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Chapter 661:

Chapter 659, the twenty-second holy region

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Half a day later, Chen Chen’s immortal body avatar arrived near the Abyss sect, which was the place where the Hengduan Devil sect was located.

The Abyss sect promised not to leave this area for four years, so they simply sealed this area completely and set up a big formation, not allowing anyone to get close.

Chen Chen had been to the place where the spatial crack was, so he could roughly estimate the direction of the spatial crack.

Seeing that there was no one around, he took out the Sun Moon soaring shuttle and sat inside.

Through the Spirit Energy Shield of the Sun Moon Soaring Shuttle, Chen Chen took one last look at the true spirit world, and then poured a large amount of immortal qi into the Sun Moon soaring shuttle.


With a light sound, the Sun Moon Soaring Shuttle disappeared directly. A moment later, the familiar darkness appeared again, but Chen Chen was not anxious.

Just when he wanted to track down the Abyss world through the system, his eyes suddenly lit up. The Darkness disappeared and was replaced by light.

Seeing this, Chen Chen quickly slowed down, and then he could see the surroundings clearly.

There were endless mountains and lush forests around him. This kind of terrain was everywhere in the true spirit world, but Chen Chen vaguely felt that something was different.

Opening the Spirit Energy Shield of the Sun Moon Shuttle, Chen Chen took a deep breath.

In the air, other than the spirit energy that was on the same level as the true spirit world, there was also a faint trace of immortal qi.

“We reached the Abyss World Just Like That?”

Chen Chen clicked his tongue in wonder. The Ascension Passage to the true spirit world was blocked, and the connection with the immortal world was cut off. There was not a trace of immortal Qi in the air, but the abyss world was completely different. There was more or less a bit of immortal Qi in the


But wasn’t this a little too fast?

He had originally wanted to take a long space trip, but he did not expect it to be over in a few seconds..

However, in order to confirm that this was the abyss world and not some New World, Chen Chen asked the system in his mind.

“System, is there anything from the abyss world within a radius of a hundred miles?”

“The weeds under the host’s feet, the soil under the host’s feet, the stone in front of the host…”

The list of the system was endless. Chen Chen finally confirmed that this was the abyss world.

‘The Abyss World. This name sounded like hell. It was somewhat gloomy and terrifying, but in fact, it seemed to be no different from the true spirit world.

“Let’s Find a place with cultivators to take a look first.”

Chen Chen looked around, put away the sun moon soaring shuttle, and then flew in a random direction.

After flying for more than 20,000 miles, a city about the same size as ascending dragon city came into Chen Chen’s sight.

This city was called Little Pool City. Chen Chen saw that the cultivators in the city were no different from him, so he walked in calmly.

On the streets of Little Pool City, many cultivators came and went, which made Chen Chen Chen could not help but have an illusion.

He had not arrived at the Abyss world. He was only in a city in the true spirit world that he had never been to before.

After strolling around Ozawa city for a while and making sure that there were no Mahayana experts in the city, Chen Chen directly flew to the largest restaurant in the city.

He scanned the room with his spiritual sense and found that there was only one female cultivator in the private room. He immediately barged in unceremoniously.

In front of the female cultivator was a table of dishes cooked with heavenly and earthly treasures. The aroma of the dishes was accompanied by spiritual energy that rose up and looked extremely alluring.

‘The female cultivator was about to pick up her chopsticks to enjoy the dishes when she saw someone suddenly barging in. Her brows immediately furrowed.

However, before she could open her mouth to ask, Chen Chen had already sat down unceremoniously in front of her.

“You!”The female cultivator wanted to berate him, but Chen Chen’s eyes flashed. The incomparably powerful spiritual sense directly made her dizzy.

Chen Chen picked up his chopsticks, picked up a piece of demonic beast meat that was smoked with spiritual wood, and put it into his mouth. Only then did he raise his head to look at the female cultivator in front of him, who had a blank look on her face.

This female cultivator was only an avatar. To the current him, she was no different from an ordinary person.

Any illusion spell would be enough to make her lose her mind.

“What’s Your Name?”

“Yuan Xiaoyun,”the female cultivator answered with a dazed look.

“Tell me about the super forces in the Abyss World.”

Chen Chen picked up a green spirit fruit and asked at the same time.

“The Abyss world has twenty-two holy domains, and each domain has a saint king. The twenty-two holy domains are the most powerful existences in the Abyss world. Besides the twenty-two holy domains, there are also many large and small sects.

“Do you have a map or something like that on you? If you do, take it out.”.


‘The female cultivator answered while taking out a jade slip.

Chen Chen took the jade slip and inspected it. Inside was a map of the area within a million miles.

Within this million miles, there was a sacred domain called the Nethersky Sacred Domain. However, the Nethersky sacred domain didn’t seem to be very big. It occupied an area of less than a thousand miles, and was only about the size of the top cities in the true spirit world.

“Why is the Holy Region so small?”

Chen Chen was a bit puzzled.

The female cultivator stuttered and didn’t answer. It seemed that she didn’t realize that the holy region was very small.

“Tell me about the Tianming Holy Region.’Chen Chen put down the jade slip and asked while eating.

“Twenty thousand years ago, Sacred King Tianming became a peak mahayana cultivator and established the Tianming holy region. He became the Twentieth Sacred King of the Abyss World at that time… Sacred King Tianming had close to ten thousand cultivators under his command, and there were

twelve Mahayana cultivators among them…”

After the female cultivator spoke for 15 minutes, Chen Chen finally understood what the Abyss World’s holy region was.

Strictly speaking, the Abyss World did not have any super forces. As long as a cultivator reached the peak of the Mahayana stage, they could establish a holy region and become the so-called sacred king.

However, under normal circumstances, the holy region was only the size of a city. It was not like the super sects in the true spirit world. The influence of the forces was enough to radiate the entire true spirit world. There were many city strongholds in several major regions.

To be honest, this was a little unreasonable.

Humans were creatures that were used to reporting to groups. No matter what kind of civilization they built, over time, they would form a super power.

In his previous life, this kind of power was called a country.

In the true spirit world, this kind of power was called a Super Sect.

Why did it become such a small holy region after entering the Abyss World?

It sounded very powerful, but the area it occupied was only a thousand miles. It was more like it was in the initial stage of the cultivation civilization.

This was quite unscientific.

Could it be that the sacred kings of the nether world had no ambition and didn’t want to annex those small sects after establishing the Holy Region?

Impossible. If they didn’t have ambition, why would they invade the true spirit world?

Didn’t like to join groups? It was also impossible. Back then, ten experts at the peak of the Mahayana realm had entered the true spirit world together.

“Why didn’t the Nether Sky Holy Region attack the surrounding sects?”

Chen Chen asked directly.

In any case, he would erase this female cultivator’s memories later. Now, he could ask her whatever he wanted. Even if he asked her what color of underwear she was wearing now, the female cultivator would answer him truthfully.

The female cultivator was somewhat at a loss when she heard this. She said softly, “Of course, it’s because of the existence of the abyss. There are terrifying existences in the abyss that don’t allow large sects to appear…

“For hundreds of thousands of years, any sect that has a distance of more than a thousand miles has disappeared without a trace.”

Abyss? Abyss world!

Chen Chen put down his chopsticks. It seemed that he had finally reached the crucial point of the Dao..

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