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Chapter 664:

Chapter 662, advance to the Mahayana realm

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“This… is he about to step into the Mahayana realm?”

Zi Yue was surprised.

Someone had already stepped into the Mahayana realm even before he had officially brought this group of people to cultivate. Could this be the auspicious sign in the legends?

Or was this person about to step into the Mahayana realm, but he was stuck in his realm, so that he could go to the Abyss World and get more resources from the Mahayana realm?

No, the anti-heaven Alliance didn’t need to do that.

Now, even if the Ziwei holy region didn’t give this person any resources, they could send this person into the Abyss World at the peak of the Tribulation and send him back at the Mahayana realm.

Tribulation clouds were already beginning to appear in the sky. An old cultivator appeared in front of Ziyue at this time.

“Ziyue girl, What’s Going On? Why is the Ziwei Imperial Flower so happy?”

The old man asked joyfully.

Ziyue pointed at Chen Chen. The old man turned his head and immediately thought of something. A hint of pity flashed across his face.

“It’s not a cultivator from our Ziwei holy region. What a pity…”

‘As soon as he finished speaking, Rolling Thunder sounded in the sky. The Great Vehicle Tribulation was no small matter. Before it even began, the atmosphere in the entire Ziwei holy region became oppressive. Many cultivators walked out of the buildings and looked at the sky with grave expressions.

At this moment, the Ziwei Emperor Flower on the top of Ziwei Mountain suddenly released a ray of purple light and shot into the sky, flying toward the tribulation clouds.

Chen Chen was prepared to face the tribulation, but after the purple light crashed into the tribulation clouds, the pressure on his head gradually decreased and finally disappeared completely.

An invisible fluctuation came out from his body. The powerful law of life and the Law of destruction slowly merged and finally turned into yin and yang qi, which slowly revolved around Chen Chen.

“yin and Yang Chaos Law!”

The elder from the Ziwei Holy Region saw the yin and yang energy around Chen Chen and exclaimed.

Ziyue’s eyes were also filled with shock.

‘There were countless law energy in the world, but there were a few that were universally acknowledged to be extremely powerful.

For example, the space-time law could control the space-time energy, and the Yin and yang chaos law could reverse yin and Yang and transcend life and death.

Of course, the stronger the power of laws, the harder it was to comprehend.

‘The laws of space-time had to comprehend the laws of time, space, and yin and Yang had to comprehené the laws of life first, and then the laws of destruction.

‘The person in front of him didn’t look very old, but he could already see through life and death. He was truly a rare talent.

Chen Chen ignored the envious gazes of the crowd, and once again looked at the Ziwei Emperor Flower on the mountain top.

“What’s That?”

Ziyue was slightly stunned when she heard that. Then, she replied, “That’s the guardian God of our Ziwei Holy Region, the plant true spirit Ziwei Emperor Flower,

“Plant true spirit Ziwei emperor flower… so that’s how it is.”

Chen Chen muttered to himself.

At this moment, in a spiritual soil in the corner of his storage ring, the demon god flower that had been stored for several years and had not changed much actually bloomed completely, emitting a dazzling spiritual light, and the direction of the blooms was the Ziwei imperial flower on the mountain top.

It seemed that the reason why the Ziwei imperial flower had such an obvious reaction before was probably because it had sensed the existence of the demon god flower.

“Congratulations, fellow Daoist, for advancing to the Mahayana realm! Today, the anti-heaven Alliance has just arrived in our Ziwei holy region, and it has already caused a heaven and earth anomaly. This is really something to celebrate!”

The old man from the Ziwei Holy Region congratulated.

All of the anti-heaven alliance cultivators looked at Chen Chen with envious gazes.

He had just arrived in the Ziwei holy region, and he was already able to make the higher-ups of the Ziwei Holy Region address him as fellow Daoist.

They did not even dare to think of such treatment.

Indeed, no matter where they went, it was always easy for a strong person to gain the respect of others.

“Uh, senior, please forgive me. It’s all thanks to the outstanding people and Earth Spirits of the Ziwei holy region that I have such an opportunity.”

Chen Chen was very modest and cupped his hands in a salute.

Others might not be able to tell, but he knew that the old man in front of him was a late-stage mahayana cultivator, much stronger than his original body.

