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Chapter 662:

Chapter 660, Dark Abyss

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“Dark Abyss, tell me about this dark abyss.”

Chen Chen leaned back on the huge spiritual wood chair, his tone full of curiosity.

“The Dark Abyss is a big pit in the central area of our Dark Abyss world. It covers an area of ten thousand miles and is bottomless. It is pitch-black inside. No matter how strong a person is, as long as they enter, they will never come out. It is the most dangerous place in our dark abyss world.”

Hearing this answer, Chen Chen continued to ask, “Then how do you know that the big sects were destroyed by the strong people in the Abyss World? Has anyone seen the strong people in there?”

“I don’t know. I have heard rumors too.”

The female cultivator shook her head.

“What kind of rumors? Tell me about them.’Chen Chen became more and more curious.

“There have been many legends about the abyss world since ancient times, but in the recent ten thousand years, the most famous one is only one…”

“Five thousand six hundred years ago, the Abyss World claimed to be the strongest Mahayana realm expert in three hundred thousand years. Battle Saint King secretly accepted the allegiance of some large sects near the battle Saint Region, expanding the battle Saint region’s actual area of control toa

radius of five thousand miles.

“In the following three months, nothing unusual happened in the battle Saint Region, and battle Saint King expanded the battle Saint Region by another five thousand miles.

“The cultivation technique that the battle Saint King cultivated was extremely overbearing, and so was his personality. More than ten thousand years ago, when an immortal came to the underworld, many Saint Kings of the Saint Zone gave him gifts, but he was the only one who didn’t. In the end, he had

a dispute with the immortal, “In the end, he actually killed that immortal.

“Therefore, he could be considered a truly fearless expert.

“After the battle Saint Zone expanded to a radius of ten thousand miles, when he saw that nothing unusual happened, he was actually a little dissatisfied. He began to expand wantonly, and even killed another Saint King, “He tried to break the taboo of not being able to leave the Abyss World…”

Hearing this, Chen Chen vaguely guessed something,

This battle Saint King should be cultivating the kind of heaven-battling, earth-battling, fearless cultivation technique. Moreover, he had already cultivated it to an extremely high realm.

Although his battle strength had already reached the peak of a world, he did not ascend. It was very likely that he had a mental demon in his heart.

This mental demon should be his fear of the abyss.

If he could break the mental demon, he could successfully ascend to the immortal world. If he could not break it, he was afraid that he would be invincible in the Abyss world for the rest of his life.

Therefore, he did this not because he liked to test the waters on the edge of danger, but because there was nothing he could do.

“However, a year later, when the battle Saint Land expanded to a radius of 100,000 miles, something happened!

That night, the Abyss suddenly lit up. At the same time, a shocking battle took place in the core area of the battle Saint Land, cultivators tens of thousands of miles away could see the law energy and the terrifying spiritual energy fluctuation that could break the sky.

Those who were close enough could even hear the battle Saint King’s Roar.

The battle lasted for an entire night. The next day, at dawn, the core area of the battle Saint Land turned into ruins. The battle Saint King and over 10,000 core disciples disappeared without a trace, the sects that originally joined the battle Saint region scattered like birds and beasts. They were so scared

that they scattered all over the abyss world, not daring to have any contact with other sects… from then on, in the past few thousand years, no Saint Region dared to expand beyond a thousand miles…”

Chen Chen nodded. From this legend, there was an eighty to ninety percent chance that there really was a terrifying existence in the abyss.

“Then do you know the True Spirit World?”Chen Chen asked again.

“True Spirit World? where is it? I’ve never heard of it.”

Chen Chen was a bit disappointed when he heard this.

Although the war between the two worlds in the true spirit world had caused an uproar and everyone knew about it, in the abyss world, it was probably only a secret known by the higher-ups.

After thinking for a moment, Chen Chen asked a few more questions. After the female cultivator answered them one by one, Chen Chen removed the illusion on her and erased her memory.

After doing all this, Chen Chen grabbed a handful of spirit beans and turned around to leave.

After he left, the female cultivator gradually came back to her senses. When she saw that the food on the table had been touched by someone, her expression was somewhat uncertain. She waited for a few minutes before she left the restaurant in a hurry.

“There are no big sects in the Abyss world… It’s better to be without a big sect.”

Chen Chen thought as he flew.

He had seen the execution power of large sects in the true spirit world. There were no such sects in the Abyss World, so it was too easy for him to sneak in.

Anyway, no one knew that he came from the true spirit world. If he casually established a sect, wouldn’t he become a native of the Abyss World?

In any case, there were countless sects in the Abyss world. The small map just now showed that there were thousands of large and small sects within a radius of a million miles, and these were some with names.

As for those who didn’t have names and weren’t qualified to be included in the map, there were countless of them.

“Brother Ao, why don’t we build a sect? Where do you think is more suitable?”

Chen Chen asked casually.

“There’s a place nearby with a big river,”ao Yu answered.

Chen Chen recalled the map that he had seen before and quickly thought of a place.

Half a day later, Chen Chen arrived at a huge mountain. This mountain was called Tianshui Mountain, and there was a lake at the top of the mountain, covering an area of dozens of miles.

Although this lake wasn’t big, there weren’t any sects nearby, so it could be considered an uninhabited area. Even if he occupied it, no one would care.

More importantly, this place was extremely far away from the Tianming holy region, so it wouldn’t be easy for the Tianming holy region people to notice.

To be honest, although the holy region couldn’t compare to the super forces of the true spirit world, Chen Chen was still a little afraid. After all, there were experts at the peak of the Mahayana realm among them.

After choosing the Tianshui Mountain, Chen Chen let his friends from the Yin Yang Palace in and carried out the most basic modifications to the Tianshui Mountain.

In just one day, he had dug out more than ten cave mansions in the Tianshui Mountain’s body.

As for what was inside the formation, it was just casually set up. It was better than nothing.

Just like that, a small sect was formed.

As for the name of the sect, Chen Chen thought about it and decided to call it the Divine Elegance Sect.

He was not afraid of being suspected by the cultivators of the Abyss world because of the name of the sect. After all, the names of the sects in the two worlds were similar.

There were thousands of sects on the map previously. There were dozens of sects called the Taixuan sect, the Taixu sect, the Taiyuan sect, and so on.

There were also Heavenly Devil Sect, Heavenly Devil Sect, Heavenly Devil Hall, and so on.

He dared to bet that in the entire Abyss world, his sect was definitely not the only one called the Divine Grace sect.

“Alright, we have a sect now. From now on, everyone should cultivate and do what they should do!”

After hanging the Divine Grace Sect’s stone tablet in front of the mountain, Chen Chen arranged for everyone to speak.

Everyone would naturally return to the Yin Yang Palace to cultivate. This cave abode of the Heavenly Water Mountain was just a cover.

Chen Chen also entered the Yin Yang Palace to cultivate in seclusion.

It was his first time in the Abyss world, so he did not need to do too much. The most important thing now was to cultivate in seclusion and increase his strength.

As for what arrangements he had in the future, he would make plans after his main body came to the abyss world.

After entering the Yin-yang Palace, Chen Chen took out the Heavenly Dao of Taiging Xuan.

This cultivation technique, which was most likely stolen by the original owner, was definitely not ordinary. It was worth him spending a long time to study and comprehend it.

“Where thoughts go, there is no place that can not be reached…”

As Chen Chen looked at it, he saw the so-called “Thoughts”again. Unknowingly, he fell into deep thought.

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