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Chapter 668:

Chapter 666, stable

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‘When Yuan Qingtian heard these people’s conversation, he wanted to cry.

So what if he was at the peak of the Tribulation?

You have eight people transcending the tribulation, yet you don’t dare to go up. Aren’t you too cowardly! !

Although senior brother’s usual style of doing things was very stable, compared to these people, he was really far inferior!

“Allow me to think about this matter again. Moreover, after that Divine Elegance Sect’s sect master heard my words just now, he must be setting up a defense now. If I go now, it will just satisfy his heart. It’s better to wait for a period of time. When that time comes, divine elegance sect will naturally

reveal a flaw!”

After a long silence, Qiu Wen said softly.

“Sect master is wise!”

The group of people shouted in unison.

Unknowingly, half a day had passed.

Yuan Qingtian, who had been restricted in his freedom, drooped his head, and his eyes were somewhat listless.

He had originally heard that this so-called stable sect was as timid as a mouse and did not dare to cause trouble. Moreover, they were connected to the profound sky holy region, which was why he had come to seek cooperation with them.

He did not expect to encounter such a strange sect.

The moderate sect did not dare to provoke those of the same level as the moderate sect. Those that the moderate sect dared to provoke were all small sects. Moreover, they had all been eradicated by the moderate sect. Of course, they would not spread any rumors.

That was why this sect had a reputation of being as timid as a mouse.

Just as he was thinking about how to deal with it next, Qiu Wen suddenly walked in with a black-robed old man.

The black-robed old man played with the Netherspirit divine gold while carefully sizing up Yuan Qingtian.

“A unity cultivator actually swaggered around with divine gold. He really doesn’t know death! Qiu Wen, you’ve done well. You should be like this in the future. Don’t worry and do whatever you encounter. I’ll take care of it for you. What are you afraid of!”

Qiu Wen smiled foolishly and said respectfully, “What senior dark nether taught is…”

The black-robed old man glanced at him, and then suddenly shot out a stream of black gi into Yuan Qingtian’s body.

“Kid, I planted a dark seed in your body. You’d better take us to that so-called divine elegance sect obediently. If you dare to play any tricks, I’ll make your life worse than death!”

Yuan Qingtian glanced at the old man in front of him. He knew that this old man was a Mahayana realm cultivator, and he couldn’t help but feel less confident in his heart.

He had never expected that when he called his senior brother a mid-stage heavenly tribulation cultivator, this Qiu Wen would actually directly find the backer of the Heavenly Nether Saint Realm’s Mahayana stage.

Did he have to be so stable?

If he found a backer, then would the divine gold still have this matter of the steady sect? He didn’t know what was in Qiu Wen’s mind?

Qiu Wen seemed to have seen through Yuan Qingtian’s thoughts, and his eyes were filled with disdain.

In this abyss world, those who liked to take risks, even someone as strong as battle Saint King, had fallen.

Only by being steady could one survive.

And to be steady, the most important thing was to find a strong backer. This was also the item that the steady establishment sect spent the most, taking up 80% of the steady establishment sect’s annual expenditure.

And it was already good enough for normal sects to be willing to spend 30% of their annual earnings to find a backer.

“This sand sculpture is probably wondering why I’m willing to give the Netherspirit divine gold to elder Hei Ming… Hehe, why don’t you think about it? is such a treasure something that our sects can possess?”

Qiu Wen looked at Yuan Qingtian with a look of disdain and disdain.

In his eyes, Yuan Qingtian, a unity cultivator, was simply disobedient when he went out with the Netherspirit Divine Gold!

If their steady state sect had such a disciple, they would be crushed into ashes by him at any moment!

“Kid, I don’t dare…”

Yuan Qingtian replied with a trembling voice, his eyes filled with fear.

“Idon’t think you dare either. Don’t worry, as long as I’m satisfied with the harvest this time, I can spare your life.”

Hei Ming grinned sinisterly.

“Absolutely not!”Qiu Wen, who was at the side, cried out in alarm, and then added weakly.

“If you don’t get rid of the root of the problem, the spring breeze will come again.