More importantly, he might have to stay in the Ziwei holy region for the next few years. Regardless of whether the Ziwei holy region was his enemy or not, at least for the next few years, he had to leave a good impression on the higher-ups of the Ziwei holy region.

Otherwise, he would be making himself uncomfortable.

The old man laughed when he heard this. He felt even more regretful that Chen Chen was not a disciple of the Ziwei holy region.

“May I know your name?”

“This junior’s name is Zhang Qingtian, a disciple of the true spirit world’s anti-heaven alliance’s elder Ji Dong.”

Chen Chen replied respectfully. He had already fabricated this identity before he came.

“Zhang Qingtian…”

The old man silently memorized this name, smiled at Chen Chen, and then disappeared from his original spot.

Zi Yue said to Chen Chen, “Fellow Daoist, come over here.”

Chen Chen heard this and walked to the front of the group. He had no choice. At the moment, he was the only Mahayana cultivator in the group. He couldn’t keep a low profile even if he wanted to. He had to stand in the most conspicuous place.

Zi Yue smiled when she saw this. She turned around and opened the array formation of Mount Ziwei, leading everyone toward Mount Ziwei.

They had just taken a few steps when another strange phenomenon appeared.

The flowers and plants on both sides of the road seemed to have a consciousness as they approached Chen Chen, gently brushing against his body.

Seeing this strange scene, a strange look flashed across Zi Yue’s eyes.

However, Chen Chen was a little embarrassed. He was not a woman, so what was going on with this flower yin grass?

Unknowingly, after taking a few hundred steps, Chen Chen’s entire body became much more fragrant.

At this moment, Zi Yue began to arrange a cave abode for the anti-heaven alliance disciples. The lowest cultivation was arranged at the foot of the mountain. The higher they went, the higher the cultivation of the cultivators arranged.

‘When they reached the top of the mountain, only Chen Chen was left behind.

“Fellow Daoist, you are now a mahayana cultivator, and you are favored by the Ziwei Emperor Flower. You can cultivate under this flower.”

Zi Yue pointed at a futon not far away under the Ziwei Emperor Flower.

Chen Chen glanced at the futon.

The Ziwei Emperor Flower had a total of twelve petals, and there was a futon under each petal.

In other words, there were twelve best cultivation spots in the Ziwei holy region.

Now, they actually gave him one. It seemed that the Abyss sect was really prepared to nurture the anti-heaven alliance cultivators.

As for whether they would incite the anti-heaven alliance cultivators in the future, it was unknown.

Chen Chen slowly walked to the praying mat. The petals of the Ziwei monarch flower slowly drooped down and gently touched Chen Chen’s head,

at the same time, the sunlight shone through the gaps between the petals and onto Chen Chen’s body. A wisp of Purple Qi actually appeared.

“That is innate purple qi. It is very beneficial to Mahayana realm cultivators. Not only can it improve a cultivator’s comprehension ability, it can also wash away the karma on a cultivator’s body and reduce the intensity of the Ascension Tribulation in the future.

“This innate purple qi rarely appears. It seems that fellow Daoist is really favored by the Ziwei Imperial Flower.”

Ziyue looked at the purple qi and said softly.

As the Purple Qi entered his body, Chen Chen felt his entire body become a bit more transparent. He actually had a faint feeling of floating that only a clone with an immortal body could have.

“The Ziwei Holy Region really lives up to its reputation!”

Chen Chen praised.

Ziyue smiled proudly. She took out a storage ring from her bosom and handed it to Chen Chen.

“These are some rare cultivation treasures for Mahayana realm cultivators. Keep them. Since You’ve come to our abyss world, all your cultivation resources will be provided by our Abyss World in the future.”

Chen Chen took the storage ring and glanced at it. He immediately pretended to be pleasantly surprised.

Seeing Chen Chen’s expression, Zi Yue smiled with satisfaction and left.

“Fellow Daoist, you can cultivate here in the future to consolidate your cultivation. If you have any other arrangements, I will inform you.”

After she left, Chen Chen sat on the futon and took out the demon god flower from his storage ring.

Di Da!

As soon as the Demon God flower appeared, a drop of purple liquid floated out from the pistil of the Ziwei monarch flower and landed on the demon god flower.

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