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Chapter 658:

Chapter 666, fulfilling his promise

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Seeing Tu Yang’s familiar actions, Chen Chen took a deep breath.

Although this Tu Yang was a little clever, he wasn’t hard to fool. The one who was truly hard to deal with was sacred king Nether River, who had lived for God knows how many years.

Only if he could fool sacred King Nether River would this matter be considered a success.

After waiting quietly for a moment, Tu Yang’s eyes turned gray, and an indistinct aura appeared on his body.

Then, an old but powerful voice echoed in the hall.

“Theard that Chen Chen has fallen. Was it your anti-heaven Alliance?”

Xie tianxing replied neither humbly nor arrogantly, “That’s right.”

He was now a peak Mahayana expert, and his strength was no weaker than sacred king Nether River’s, so there was no need to be too polite when he spoke.

Sacred King Nether River looked at Xie tianxing, and a strange expression that was not a smile appeared on his face.

“Chen Chen is really dead? Why Don’t I believe it?”

‘As he spoke, he took out the broken arm and examined it carefully. Not long after, he frowned.

“It’s really an immortal body… and it was destroyed not long ago.”

“No, Sacred King Nether River, what do you mean?”

Chen Chen interjected, his attitude extremely rude,

sacred King Nether River smiled faintly, “Nothing much. I just feel that this matter is a little strange. Why did Heavenly Demon City Ambush Your Anti-heaven Alliance and succeed? After that, Chen Chen still had to chase after them alone?”

Chen Chen’s heart trembled when he heard that.

Sacred King Nether River was indeed the Master of the Abyss sect. He found the only loophole in this story so quickly.

“At that time, the seven Mahayana realm cultivators of the anti-heaven alliance had not all died. The only one who could spare the time in the Heavenly Devil City was Chen Chen.”

Chen Chen explained.

He had thought of a few excuses on the way here regarding this loophole.

It was still the same sentence.

He was serious about acting.

Sacred King Nether River continued to ask, “Doesn’t he know the principle that you shouldn’t chase after the enemy when you’re at Your Wits’end? Can he deal with the powerhouses who could escape from the siege of so many Mahayana realm cultivators by himself?”

“At that time, elder Xu was already heavily injured!”Xie tianxing explained.

“So what if he was heavily injured? “That elder Xu of yours is a mid-stage Mahayana realm cultivator, right? Even if such an expert is heavily injured, he still has the ability to fight for his life. For a heaven’s favorite like Chen Chen to chase after him at this time, it seems a little reckless.”

Sacred King Nether River transformed into a sharp spirit and continued to question.

Chen Chen suddenly snorted coldly.

“Hmph, Saint King Nether River, you don’t know what kind of wealth our anti-heaven alliance’s successors have!”!

‘Take elder Xu Hui for example. He shouldered the mission of revitalizing the Samsara sect and inherited the Samsara sect’s treasury. Although he was only a mid-stage Mahayana realm cultivator, even the combined wealth of a few peak-stage Mahayana realm cultivators could not compare to him!

“If I can kill one of these cultivators, I will have no worries for the rest of my life!

“Isn’t it natural for Chen Chen to take the risk to chase after me?

“If I were him, I would also choose to take the risk for the sake of so many resources!”

Sacred King Nether River fell silent upon hearing this. What this person said was indeed reasonable.

However, he still felt that something was wrong. He just couldn’t tell what exactly was wrong.

Xie tianxing knew that it was his turn to show off. After giving sacred king Nether River a cold glance, he flicked his sleeve and returned to the main hall.

“Sacred King Nether River, do you not believe in our anti-heaven alliance, or have you been using our anti-heaven Alliance all this time?”

Sacred King Nether River raised his head to look at Xie tianxing and asked, “What is the meaning of this?”

“Our anti-heaven alliance has killed the personal disciple of the city lord of Heavenly Devil City. All the super sects in the entire true spirit world have made great contributions. We have completely broken with those super sects.

“So you think that even if we don’t fulfill our promise, our anti-heaven alliance will still fight those super sects to the death. In the end, it will still be Your Dark Abyss sect that will benefit, right?”

Sacred King Nether River shook his head and said, “It’s still not certain whether Chen Chen is really dead.”


As soon as he said this, Xie tianxing slammed the table. After an explosion, the table was directly shattered into dust!

Everyone in the hall was shocked and stood up in shock.

“Sacred King Nether River, now that the heavenly demon city has announced Chen Chen’s death, do you mean that our anti-heaven alliance has joined forces with the heavenly demon city to Deceive Your Dark Abyss sect?”

Xie tianxing enunciated each word with a stern expression.

Saint King Nether River frowned and did not speak.

Xie tianxing’s figure flashed and appeared in front of Saint King Nether River.

“Our anti-heaven Alliance has lost eight Mahayana realm cultivators for this matter! Four of them are elders at the middle stage of the Mahayana realm!

Four elders and eight Mahayana realm cultivators! Including the one who failed the assassination, a total of nine Mahayana realm cultivators have died!

“Sacred King Nether River, do you know! “For killing a cultivator who was only in the crossing calamity stage a few months ago! “Nine Mahayana realm cultivators were killed by our anti-heaven Alliance! “Do you know what this means? !”

Sacred King Nether River took two steps back and distanced himself from Xie Tianxing.

Nine Mahayana realm cultivators. Of course, he knew what this meant.

Regardless of whether it was the true spirit world or the nether world, any force that lost eight Mahayana realm cultivators at once was an unbearable heavy blow. It was very likely that they would fall completely because of this.

Thinking of this, his heart was somewhat shaken.

‘That Chen Chen might really be dead.

“Xie tianxing, since sacred king Nether River doesn’t trust us, Let’s stop talking nonsense with him. Our Anti-heaven Alliance isn’t at the end of our rope yet. We must cooperate with the Abyss sect!

“Moreover, with the Abyss sect’s untrustworthy way of doing things, if we cooperate with them, we might not have a good ending in the future.”

Chen Chen, who was beside him, said angrily. After he finished speaking, he looked at his trusted aides in the hall.

Soon, a wave of dissatisfied voices came from the hall.

“Elder Ji is right. Elder Xu and the others have fallen, and the Abyss sect doesn’t trust us. Do We have to wait for all of us to Die?”

“That’s right. We don’t have to cooperate with the Abyss sect anymore. We cultivators don’t have to Suffer Like This!”

“Get him out of Here! The people from the Abyss sect are really despicable!”

Seeing that the crowd was getting more and more agitated, sacred king Nether River’s expression changed again and again.

Ifhe didn’t make a decision now, he might lose an extremely important bargaining chip.

Thinking of this, he waved his hand and said, “Everyone, don’t be impatient. That’s not what I meant.”

The hall suddenly became much quieter.

Sacred king Nether River continued, “The cooperation between the anti-heaven Alliance and the Abyss sect is of great importance. Even I can’t make a decision easily…”

“Forgive me for being blunt, but I will continue to investigate the death of Chen Chen. But today, I can choose to trust the anti-heaven Alliance!”

“What do you mean?”

Xie tianxing asked coldly.

Sacred King Nether River smiled and said, “I can fulfill the promise I made to help the anti-heaven Alliance cultivate strong people first.”

Then, he looked at Chen Chen.

“Since Chen Chen died at the hands of this fellow Daoist, if this fellow Daoist is willing, he can become dao companions with Zi Yue, the Heaven’s favorite of the nether world, to prove that we can be friends forever..”

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