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Chapter 666:

Chapter 664: Where You Are, you are in the immortal world

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“What is the Supreme Dao Fruit?”

After pondering for a moment, Chen Chen asked.

The cultivator replied, “The abyss is bottomless, and it is full of death. However, there are some very special heavenly materials and earthly treasures growing on the cliff wall of the Abyss, and the Supreme Dao fruit is one of them.

“This supreme dao fruit hides the most primitive power of laws. This power of laws can not be absorbed by ordinary cultivators, but after it is swallowed by a pregnant woman, it can be absorbed by the fetus, and it will grow with the fetus.

“When the fetus grows up and steps into the peak of the avatar state, it will be very easy for it to comprehend the nomological power hidden in the Supreme Dao fruit back then, and step into the Unity Realm.”

“The world is really vast, and there are all kinds of wonders.”

Chen Chen sighed softly.

Guiding and comprehending the nomological power… back when he stepped into the Unity Realm, the first nomological power he comprehended, the wood law, was because he was influenced by Yao Qing in the lower realm.

If not for that, God knows when he would be able to comprehend the power of laws and step into the body fusion realm.

This supreme dao fruit should have the same effect.

“How many crystals is the Supreme Dao Fruit Worth?”Chen Chen asked again.

Of course, he also wanted to find such a good thing for his son.

The competitive pressure of the children in the cultivation world was too great. They were already at the starting line even before they were born.

Although his child was destined to be born at the finish line, Chen Chen still hoped that his child would have an easier time in the future.

It was a completely different feeling to work a little harder as a Mahayana cultivator and play every day to become a mahayana cultivator.

“There are over a hundred supreme dao fruits appearing in the world every year. Most of them are divided up by the almighty experts as soon as they appear. The remaining ones will enter the market, and the starting price will be three thousand crystals.”

“There are still good and bad ones?”

“Of course there are. The quality of the Supreme Dao fruits will be different depending on the nomological power they contain. However, you won’t be able to tell on the surface. Some mighty figures can actually see some clues based on their experience…”

“Is that so? I got it. Get lost. Don’t have any ideas about our divine elegance sect in the future. I’ll spare your life this time!”

Chen Chen casually waved his hand, and the cultivator flew out of Mount Tianshui and disappeared into the distance.

After learning about the Divine Dao fruit, Chen Chen was not in a hurry to look for it. Instead, he sent someone to a nearby city to buy a few books that introduced the heavenly materials and earthly treasures.

Most of the heavenly materials and earthly treasures in the Abyss World overlapped with the true spirit world, but there were also a small number of differences. These differences all revolved around the abyss world.

The Abyss World was the most dangerous place in the abyss world, but it was also the most precious place. There were all kinds of strange plants growing on the abyss cliff. Other than the Divine Dao fruit, there were also Immortal Dao fruit, Dark Dao fruit, Devil Dao Fruit, and so on. They were all

first-class treasures.

After reading those books, Chen Chen had to admit that there were indeed some treasures that moved his heart.

After thinking for a moment, he entered the yin-yang Palace and came to Xia Xishuang, who was still cultivating in seclusion. He told her about the Divine Dao fruit.

Xia Xishuang heard him and said with a smile, “Since it’s beneficial to our children, then go get it. But remember to pay attention to your safety.”

Chen Chen gently hugged Xia Xishuang and said, “Actually, some time ago, I obtained a heaven-defying medicinal pill. After you swallow it, you can directly ascend to immortality.

“In the true spirit world, the Ascension Passage is blocked. This medicinal pill might not be of much use, but in the abyss world, it should be of some use.”

Xia Xishuang was startled when she heard this. Something of this level had already exceeded her imagination.

After a moment of silence, she said, “This medicinal pill is also useful to you, right?”

“It can increase my cultivation,”Chen Chen answered truthfully.

Xia Xishuang smiled indifferently and said, “It’s better to keep this medicinal pill. Our family staying together is more important than becoming an immortal. In My Eyes, a place with you is the immortal world.”

“I think so too, Now That I’m letting you go to the immortal world, I’m not at ease. Telling you that I have this medicinal pill is just to tell you not to cultivate so hard and not to always think about chasing after me.

“In the future, I have the ability to bring you to the immortal world directly.”

Chen Chen said as he took out the first transition golden pill and placed it in Xia Xishuang’s hand.

“This is the pill. Tl leave it with you first.”

Xia Xishuang took the first transition golden pill and completely relaxed.

After coming to the true spirit world, seeing Chen Chen’s cultivation increase by leaps and bounds, she felt a lot of pressure in her heart.

All she wanted was to be able to keep up with Chen Chen’s footsteps. After Chen Chen ascended, she would be able to catch up as soon as possible.

But based on the current disparity, even if she had the Yin Yang Palace and an unlimited supply of resources, it would still take her several hundred years to catch up to Chen Chen.

This meant that the two of them would be separated from each other for several hundred years in the future.

But now that she had this pill, it was different. The pressure in her heart disappeared without a trace.

Chen Chen hugged Xia Xishuang and felt her body temperature. He had a myriad of thoughts in his heart.

Xia Xishuang thought that they could be together as a family. In the future, she could use her strength to ascend, and Xia Xishuang could use the pill to ascend. But what about her child and her parents?

Her parents were destined to be unable to become immortals. She estimated that she could only bring them to the immortal world when her strength in the immortal world reached the point where she could travel between the two worlds at will.

However, the child had an innate dao body, so he had a chance to quickly become an immortal.

“Ihave to get the best Supreme Dao Fruit… so that he can grow faster.”

Chen Chen thought to himself.

Three days later, Yuan Qingtian appeared in front of Chen Chen with a pile of information.

“Senior brother, this is the information I asked about the Supreme Dao fruit. Since this Supreme Dao fruit is available every year, all the major holy regions actually have it in stock. It’s just that they won’t sell it.”.

“Apart from the holy region, there are also some that fall into the hands of powerful sects and itinerant cultivators. These quality might be slightly inferior.”.

“Finally, there are a few that are circulating in the market. They are all store-guarding treasures of some stores, and their prices are extremely high…”

“Buy them all for me.”

Chen Chen said casually.

As long as one could buy them, then it wasn’t because the prices were high. Spirit Stones, spirit crystals, and the like were all dung and dirt, and there were as many of them as one wanted.

‘As for whether the quality of the spirit stones in circulation was really bad, he would only know after the system appraised them.


Yuan Qingtian had long guessed that Chen Chen would do this, so he immediately replied.

“As for those in the Holy Region… Think of a way to exchange with them. However, don’t show your face directly. Remember to find a few spokesmen.”

Chen Chen Thought for a moment and then said.

Those who bought the spirit stones in circulation were to prevent any fish from escaping. What he really wanted was those divine dao fruits that were stored in the holy region.

“What should I exchange it for? It’s not worth much…”

Yuan Qingtian was in a dilemma.

With his current cultivation, a divine dao fruit that was worth thousands of crystals should be out of reach in his eyes.

However, a treasure that was worth thousands of crystals was only on the same level as someone like Chen Chen.

Chen Chen Thought for a moment and took out a few lumps from his storage ring. He handed one of them to Yuan Qingtian.

“Take the Netherspirit Divine Gold. I got this divine gold in the Dragon Kun Plain. It’s useless to me, and its value is extremely high. Some of the old guys probably need it. If I really attach it to the Netherspirit divine gold, those old guys won’t have much combat power, so I’m not really supporting the


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