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Chapter 612:

Chapter 610, guardian of the Mystic Realm

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“There’s a small mine within a hundred miles. There’s also some immortal-connecting spirit gold. Not bad.”

Although the system only gave two results, Chen Chen was already very satisfied.

The mystic realm of the gate of immortality occupied an area of ten thousand miles. If there were two eastern miles every hundred miles, then after searching this mystic realm, his gains would be far more valuable than the items given to him by other sects.

Without further delay, Chen Chen went to the location of the mine first.

‘When he arrived at the place designated by the system, a small mound appeared in front of him. Chen Chen took out the ten thousand transformations divine blade and carefully smashed the mound open. A thick immortal qi instantly spread out from under the mound.

“There really is an immortal stone mine!”

After using his divine sense to sense, Chen Chen smiled and quickly dived under the mound.

The Immortal Stone Lode in front of him was only ten square meters. If this was a spirit stone lode, it would probably only produce low-grade spirit stones. In the upper realm, even if a low-grade spirit stone lode was discovered by a cultivator, very few people would go and mine it.

But this immortal stone was different.

Chen Chen knocked down an immortal stone and held it in his hand to absorb it. The Immortal sect had given him a few of these things before. Simply absorbing immortal stones to cultivate was much faster than converting immortal Qi from the Stone Tablet of Destiny.

“Ten immortal stones should be enough for me to cultivate at full capacity for a month…”

Chen Chen made a rough estimate and came to this conclusion.

However, although he could only cultivate at full capacity for a month, due to the abundant immortal qi, cultivating for a month in this state was equivalent to relying on the Stone Tablet of Destiny to convert immortal Qi to cultivate for a year.

“TIl find a few immortal stone lodes. Within half a year, I’ll be able to become a mortal!”

Chen Chen was secretly delighted. Then, he began to mine the immortal stone veins with the ten thousand transformations Divine Blade.

An hour later, the ten square-sized immortal stone veins were neatly cut into ten thousand low-grade immortal stones by Chen Chen and put into his storage ring.

After collecting the immortal stones, Chen Chen went to look for the connecting immortal spirit gold.

He had never heard of this kind of spirit gold, but since it had the word “Immortal’on it, it must be extraordinary.

Not long after, he arrived at the location where the system had guided him to.

However, there was only an ordinary-looking rock in front of him, which was not even the size of a square.

“This is too ordinary…”

Chen Chen raised his eyebrows. Ever since his cultivation had become slightly stronger, he had never seen such a simple-looking heavenly treasure.

He stretched out a finger and knocked on the surface of the stone a few times.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

With a few light sounds, the stone split into two, revealing the green interlayer within. However, this interlayer had also split into two.

Chen Chen was greatly shocked. He hurriedly removed the ordinary stones from the outer layer and took out the green interlayer.

After carefully sensing it, Chen Chen’s expression slightly changed.

This so-called immortal-connecting divine gold was extremely fragile. Its strength was almost the same as ordinary stones. Not to mention in the immortal world, even in the true spirit world, no cultivator would want this kind of thing.

However, this immortal-connecting divine gold had one advantage. It could quickly transmit immortal qi. On the contrary, spirit gi could not be infused into it at all.

“This thing can not be made into an immortal item alone, but it can be fused into the ten thousand transformations Divine Gold.”

Chen Chen quickly thought of the use of this immortal spiritual gold.

To be honest, although the ten thousand transformations divine blade was powerful in the hands of his avatar, he did not feel very comfortable with it. The most fundamental reason was that the most suitable power for the ten thousand transformations divine blade was spiritual energy, not immortal


It felt like a diesel car in his previous life. You had to fill it with gasoline. Although you could drive it, it was very awkward.

Now that he had this immortal spiritual gold, perhaps he could solve this problem.

Thinking of this, Chen Chen carefully put away the fragile immortal spiritual gold.

Without realizing it, Chen Chen stayed in the immortal gate secret realm for three days. During these three days, he did not sleep or rest, and his harvest was quite good. Not only did he find a few immortal stone veins, but he also found a large number of ores like immortal spiritual gold.

It was a pity that he did not find any immortal relics. However, Chen Chen was not in a hurry. He had only searched one-tenth of the entire secret realm, and he had not gone to the real core area yet.

One day, just as Chen Chen Chen was about to enter the immortal’s Gate Secret Realm, an unfamiliar old man’s voice suddenly came from behind him.

“Kid, what can you find by searching like this

Hearing this voice, Chen Chen was shocked. Then, he turned his head and saw a white-haired cultivator dressed in the uniform of an elder of the immortal sect suddenly appear hundreds of meters behind him.

“Why are there other people in this secret realm?”

Chen Chen was quite shocked. If he had known that there were other people, he would not have been so direct in his pursuit.

“Senior, who are you?”

Chen Chen asked softly.

Since the other party could appear hundreds of meters behind him silently, he must be a mahayana cultivator. It would not be a loss for him to address him as senior.

The white-haired cultivator stroked his beard and smiled. “I am the Guardian Elder of this Immortal Gate Mystic Realm. Let me tell you, you won’t find anything good in this outer area. The truly good things are all inside.”

Upon hearing this, Chen Chen cupped his hands.

“Thank you for your advice, senior. This junior will go now.”

“Hold on, I’ll bring you there. I’m much more familiar with this mystic realm than you are. Moreover, the sect master has specially taken care of me and wants to take good care of you.”After saying this, the white-haired cultivator flashed and flew in front of Chen Chen.

Chen Chen inwardly cursed this old fellow for being a busybody.

He had the system with him. was he afraid that he wouldn’t be able to find anything good? It wouldn’t even be difficult for him to turn this mystic realm upside down!

But now that you’ve brought me along, it’s a little difficult for me to do things.

“Senior, how precious is your time? I don’t dare to delay.”

Chen Chen smiled embarrassedly and politely refused.

But the white-haired elder didn’t seem to have heard it and pulled Chen Chen towards the depths of the Immortal Gate’s Mystic Realm, as they flew, he smiled and said, “It doesn’t matter. I have nothing to do in this mystic realm, so why don’t I bring up an outstanding junior like you!”

Chen Chen saw that it was difficult to decline his kind offer, so he could only bite the bullet and follow behind.

This white-haired old man was indeed a mahayana cultivator. His flying speed was extremely fast. In just one or two minutes, he had flown thousands of miles, and this was under the premise that the spiritual energy in the mystic realm was thin.

Seeing that a huge ruin had appeared on the horizon not far away, Chen Chen’s face revealed a look of anticipation.

“Kid, that place not far away is where the immortal once taught. There might be something you want there.”

The white-haired cultivator pointed at the ruin and said.

“Thank you for showing me the way, senior,”Chen Chen replied respectfully.

Although he felt that this white-haired elder was a hindrance, he was, after all, someone with good intentions, and he didn’t want to let him down.

“System, is there anything related to immortal Qi within a hundred miles?”

Seeing that the huge ruins were within his tracking range, Chen Chen asked the system in his mind.


Hearing the system’s simple and clear answer, Chen Chen was slightly startled.

He didn’t expect that there was nothing in this seemingly garish ruins!

“System, is there any treasure here?”


Chen Chen was speechless, but he soon realized that something was wrong.

Any cultivator who entered such an eye-catching ruin would carefully search for it. If this continued, how could there be any treasure here?

And this white-haired elder claimed to be the guardian of the mystic realm, so it was impossible for him not to understand this logic.

Could it be that the white-haired elder deliberately misled him and did not want him to get the important treasure?

Or could it be that he had other intentions?

With this thought in mind, Chen Chen looked at the white-haired elder with a hint of vigilance..

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