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Chapter 667:

Chapter 665 was too risky

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Yuan Qingtian took the ghost divine gold and walked out.

Chen Chen looked at his back and could not help but remind him, “The divine gold is not an ordinary thing. Remember to find a reliable spokesperson to trade with the people in the Holy Region. Don’t get involved in it personally. Otherwise, someone might have evil intentions.”

Yuan Qingtian’s figure paused. He tumed around and said, “Senior brother, don’t Worry!”

After Yuan Qingtian left, Chen Chen stretched out his hand, and the Yin and yang Qi appeared again. This time, he directly transformed into an apple.

This ability to create something out of nothing was really magical, and it made him quite interested for a time.

Unknowingly, three days had passed.

Chen Chen finally saw the so-called Supreme Dao fruit with his own eyes, and there were as many as six of them at once. These were all bought by Yuan Qingtian from various cities.

To be honest, the six supreme dao fruits in front of him did not look much different on the surface. They were all the size of a fist, and they contained a red light inside, as if there was a ball of fire burning inside.

“System, within a radius of one meter, where is the best quality Supreme Dao Fruit?”

“On the host’s left hand side, it contains the law of fire.”

“What about the second?”

“On the host’s left hand side, it’s 20 centimeters, and it contains the hard law.”

“What about the third one?”

“On the right hand side, it contains the piercing law.”

Chen Chen asked all of them. The Best of the Six Supreme Dao fruits contained the fire law of the Five Elements Law. This obviously did not satisfy him.

One had to know that the wood law that he had obtained back then had the tendency to evolve into the law of life.

This fire law was far inferior, unless it could evolve into the law of destruction.

“Forget it, I’ll give these away.”

Chen Chen kept the six supreme dao fruits. Many of the people around him were about to have descendants, so these supreme dao fruits could be given to them.

Apart from that, they could also be brought back to the true spirit world. In the true spirit world, these Supreme Dao fruits were a rare thing.

However, just as he put away the Supreme Dao fruits, the communication token lit up.

“Senior brother, the Netherspirit Divine Gold you gave me is too precious. I was very careful, but I didn’t expect something to Happen!”

The corners of Chen Chen’s eyes twitched, and he said snappily, “Didn’t I ask you to find a middleman to trade with the Holy Region? Why? Did something happen to the Middleman?”

Yuan Qingtian quickly replied, “No, it’s me. I just found a middleman, but when the middleman saw the Netherspirit divine gold, he directly detained me.”

“You can still send messages. It seems that he’s fine,”Chen Chen replied after a moment of silence.

“Yes, I said that my senior brother still has many treasures, that’s why he couldn’t bear to kill me. However, the Netherspirit Divine Gold that you gave me was snatched by him.”

Chen Chen:”… Yuan Qingtian, you’re really something! Forget it, it’s good that he’s fine. The Netherspirit Divine Gold is a small matter…”

Before he could finish replying, the style of the other party’s message suddenly changed. “Fellow Daoist, what big words. The Netherspirit Divine Gold is actually a small matter in your mouth. Do you know that since ancient times, two pieces of Netherspirit Divine Gold have appeared in our Abyss World?”

Chen Chen was slightly startled. Of course, he didn’t know.

Now, it seemed that the netherspirit divine gold was even more valuable in the abyss world than in the true spirit world.

Although the dark soul divine gold in the true realm was rare, there were still seven or eight pieces of it in the records.

After pondering for a while, he calmly replied, “That divine gold is useless to me. If you want it, bring my little brother here to take it. But if my little brother is missing a hair, then you can forget about getting anything.”

“Good! Happy! I’ll be there soon!”

At this point, the light of the communication token completely dimmed.

Chen Chen put away the communication token. After a moment of silence, he suddenly burst into laughter.

Yuan Qingtian was quite smart. He knew how to save his life.

In fact, he did something wrong. He didn’t know the true value of the Netherspirit Divine Gold in the Abyss and gave it to a unity cultivator like Yuan Qingtian. He must leam his lesson next time.

Moreover, exchanging the divine gold for the Supreme Dao fruit was indeed a little too hasty.

At the same time, in a large sect 70,000 to 80,000 miles away, a fat middle-aged cultivator was carrying Yuan Qingtian. His small eyes were rolling around.

“What kind of strength does your Shenxiu sect have?”

“My Brother is the sect leader… a cultivator in the middle stage of the Tribulation Transcending Stage! Apart from that, there are also a few disciples who are all below the Unity Stage!”

Yuan Qingtian said with a slight tremble.

“Is there a powerful person behind them?”

“My Brother obtained a great opportunity and then stepped into the tribulation. Not long after, he stepped into the middle stage of the tribulation. He didn’t have the time to find a powerful backer.”

Yuan Qingtian’s face was full of fear. After following Chen Chen for so many years, he could be considered to have learned some acting skills.

In fact, although he had fused body cultivation, Chen Chen had given him a few protective treasures. This steady sect leader, Qiu Wen, who had caught him at the peak of the tribulation, might not be able to kill him.

However, now that the Netherspirit Divine Gold had been snatched by Qiu Wen, he had to find a way to take it back. That was why he had been “Captured”.

“Middle stage of the tribulation…”

Qiu Wen narrowed his eyes. He had a principle in dealing with people, and that was steady.

This was also the ancestral teachings of their prudent sect.

Under normal circumstances, he would only attack cultivators who were two or more minor realms lower than him.

After all, the Abyss world was so big that there were always some heaven-defying geniuses who could fight across realms.

Two minor realms lower could completely eliminate this situation. With his cultivation base at the peak of the tribulation transcending stage, he had never heard of anyone who could defeat a cultivator at the peak of the tribulation transcending stage.

“Sect leader Qiu, this person might not be telling the truth. If he concealed the truth, his senior brother is actually at the late stage of the tribulation transcending stage, and he’s also one of the top heaven’s favorites. The consequences would be unimaginable!

“There’s a 1% chance that you won’t be able to defeat him.”

Askinny elder beside him said softly, his eyes filled with shrewdness.

1% sounded like a low risk, but the cultivators of the stable sect wouldn’t take even a 1% risk, let alone 1% risk!

“Sect Master Qiu, why don’t we send out all of our moderate sect’s forces? With eight tribulation transcending cultivators and our sect-guarding treasure, nothing can go wrong!”

Another elder said while stroking his beard.

In fact, their moderate sect had always sent out all of their forces.

Half a year ago, in order to destroy a sect that only had unity cultivators, they sent out all of their forces and wiped out that sect. They didn’t even spare the ants in the sect.

After all, there was an ancient legend in the abyss world. After a certain holy region was destroyed, one of the truesoul pups escaped. Later on, the truesoul pup grew into a true spirit at the peak of the Mahayana realm and avenged the destroyed Holy Region.

With such a lesson in mind, they didn’t dare to let an ant go.

Qiu Weng’s face was full of solemnity as he muttered, “At the later stage of the tribulation, I think it’s not impossible to reach the peak of the tribulation…”

When the other elders heard this, their faces also turned solemn.

Mahayana realm cultivators had experienced great tribulations before. Once they appeared, everyone would know about it.

Within a radius of a million Li, only the Nethersky Holy Region had a Mahayana realm existence. It was impossible for the Divine Elegance Sect to have one.

However, at the peak of the tribulation, it was very easy to hide one’s cultivation at this level.

After assuming seven or eight times, there was still a one-in-thousand chance that the Divine Elegance Sect’s sect master’s cultivation would reach the peak of the tribulation. If he was a prodigy, then there was a possibility that something might go wrong.

This was too risky..

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