to say something, Qiu Wen quickly flew over from afar.

“Senior Hei Ming! Don’t waste your breath on him! Let’s attack him directly!”

After saying that, he swung his hand, and over a hundred steady sect cultivators quickly gathered. Nearly a hundred attacks were aimed at Chen Chen.

Hei Ming looked at Qiu Wen with disdain. He still had something to ask. Why was this person in such a hurry?

“Senior Hei Ming, there’s an old saying in our steady sect that villains die because they talk too much! Once they talk too much, it’s easy for something to happen!

There’s another saying, “If we delay too much, things will change. If we attack now, this person doesn’t have any reinforcements. If we delay a little longer, who knows what will happen! “In any case, as long as he dies, everything will be ours!”

‘As Qiu Wen spoke, he took out a large cauldron. Under his full power, the large cauldron turned into the size of a small mountain and pressed down on Chen Chen.

At the same time, the attacks of over a hundred steady and sound sect cultivators blasted out at the same time. The night was suddenly illuminated by the dazzling light of spirit energy and turned into day!

The entire heavenly water mountain trembled violently as if it would collapse at the next second.

Seeing this scene, Chen Chen’s expression became serious.

What was going on? Could it be that his identity as a true spirit world cultivator had been exposed?

Otherwise, how could these people be so serious right from the start?

Boom Boom Boom!

Before he had time to think, a series of explosions had already exploded beside him.

However, the strength of these attacks was really not enough. They simply could not break through his defense.

By the time the night returned to calm, half a minute had already passed.

In the darkness of the night, Chen Chen sat cross-legged with one hand holding the steady sect’s cauldron. His clothes were not even stained with dust.

Qiu Wen’s expression changed when he saw this scene. Cold sweat dripped down his forehead unconsciously. In the next second, he directly hid behind Hei Ming.

He did not expect to be so unlucky this trip, encountering a situation that was one in a hundred million!

This person was actually a mahayana cultivator!

Fortunately, he abided by steady sect’s ancestral teachings and pulled Hei Ming over. Otherwise, steady sect would have all died here today!

“The old ancestor is not lying to me! Stability is the first priority in everything, There is no mistake. If I covet the Netherspirit Divine Gold, I will definitely die today!”

“Which sect are you from? How come I have never heard of your name?”

Hei Ming took two steps back, his expression grave.

He was only a little suspicious before, but the steadiness sect’s attack just now was a real hammer.

The stranger in front of him was a mahayana cultivator!

Chen Chen was not in a hurry to answer. Instead, he threw the cauldron in the direction of Yuan Qingtian.

The two cultivators guarding Yuan Qingtian quickly fled when they saw this. Only then did Yuan Qingtian quickly come to Chen Chen’s side.

“Who are you again?”

Chen Chen raised his head and asked Hei Ming.

“Lam the Guardian Elder of the Tianming Holy Region, Hei Ming!”

Hei Ming answered loudly. After he revealed his identity, he suddenly felt confident.

“Someone from the Holy Region? You took my Netherspirit Divine Gold, right? Give me two supreme dao fruits and this matter will end here.”

Chen Chen stretched out his hand.

He had just come to the Netherworld not long ago, and he did not want to have a conflict with the people from the Holy Region.

‘When Hei Ming heard this, he smiled and said, “If you want Supreme Dao Fruits, you can take out three more pieces of Netherspirit Divine Gold.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen’s expression became a bit ugly.

Behind him, Yuan Qingtian whispered, “Senior brother, why don’t we kill them to silence them? These people don’t know how to appreciate favors.”

Although his voice was soft, the people around him were all cultivators, so they could hear him clearly.

Hei Ming immediately sneered, and his lips moved slightly. Yuan Qingtian’s expression immediately changed drastically, and an extremely pained expression appeared on his face.

Only then did he remember what kind of nether seed Hei Ming had planted in him previously.

“You dare to spout nonsense after being planted by me? You really don’t know what’s good for you!”

Seeing this, Chen Chen hurriedly placed his hand on Yuan Qingtian’s shoulder. Boundless Immortal Qi rushed into Yuan Qingtian’s body, and very quickly, he found the location of the nether seed.


With a light sound, the nether seed was directly shattered by the Immortal Qi.

Hei Ming suffered a backlash, and his face tured slightly pale. He took two steps back and crashed into Qiu Wen.


Before he could start to be shocked, a strange roar was heard, and it spread over a radius of several dozen Li.

The cultivators below the stable and sound sect’s tribulation were shocked by this sound, and all of them collapsed to the ground.

Qiu Wen and a few other tribulation transcending cultivators also felt their legs go weak, and they couldn’t stand steadily.

Chen Chen’s face lit up when he heard the roar. He lowered his head and saw that the mung bean had appeared at his feet. It was flapping its illusory wings and staring angrily at Hei Ming and the others with its small eyes.

“What the Hell Are You? Who the Hell Are You? !”

Hei Ming’s mind was shaken and he took a few steps back.

When the roar was released just now, not to mention Qiu Wen and the rest of the disciples of the sound stabilization sect, even he, a mahayana cultivator, was shocked and fell into a trance for a few seconds.

The one who roared was a strange turtle that he had never seen before. It was only the size of a washbasin and could fly.

Chen Chen patted mung bean’s head and looked at the stars in the sky. He said faintly, “At the foot of Mount Zhongnan, the sect master of the graceful spiritual sect, immortal turtle, has returned to the Jianghu.”

“Ah?”Hei Ming was dumbfounded.

Chen Chen waved his hand and said to mung bean, “Let’s see how strong you are now. They are not good people. There is no need to hold back.”

Mung bean growled again when she heard this. The water from the lake at the top of Tianshui Mountain soared into the sky and formed thousands of water dragons, sealing off the area within dozens of miles.

Then, a large number of water dragons turned pitch-black and surged toward the steady sect cultivators.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The explosions continued. All the steady sect cultivators who were hit by the water dragons, regardless of their cultivation base, were turned into dust. In just a moment, only Qiu Wen was left in the steady sect.

Seeing this scene, Qiu Wen was so scared that his liver and liver were torn apart. He directly sat on the ground and couldn’t help but mutter.

“A one ina billion chance… I actually met it… I’m still not stable enough…”

Seeing this scene, Hei Ming’s pupils slightly contracted. He turned around and wanted to escape.

The small green bean wings flapped, and it actually directly shuttled through space to block in front of Hei Ming.

Then, it opened its mouth, and a black ball of liquid with a huge amount of immortal qi condensed in its mouth.

Seeing that thing, Chen Chen’s expression changed, and he pulled Yuan Qingtian to fly to the side.

Before he could fly 100 meters, the ball in the mung bean’s mouth suddenly shot out, directly piercing through space and hitting Hei Ming’s chest!


Hei Ming cried out in surprise, and then his entire body exploded, turning into ice shards that scattered all over the sky, landing on the Heavenly Water Mountain..

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