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Chapter 665:

Chapter 663, Supreme Dao Fruit

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The demonic god flower trembled slightly when it was soaked in the purple liquid, but it did not react at all.

However, Chen Chen could feel that a strange power had appeared inside the demonic god flower.

After hesitating for a moment, Chen Chen temporarily planted the demonic god flower next to the Ziwei Emperor Flower, which was facing the gap between the petals.

This Ziwei Emperor Flower was a true spirit, and it showed an extremely close attitude towards the demon god flower. Planting it next to it should be beneficial.

“Thave to thank you again for stepping into the Mahayana realm this time.”

Looking at the small and delicate demon god flower, Chen Chen said softly. Then, he closed his eyes and carefully comprehended the yin-yang chaos law.

“yin-yang Chaos Law…”

On the other side, Chen Chen’s avatar opened his eyes. He seemed to have understood something.

‘The Yin-yang qi derived from the yin-yang chaotic law was also the beginning of all things. It was similar to the heavenly axiom of the supreme pure mysterious sect.

Through mutual verification, the heavenly axiom of the supreme pure mysterious sect actually achieved a major breakthrough.

“yin-yang Qi…”

Chen Chen muttered to himself. Then, he extended his hand. The black and white Qi in his hand slowly rotated and gradually merged, turning into a gray chaotic qi. It looked very much like the scene before the world was opened.

Looking at this chaotic qi, Chen Chen fell into deep thought.

‘A Day and a night had passed unknowingly. When he came back to his senses, the chaotic Qi in his hand had already turned into an orange.

“It seems that the yin-yang chaotic law and the heavenly axiom of Taiging Xuan are the same. It’s just that the heavenly axiom of Taiqing Xuan is a little higher…”

Chen Chen understood in his heart. After a slight smile, he peeled the orange in his hand and ate it.

‘The transformed orange was as sweet as the one on the tree, and the ingredients were the same.

In the end, it was because Chen Chen had completely seen through the structure of the orange. He had used the chaotic energy to simulate the structure of the orange and created an orange out of thin air.

Unfortunately, he could only create an ordinary object like an orange.

“Perhaps if I really reach a certain level, I can create a human directly. Could it be that the legend of NUWA creating a human is true? Nuwa is an expert who cultivates a cultivation technique similar to the Taiqing Heavenly Dao technique?”

Chen Chen’s thoughts gradually drifted. At this moment, Yuan Qingtian’s voice suddenly came from outside the Yin Yang Palace.

“Senior brother, there are other sects coming to collect protection fees!”

Hearing this, Chen Chen frowned!

Damn it, he was in the middle of comprehending the Dao and almost felt like he had become a god. At this time, there was actually someone coming to collect protection fees, destroying the charm in an instant!

“Take care of him! What the hell is he doing, collecting protection fees on my head? He’s courting death!”

Chen Chen cursed loudly.

With an order, intense fighting sounds immediately came from outside the Yin Yang Palace. Apart from that, there were also a large number of curses. Only after two minutes had passed did it return to calm.

After being disturbed for a while, Chen Chen was not in the mood to continue comprehending the Dao. Moreover, his comprehension just now was almost at the middle stage of the mortal immortal realm. There was nothing to comprehend if he continued to comprehend. He might as well go out and take

a look.

After walking out of the Yin-yang Palace, Chen Chen saw Yuan qingtian dragging a badly bruised cultivator who looked like a dead dog towards him.

“Senior brother, it’s him. He actually came to ask for spirit stones and crystals!”


After saying that, Yuan Qingtian threw the cultivator in front of Chen Chen.

Chen Chen squatted down and asked, “Is he collecting protection fees?”

“No… No!”

The bruised cultivator struggled to sit up and kept shaking his head.

“Then why are you here?”

“To… to Rob. It’s just a robbery. No… no protection services are provided!”


‘As soon as the cultivator finished speaking, Chen Chen slapped him on the head.

The other party was collecting protection fees under the guise of protection, but this person was so straightforward in robbing, and even said it so righteously!

However, in the next second, Chen Chen reacted.

The sects of the Abyss World could not expand at will. If they were to collect protection fees, it would be equivalent to expanding the sect’s influence.

Could it be that this was the reason why this person directly robbed?

“What do you think of My Divine Elegance Sect? Why Don’t you become a subsidiary sect of your sect?”

Chen Chen teased.

“No, no, no! I’m robbing! Purely robbing!”

That cultivator shook his head like a rattle-drum.

‘When Chen Chen saw this, his gaze flashed, and his spiritual sense directly intimidated that cultivator.

“Which sect are you from?”

“Black Mountain sect, 800 li away.”

“Does the abyss world have a custom of directly robbing small sects?”

“It’s often like this between weak sects.”

“What about powerful sects?”

“Powerful sects all have backers! They won’t randomly start a conflict.”

“What kind of backers?”Chen Chen’s interest was piqued.

“They’re usually powerful itinerant cultivators or saint-level disciples.”

Hearing this answer, Chen Chen was a little surprised.

“Isn’t this considered expanding the power of the saint-level?”

“The saint-level doesn’t care about these things. Even if the saint-level disciples receive benefits, they won’t hand them over to the saint-level.”

“Then, if the saint-level disciples get into a conflict with others because they’re protecting these powerful sects and get injured or killed, would the saint-level care?”

“That’s true.”

Chen Chen suddenly understood.

So this was the pattern of the Abyss world.

It was like a lion king on the grassland. This Lion King would not interfere with the growth of its own offspring, but it would protect the safety of its own offspring.

Strictly speaking, it was still spreading its influence.

“Does your black mountain sect have a backer?”Chen Chen asked.

“No, but we’re about to have one.”

A trace of excitement flashed across the cultivator’s eyes as he replied.

“Oh? What’s going on?”

Chen Chen asked.

“There’s an itinerant cultivator who entered the tribulation a few days ago on Mount Taiming, which is thousands of miles away from here. He promised the nearby sects that he would protect whichever sect provided him with 1,000 crystals.”

Chen Chen was speechless when he heard that.

In the true spirit world, all sects protected individual cultivators. However, in the Abyss world, it was better for individual cultivators to protect the sects.

“He has a dao partner who has been pregnant for six years. He is missing a supreme dao fruit to give birth. The value of the Supreme Dao fruit is extremely high. He needs a large amount of spirit crystals, or else our sects wouldn’t have such an opportunity.”

The Cultivator’s eyes were unfocused as he spoke, and a smile appeared on his twisted face, as if he had picked up a great bargain.

Chen Chen was slightly startled when he heard this.

Divine Dao Fruit? It could even be used to pacify the fetus? He had never heard of it before!

“Senior brother, that Divine Dao fruit seems to be very powerful!”

Yuan Qingtian looked at Chen Chen meaningfully.

Others might not know, but these old people from the lower realm knew that his sister-in-law had been pregnant for several years.

Chen Chen patted his head, shook his head, and said with a smile, “When I came to the Abyss World, I forgot to pay attention to any special products of the Abyss World.”

In the past, when he had just arrived at a new region, he would have used the system to track it immediately. However, ever since he had obtained so many treasures in the dragon-kun Great Plains, he had been satisfied with himself, he felt that he no longer needed any worldly possessions.

He did not expect that coming to the Abyss world would broaden his horizons…

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