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Chapter 611:

Chapter 609, the secret realm of the gate of immortality

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The Skyfiend City Lord laughed loudly when he heard this. His laughter caused the faces of the other major powers to change, as though they had sensed that something was amiss.

“If my disciple can’t think of anything he wants, then I’ll be the one to think of it for him.”.

“Daolord Arcanum, I remember that your archaic mysteries sect has a type of medicinal pill called the arcanum pill. If you consume it, your chances of breaking through will increase, and the power of the tribulation will decrease.”

A hint of reluctance flashed through Daolord Arcanum’’s eyes when he heard this. The use of this type of arcanum pill wasn’t limited to strength. Even when he ascended, he was still able to use it. One could imagine how valuable it was; it was far more valuable than divine gold, the Arcanum sect only had

two pieces of it in stock.

However, he had already spoken big words. Now that the Skyfiend City Lord had asked for it, he had no choice but to give it to him.

“The Heaven Secrets Divine Pill is hidden in the sect. When I go back to retrieve it, I will personally deliver it to ascending dragon city.”

Seeing that Heaven Secrets Daolord had agreed, Heavenly Devil City Lord tured to look at the Temple Master of the Cthulhu Hall.

“You should already know about Chen Chen cultivating the Mystic Devouring Scripture, right? I saw that his divine sense has been stuck at the tribulation stage for quite some time. Doesn’t your Cthulhu Hall have Soul Beasts? Let him devour a few of them.”

Hearing this, the comers of the evil god Hall Master’s eyes twitched.

Soul Beasts were cultivated with the essence soul of the true spirit and could be directly devoured by the Devouring Mystic Scripture. However, their evil god Hall only had a total of four at the moment. This heavenly Devil City Lord said it so easily. How many could he devour?

What a joke!

“Cough cough! Fellow Daoist Heavenly Devil, at most one!”

The evil god Hall master stretched out a finger and said resolutely.

‘The Skyfiend City Lord laughed in agreement, then turned to look at the Hallmaster of the immortal sect.

“Your Immortal sect has the longest history, but the true treasures are all within the secret realm of the immortal sect. Let this disciple of mine enter the secret realm of the immortal sect.”

Hearing this, the Hallmaster of the immortal sect let out a sigh of relief.

Fairy Qiong Hua, Netherworld, and the others had all entered the secret realm of the immortal sect. What they could gain would depend on luck.

Compared to what Daoist Lord Tianji and the others had paid, the immortal sect only allowed Chen Chen Chen to enter the secret realm of the immortal sect once. It was indeed a huge gain.

Without hesitation, the sect master of the immortal sect agreed directly, “Sure. In addition, our immortal sect has a few immortal stones. We can also hand them over to Chen Chen.”

Half a day later.

Chen Chen left the Cthulhu Hall in delight. He was prepared to return to his residence in Cthulhu City to pack up his things and then go to a few super sects to collect the benefits.

This time, he could be considered to have gained a lot. However, he still had to thank the Heavenly Devil City Lord. If it wasn’t for the Heavenly Devil City Lord, how would he know what treasures the Cthulhu Hall, the Archaic Mysteries Sect, the Immortal Alliance, and other sects had?

Although the few sects had previously focused on grooming you Ming and the others, most of the things they gave were used to raise the level of a cultivator at the crossing calamity stage.

And the few treasures that he obtained today were all priceless treasures used to raise the level of a mahayana cultivator.

“Chen Chen, those few treasures might be useful to you, but the most important thing is still the secret realm of the immortal sect. Do you know?”

The voice transmission of the Heavenly Demon City Lord Rang in his mind. Chen Chen was slightly startled and replied, “Master, I’d like to hear the details.”

“The Immortal sect has the longest history. Before the passage to ascend was broken, it had always been the strongest sect in the true spirit world. It was one of the strongest.

“The most important reason is that the immortal sect has always used some method to connect to the immortal world. Their sect has many immortal methods.

“The Immortal Sect’s secret realm is a transition space created by the immortals in the upper realm with the help of the power of the array formation.”

“Transition space? What does that mean?’Chen Chen asked curiously.

