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Chapter 61: Chapter 61: You’re Asking For Trouble

“How do you use this communication token?” Chen Chen asked coldly, frowning.

Wang Feng shook his head like it was a rattle drum and looked completely clueless.

“Forget it, I’ll beat you to death. That works too.”

Chen Chen threw away the communication token and beat up Wang Feng to the point where he cried out and screamed in pain.

“This person really wants to beat me to death!”

As he was being beaten, Wang Feng began to lose consciousness, feeling that Chen Chen really wanted to kill him and join the Wuxin Clan as a disciple.

‘How can such a terrible person exist in this world!? He’s such a bully!’

Wang Feng cursed in his heart, but he couldn’t help but beg for mercy out loud.

“Successor, please spare my life!

“I won’t fight anymore! I admit defeat!”

His plea for mercy echoed throughout the square, the disciples of the inner and outer clans all secretly rejoicing. At this moment, they finally remembered Chen Chen, the successor and the Saint of the Tianyun Clan.

However, Sun Tiangang and Zhao Xiaoya’s eyes were worried. This fight was awesome but what if Wang Feng retaliated? Could he really kill him?

A few moments later, Chen Chen finally stopped and dragged Wang Feng out.

“Senior Brother Chen… You want to…”

Zhao Xiaoya addressed him as Senior Brother, which was rare of her. There was also a trace of concern in her tone.

“Don’t worry, I’ll bear the burden of this matter alone. He’s bullying the disciples of the Tianyun Clan. Even if he’s from the Wuxin Clan, I won’t allow it! If the Wuxin Clan really wants to punish the Tianyun Clan, I won’t use any resources belonging to the clan to offset the punishment.”

After Chen Chen said those righteous words, he didn’t turn around, instead making his back face the crowd.

“Senior Brother Chen Chen, are you going to take full responsibility alone? But…” Murong Yunlan murmured, her eyes shining. At this moment, she was extremely touched, wishing that she could give herself to him.

‘Senior Brother may be the successor but the clan will still punish him for doing something like this, right?’

The other inner and outer clan disciples also looked guilty when they heard that.

The successor could have cultivated peacefully in the main peak and ignored those things. Yet, he went to the outer clan to stand up for everyone without any hesitation…

That righteousness made them feel moved.

When leaving the Tianqin Peak, Chen Chen relaxed his tense body. He was also a little fatigued after pretending to be profound for such a long time.

“I should have given them a good impression just now, right? Haha! It’s fun being the successor everyone reveres and respects!”

After laughing and muttering to himself, Chen Chen raised his hand and looked at Wang Feng, who had been beaten up into a pig’s head.

“Ah, why don’t you understand? In the Tianyun Clan, I’m the only one who can be lawless. What are you trying to do?”

Shaking his head, Chen Chen dragged Wang Feng, who was already unconscious, towards the main peak.

Beating him up was not enough. He had to brainwash him too.

It would be best to turn him into a cripple.

Fifteen minutes later, Chen Chen dragged Wang Feng into the courtyard of the main peak, then left him in the middle of the hall.

After that, he leisurely leaned against the chair in the middle. If he was given a cigarette at this time, he would have behaved like a big boss.

“Xian’er, give him a piece of purple ganoderma.”

Chen Chen waved his hand and pretended to hold a cigarette in his hand.

Hearing his words, Hu Xian’er, who was at the side, looked at Wang Feng sympathetically. She knew that her master was going to teach him a lesson…

Usually, after being beaten up, one would not be clear-headed, and hence, would be extremely gullible, just like how Hu Xian’er was when she was imprisoned for a few days when she first came out.

After giving Wang Feng a piece of purple ganoderma, Hu Xian’er stood behind Chen Chen sensibly as the backdrop.

Soon, coughing could be heard.

The effect of the purple ganoderma was instant, and it didn’t take long for Wang Feng to regain consciousness. However, when he saw Chen Chen, he immediately remembered the horror that he had been subjected to previously and scrambled to kowtow and beg for mercy.

“Successor, please spare my life!”

“What are you being so flustered for? Sit.”

Chen Chen pointed to the seat next to him with a calm expression, as if he was talking to a longtime friend.

Wang Feng smiled and fearfully sat down on the seat beside him. At this point, if Chen Chen spoke a little louder, he would immediately jump up and get on his knees to beg for mercy.

“Xian’er, pour a cup of tea for Mr. Wang,” Chen Chen instructed with a smile.

Hearing this, Hu Xian’er immediately walked towards Wang Feng to pour him a cup of tea.

