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Chapter 657:

Chapter 655, sincerity

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One day later, Heavenly Devil City announced to the entire true spirit world that Chen Chen, the heaven’s favorite who had made a great contribution in the battle with the Abyss sect, had fallen near the Mountain River sect of the southern region.

For this reason, the entire true spirit world was offering a reward of one million top-grade spirit stones to anyone who discovered that the anti-heaven alliance had transcended the heavenly tribulation or any sect. This reward was effective for a long period of time.

Other than that, the entire Heavenly Devil City seemed to have gone crazy on this day. All the disciples and elders from the various branches of the city came out in full force, trying to find traces of the anti-heaven Alliance and take revenge.

Under such a background, Chen Chen brought Xu Hui’s corpse to the Great Snow Mountain of the heavenly capital.

On the Great Snow Mountain of the Heavenly Capital, a group of heirs of the anti-heaven Alliance’s sect had already gathered in the great hall. They had long heard of the rumors outside, so it was only natural that they gathered together to discuss matters.

However, they didn’t really care about the intense actions of the heavenly demon city. What really concerned them was whether Chen Chen’s death meant that they could cooperate with the Abyss sect.

In the main hall, the Abyss sect’s emissary, Tu Yang, faced everyone’s gazes with an extremely calm expression.

It was one thing to say what happened outside, but it was another thing to actually see Chen Chen’s corpse.

Based on some information, it was impossible for him to contact sacred king Nether River to make any important decisions.

Bang… bang… Bang!

At this moment, heavy footsteps came from outside the hall.

Hearing these footsteps, the group of inheritors subconsciously looked outside and saw a white-robed figure carrying a corpse slowly walking toward the hall.

The white-robed figure was naturally Chen Chen. At this moment, his expression was extremely grave and his eyes were filled with grief. Every step he took seemed to pause, as if his legs were filled with lead.

Seeing this scene, the group of Inheritors felt their hearts become heavier as they followed behind. For a moment, only the sound of Chen Chen’s footsteps could be heard in the main hall.

After walking to the middle of the main hall, Chen Chen slowly put down the corpse of Xu Hui on his back, his voice was hoarse as he said, “Elder Xu Hui… has fallen. Not only him, but the other three elders who went with him to kill Chen Chen, along with four Mahayana realm experts, have all fallen.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the hall was filled with gasps of cold air.

Mahayana realm cultivators were famous existences in the true spirit world. This time, eight of them had actually fallen! There were even four mid-stage Mahayana cultivators among them!

What exactly happened!

In the center of the hall, Xie Tianxing was very cooperative. “Elder Ji Dong, what happened? Tell me clearly!”

Chen Chen raised his head and looked at Xie tianxing. His eyes were slightly red as he said, “Elder Xu Hui found out about Chen Chen’s movements in Heavenly Devil City, so he led people to intercept and kill Chen Chen. I didn’t expect to fall into Heavenly Devil City’s trap.”.

Seven of the eight Mahayana realm cultivators who went with him died on the spot. Elder Xu Hui had a deep foundation and escaped from the encirclement. However, Chen Chen from Heavenly Devil City wanted to kill all of them. He chased after elder Xu, who was already heavily injured.

Elder Xu and I usually had a good relationship. Before the operation, he asked me to support him from behind. However, when he met up with me, he was already on the verge of dying.

“Knowing that he was bound to die, elder Xu told me that as long as I killed Chen Chen, even if all of them died, it wouldn’t be a loss. After all, I could find a bright path for our anti-heaven alliance. After that, he resolutely swallowed a medicinal pill, “He rushed toward Chen Chen..

“In the end, elder Xu’s desperate attack destroyed Chen Chen’s body. I killed Chen Chen’s primordial spi

Hearing this, the group of Inheritors fell silent.

Although they killed Chen Chen, the price was too high. Eight Mahayana realm cultivators had to pay for it..

Are you saying that Chen Chen’s bones are gone?”

While everyone was sighing, a discordant voice came from the corner of the hall.

It Was Dark Abyss sect’s emissary, Tu Yang, who spoke. His tone was full of doubt.

“Yes… but after that, I searched the battlefield carefully and found this.”

‘As Chen Chen spoke, he took out the remaining immortal arm and threw it in front of Tu Yang.

Tu Yang picked up the arm and saw that it was not the arm of an ordinary cultivator.

As for whether it was Chen Chen’s arm, his cultivation was low and he had never seen an immortal body, so it was not easy to determine.

“Other than that, is there no other token? Our sect master said that he wanted Chen Chen’s head back then.”

After putting away his arm, Tu Yang raised his head and said.

Chen Chen flew into a rage when he heard that and said sternly, “Fellow Daoist Xu Hui died in order to kill Chen Chen. Do you still want to control the power to not hurt Chen Chen’s head at this time?”

“But…”before Tu Yang could finish his sentence, Chen Chen threw a long sword and a storage ring onto the ground with a clang.

“Chen Chen’s natal magic treasure is here. He used this natal magic treasure during the battle. Take a look to see if the divine gold inside is fake!”!

“Also, this storage ring was also picked up from the scene. Take a Look Again!”

‘As Chen Chen spoke, he cut off the connection with the myriad manifestation godly edge and the storage ring.

Although that storage ring was not the storage ring where he had hidden his true treasures, there were quite a number of spirit stones and treasures in it. In any case, it was much richer than the assets of an ordinary Mahayana cultivator.

After all, Chen Chen was serious about his career of acting.

Tu Yang picked up the myriad manifestation godly edge and took a look. In his heart, he already believed half of it.

This ten thousand transformations divine gold could not be faked by the exquisite divine gold.

Now, there seemed to be more immortal divine gold in this magic treasure. It should be a reward for Chen Chen’s good performance in the battle.

This was very real. If this magic treasure did not have any changes compared to the time of the battle, he would be suspicious instead.

After all, Chen Chen’s current strength was comparable to the Mahayana realm. It was impossible for his natal magic treasure not to improve along with it.

Putting down the ten-thousand transformation divine edge, he picked up the storage ring again. With just a glance, his pupils instantly contracted.

There were too many things inside, far beyond the imagination of a low-level cultivator like him.

It seemed that Chen Chen had received quite a lot of rewards after that battle.

In addition to a large amount of resources, there were also many tokens that could prove his identity, and all kinds of miscellaneous items..

Before he could continue reading, Chen Chen had already stretched out his hand.

Tu Yang was a little lost when he saw this.

Chen Chen said matter-of-factly, “I’ve seen enough. Shouldn’t you return the spoils of War to me?”

Tu Yang was stunned when he heard this. Then, he reluctantly returned the ten thousand transformations divine blade and the storage ring to Chen Chen.

At this time, Xie Tianxing walked to Xu Hui’s corpse and said indifferently, “Ashes to Ashes, dust to dust. Elder Xu, we will help you fulfill your last wish. I guarantee that your sacrifice will not be in vain.”

Then, a flame shot out from his fingertip and burned Xu Hui’s body into nothingness.

Then, he raised his head and looked at Tu Yang.

“We have killed Chen Chen as well. Now, it’s Your Dark Abyss sect’s turn to show our sincerity.”

Tu Yang looked at Xie Tianxing and Chen Chen who was not far away. Then, he nodded heavily and started to communicate with Sacred King Nether River..

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