“You can understand it as the bridge between the immortal world and the true spirit world.

The immortals of the upper realm can not enter the true spirit world unless there are special circumstances, and the cultivators of the true spirit world can not enter the upper realm unless they ascend. However, both can enter this transition space.

‘When the immortal sect was at its peak, there were even immortals teaching the heaven’s favorites of the Immortal sect in the Immortal Sect’s secret realm.

Now, although the true spirit world and the immortal world are completely isolated, there are still many immortal relics left in the immortal sect’s secret realm.

“You Control Immortal Qi, and the only place in the entire true spirit world that can help you improve is this immortal gate’s Secret Realm.”

Hearing the Skyfiend City Lord’s explanation, Chen Chen felt extremely grateful.

“Thank you, Master!”

“Sigh, there’s no need to thank me. Your Senior Brother Zhang Teng’s golden body has been shattered, and my wish to form an array to open the passage between the two worlds is no longer achievable in a short period of time.

“On the other hand, if you can continue to improve, you might have a chance to use immortal Qi to kill that true spirit in the future and open the passage between the two worlds.”

“This disciple will definitely do my best!”

Chen Chen promised.

After packing up his things and keeping his companions in the Yin Yang Palace, Chen Chen followed the sect master of the immortal sect to true spirit city in the central region.

At this moment, Chen Chen finally understood why the immortal sect was not as strong as the other sects, but was able to occupy the central region, which had the best environment. Their headquarters could even be called True Spirit City.

So the immortal sect actually had such a glorious past.

After arriving at True Spirit City, the sect master of the immortal sect did not hesitate and directly brought Chen Chen to the front of the immortal sect’s secret realm.

Looking at the entrance of the Immortal Sect’s secret realm, the sect master of the immortal sect smiled and instructed,

“Chen Chen, there is no danger in the immortal sect’s secret realm, but you need to find the treasures and opportunities yourself.

“Tm sure you’ve heard from your master that our immortal realm used to be a bridge to the immortal realm.

“As it’s the closest to the immortal realm, many things inside have been affected by the immortal realm and have undergone a qualitative change. However, these things are useless to ordinary cultivators like us.

“After you enter, if you find anything useful to you, you don’t have to be polite. Just take i

“Thank you, Senior!”

Chen Chen saw that his smile was sincere and did not seem to be fake, so he respectfully replied.

“Alright, go in. This mystic realm has a circumference of ten thousand miles. You Don’t have to be anxious. I will come here to pick you up in a month’s time.”

After saying this, the sect master of the immortal sect flicked his sleeves, and the entrance of the mystic realm of the immortal sect started to flash with light. A moment later, a tunnel appeared in the light.

Seeing this, Chen Chen did not stand on ceremony. He took a step forward and entered the passage.

The world spun for a while, and after about ten breaths, Chen Chen appeared in a small world.

There were mountains and rivers in this small world, just like a primitive world that had not been visited for more than a hundred thousand years.

However, unlike the secret realm that was rich in spiritual energy, the spiritual energy in this small world was relatively thin, and there was a thread of immortal energy mixed in it.

“The passage between the two worlds has been separated for more than 100,000 years, and there is still immortal Qi here. If it was back then, I’m afraid that the immortal soldier would be able to cultivate to become a mortal immortal here.”

Chen Chen thought to himself.

Although this clone of his had cultivated from the immortal soldier to the peak of the immortal soldier in the past year, he felt that it was far from being able to unleash the full potential of this body.

If the Stone Tablet of Destiny could convert immortal qi faster or give him a place with rich immortal Qi to cultivate, he would have definitely stepped into the realm of mortal immortal by now, and would be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with a mahayana cultivator.

“Thope there are some treasures here that are useful to me.”

Chen Chen muttered to himself. Then, he flew into the distance. After flying for about a hundred miles, he stopped and began to ask the system.

“system, is there anything related to immortal qi within a hundred miles radius?”

“Yes, twenty-three miles ahead, there is a low-grade immortal stone lode… on the left, there is a piece of immortal-connecting spirit gold in a big stone forty-eight miles away…”

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