Wang Feng was a little confused when he saw this. He wondered, ‘Did Chen Chen realize that he had been too impulsive just now and wants to please me by apologizing for his actions?’

As soon as he had this thought, the anger in his heart erupted like a volcano!

‘It’s too late to admit to your mistakes now!’

Just as he was thinking about how to take revenge, Chen Chen suddenly hollered at the top of his voice!

“Wang Feng! You’re on the verge of death and you still don’t know it!”

Hearing those words, Wang Feng instantly sprung up from his seat like a frightened bird, falling to his knees.

“Successor, please spare my life!”

He instantly dismissed all previous thoughts of revenge.

Chen Chen sneered and took a sip of tea.

“What’s the use in sparing you? I’m not the one who wants to kill you.”

Wang Feng broke out into cold sweat when he heard that.

‘If Chen Chen doesn’t want to kill me, does that mean the people of the Tianyun Clan want to kill me instead?’

Just as he was at a loss for words, Chen Chen asked a question.

“Wang Feng, to be frank, what do you think the future will be like for the Tianyun Clan and the Wuxin Clan?”

Wang Feng was stunned, not daring to answer.

Seeing his reaction, Chen Chen calmly continued, “You know what the Wuxin Clan is planning. There are undoubtedly only two outcomes for the future of the Tianyun Clan and the Wuxin Clan. The first would be that the Tianyun Clan gets completely destroyed by the Wuxin Clan.

“Second, the Tianyun Clan will be taken over by the Wuxin Clan and become a branch of the Wuxin Clan, while the supreme elders will all be arranged to serve in the capital. The people of the Wuxin Clan will then take over.

“As for the first outcome, the Tianyun Clan will definitely resist a little, no matter how weak we may be. So, you aren’t going to deny that you will suffer some losses when the time comes, right?”

Wang Feng smiled awkwardly and replied, “Of course, I don’t want that to happen. It would be best if the Tianyun Clan could become a part of the Wuxin Clan peacefully…”

Hearing this, Chen Chen smiled coldly.

He asked, “Do you think you will stay alive if the Tianyun Clan becomes a part of the Wuxin Clan peacefully…”

Wang Feng’s expression turned grave after hearing his words, a look of confusion forming on his face.

Striking the iron while it was hot, Chen Chen said, “Wang Feng, let me ask you something. You have offended so many people in the Tianyun Clan. If the Tianyun Clan really becomes part of the Wuxin Clan in the future, the clan master will become the elder of the Wuxin Clan. Meanwhile, you’ll just be an ordinary disciple. How much effort would it take for them to kill an ordinary disciple such as yourself?”

Wang Feng’s face turned pale.

Indeed, it made sense. The Tianyun Clan really had a motive to kill him for all the misdeeds he had done in the past.

Chen Chen continued trying to deceive him.

“What will the Wuxin Clan do immediately after taking in the Tianyun Clan? They would definitely try getting close to everyone and win their favor, right? You’re trying to do so even now, don’t you agree?

“I bet the Wuxin Clan has already thought of this long ago. They even wanted you to come here so you could gain more haters. By then, I’d kill you and everyone in the Wuxin Clan would feel less angry. That would be easier for the Tianyun Clan to dominate.”

Hearing this, Wang Feng’s face grew increasingly pale.

In fact, it was as Chen Chen had said. The Wuxin Clan had indeed instructed Wang Feng to sow chaos and create unhappiness in the Tianyun Clan…

‘Are they really planning to put me on the line when the time comes and use me as a tool to vent their anger on the Tianyun Clan, so that it will be easier to win them over?’

After thinking about it, Wang Feng could not help but shudder as cold sweat fell off of his forehead.

When Hu Xian’er saw Wang Feng’s expression, she couldn’t help but think about herself. It was clear that the guy who popped up out of nowhere had been deceived by her master.


Chen Chen walked up to Wang Feng, helped him up, and even patted away the dust on his body.

“Wang Feng, even if the Wuxin Clan isn’t thinking that way and the elders of the Tianyun Clan have no desire to retaliate against you after they return, you still have to think about how much you’ve taken from the Tianyun Clan over the years.

“As the saying goes, the one being instigated is not to be blamed. You’re a useless disciple who’s at the sixth tier of Qi training. Can you guard so many Spirit Stones? You might just die in the wild someday…

“Wang Feng, you’re going to die in this situation no matter what. You’re bringing trouble upon yourself!”

Upon hearing this, Wang Feng could no longer stand it.

According to what Chen Chen said, he would really die.

At that moment, his mind was filled with all kinds of ways in which he might die, and as he thought about it more and more, his mind could no longer stand it.

He had an emotional breakdown.

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