Upon hearing this, Hei Ming’s face twitched.

It was just a unity cultivator, was there a need to be so serious?

Glancing at Qiu Wen, Hei Ming carried Yuan Qingtian and flew out.

At this time, the Army of the steadfast sect was already prepared outside.

There were a total of three airships, and each airship had fifty cultivators, all of whom were at least at the level of distraction.

Yuan Qingtian’s eyes twitched slightly as he boarded the airship with the word ‘steady’engraved on its body.

The airship of the steady sect was actually not small. Logically speaking, it should be enough to carry two hundred cultivators on each ship.

However, more than half of the space on the airship was used to set up a defensive formation. In addition, the cabin of the airship was also stocked with a large number of cultivation resources, spirit stones, and crystals, as well as spare escape airships.

In this situation, even after flying for 1.8 million Li, there was no need for them to stop for supplies.

However, after boarding the airboat, the airboat did not proceed immediately. Instead, it dragged on for two hours until the sky turned dark. Only then did the airboat set off.

Along the way, the speed of the three airboats was neither fast nor slow. It was as if they were traveling at a normal speed.

Yuan Qingtian was leading the way on the first airboat. He could not figure out what these cultivators from the sound stabilization sect were thinking.

A distance of tens of thousands of miles was nothing to the steadfast sect’s flying boat. By the time the sky tumed completely dark, the three flying boats had already stopped a hundred miles away from the Heavenly Water Mountain, where the main gate of the Divine Beauty sect was located.

Qiu Wen left the flying boat and began to issue orders.

“Everyone, carry out your duties! Let’s move out now!”

With this order, the one hundred and fifty steadfast sect cultivators split into three groups and flew out.

The first group began to set up a sealing formation around the heavenly water mountain. From the looks of it, they were extremely professional.

The second group approached the Heavenly Water Mountain from different directions. It seemed like they were going to scout for information.

The other group hovered in the air as a reserve team, ready to prevent any unexpected situations from happening.

Hei Ming looked at this scene and suppressed the anger in his heart. He didn’t say anything.

It was just a small sect that was established in a shabby place. was there a need to mobilize so many people?

If it was not for the fact that the steady sect usually gave him a lot of resources, he would have cursed out loud.

Qiu Wen Glanced at Hei Ming and said apologetically, “Senior, please forgive us. This is our way of doing things. Moreover, there is a saying that goes, know yourself and know your enemy. You will never be defeated in a hundred battles! It is not wrong to prepare more.”

Hei Ming glared at him and didn’t say anything.

“Reporting to sect master! We’ve discovered the Mountain Gate Stone tablet. This place is indeed the Divine Elegance Sect!”

Amoment later, a steady sect disciple flew over and reported.

Qiu Wen nodded and waved his hand.

“Investigate again!”

“Yes, sect master!”

“Reporting to sect master! This divine elegance sect only has simple shielding formations and extremely weak defensive formations! There’s no hidden Grand Formation!”

“Reporting to sect master, there is no cultivator ambush within a radius of a hundred Li! There is also no powerful true spirit existence! There is also no danger!”

“Reporting to sect master, the array master has already begun to silently break the array formation! It is estimated that the array formation will be broken in an hour!”

“Reporting to sect master, the sealing array formation has already been set up. As long as divine grace sect does not have a mahayana cultivator, it is absolutely impossible to break through the sealing array formation!”

As he listened to the reports one by one, the smile on Qiu Wen’s face grew wider and wider.

The reason why the steadiness sect was able to survive until today was because of the steadiness of their ancestors’teachings.

Even a lion needed to go all out to hunt a rabbit. In his opinion, this was nothing.

Their steadiness sect would go all out to hunt ants, cockroaches, and air, let alone rabbits.

Just like that, the steadiness sect worked for an hour. Just as Hei Ming was about to lose all his patience, a cultivator from the steadiness sect flew over and reported the final report.

“We have already broken through the Divine Elegance Sect’s protective array. After investigation, there is only one cultivator inside!”

Hearing this information, Qiu Wen’s fat face trembled.. He clapped his hands and said to Hei Ming, “Senior! It’s stable!”

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