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Chapter 60: Chapter 60: Boss, Let’s Talk Things Over!

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Hearing this voice, the crowd subconsciously looked in the direction of the sound, only to see a white-clothed figure floating at the entrance of the square with an incredibly suave demeanor.

“It’s the successor…” some outer clan disciples whispered softly.

Murong Yunlan felt as if she had seen her savior. At this moment, she was feeling extremely touched that someone was willing to speak up for her.

Even the expressions of the inner clan disciples became complicated.

“Chen Chen? Who are you? Why haven’t I seen you before?” Wang Feng hollered while pointing at Chen Chen, feeling extremely indignant when he saw someone who was pretending to be an impressive hero in front of him.

Without uttering a word, Chen Chen walked towards Murong Yunlan.

“Junior Sister, take a step back.”

Murong Yunlan heard this and hurriedly wiped away her tears before saying softly, “Thank you, Senior Brother Chen Chen, but this person…”

“It doesn’t matter, I’m here,” Chen Chen answered with composure.

Seeing how cool and collected Chen Chen was, Murong Yunlan suddenly felt a strong sense of security. She hurriedly retreated back into the safety of the crowd.

She then stared at Chen Chen’s back with a look of reverence.

“Who the hell are you?” Wang Feng asked in annoyance, waving the communication token in his hand continuously.

Hearing this, Chen Chen silently walked to the center of the square and stood in front of Wang Feng.

“I am the successor of Tianyun Clan, and the Senior Brother of everyone present.”

Hearing this, it suddenly dawned on Wang Feng that the successor that the Wuxin Clan wanted him to investigate was named Chen Chen.

After thinking about it, he pointed at Chen Chen and yelled furiously, “Turns out you’re the successor of Tianyun Clan. Good, I was worried about not being able to find you, but I didn’t think you’d dare to jump out on your own accord!”

“What do you want from me?” Chen Chen asked indifferently.

“Tell me your qualifications and origin so that I can report the details to the Wuxin Clan,” Wang Feng said straightforwardly, a look of arrogance on his face.

Since the Wuxin Clan had his back, there was nothing to fear, unless the Tianyun Clan was courting death.

“I’m not going to tell you,” Chen Chen answered, just as straightforward as Wang Feng, causing the latter to gape and stare at him in wide-eyed shock.

“You- You!” Wang Feng pointed at Chen Chen and fell speechless for a moment. However, he was almost certain that Chen Chen’s qualifications must be extremely superb. He might even be able to threaten the Wuxin Clan.

Otherwise, what was the point of hiding?

Once he thought of that, Wang Feng’s heart became overwhelmed with anger.

‘Damn it, I have a hold against you and you still have the audacity to be so arrogant? Who gave you the guts to do that!?

‘Are you really not afraid of bringing about disaster for the Tianyun Clan?

‘Is this kid a fool?’

Wang Feng repressed the anger in his heart and continued, “It’s fine if you don’t tell me. Just fight me and then give me a thousand Spirit Stones.”

Chen Chen didn’t answer, instead making an inviting gesture.

Thinking that Chen Chen had succumbed, Wang Feng laughed coldly. He thought about how awesome it would feel to beat up the successor in front of the inner and outer clan disciples.

From then on, no one in the Tianyun Clan would dare to disregard him.

Thinking of this, he put on a wry smile and roared, “Take my move! 5,000 Spirit Stones!”


Before he could finish, he was given a tight slap on his face that sent him spinning, causing him to be dumbfounded.


The inner and outer clan disciples present were dumbfounded too. They would never have expected that the successor would really dare to hit Wang Feng. What shocked them even more, however, was that the successor could really defeat Wang Feng.

‘How many days has he been in the sect for?’

Wang Feng snapped back to his senses and covered his face as he looked at Chen Chen, overwhelmed by disbelief. He barked angrily, “Chen Chen, do you not know about the fact that we have to compensate him with 5,000 Spirit Stones!”

“What’s that? I’ve never heard of it!” Chen Chen asked with a bewildered expression.

“Ask him!” Wang Feng hollered, pointing at Sun Tiangang with frustration. He had forgotten that the successor had only joined for a few days, and thus, didn’t know that he was on a pedestal.

‘No wonder he dared to be so arrogant!’

Sun Tiangang’s face turned beet red but he didn’t say a word. Instead, an inner clan disciple next to him explained the situation.

“Senior Brother Sun pushed him once, and later on, Tianyun Clan had to compensate the Wuxin Clan 5,000 Spirit Stones in medical fees…”

Chen Chen nodded after coming to a realization.


Relieved to see that,Wang Feng roared again, “Take my move, pay 1,800 Spirit Stones, and face the music!”


Before he could finish speaking, however, he was slapped again and sent flying once more.

Wang Feng landed on the ground with a look of bewilderment.

‘Can this kid fight me properly? Does he not understand what I mean? Did I not express myself clearly enough?

‘If you hit me, you will have to compensate with a staggering sum of Spirit Stones!’

Just as he was about to think about life while seated on the ground, Chen Chen slowly walked towards him.


The sound of a thunderbolt sounded, and Wang Feng’s hair was pulled up as he spat out a mouthful of black smoke.


“You… Are being so outrageous!’

At this point, he already knew that Chen Chen was fooling around and toying with him. The anger within him erupted uncontrollably. He even pulled out his communication token.

“You’re striking me with thunder? Good! Very good! I’m going to report this to the Wuxin Clan and tell them that you’re an innate spirit body!”

The inner and outer clan disciples who witnessed the scene were all horrified. If Wang Feng really reported that to the Wuxin Clan, the Nascent Soul cultivators would definitely show up at the Tianyun Clan tomorrow…


However, Chen Chen ignored Wang Feng and walked towards him, giving him another slap while muttering, “How dare you bully my underling? Don’t you know that Sun Tiangang is my underling?”

Sun Tiangang felt extremely awkward, thinking, ‘Is now really the time to talk about this?’

Wang Feng was on the verge of tears too. He covered his face and asked, “Chen Chen, do you know what disaster will strike Tianyun Clan if I say that?”


Another tight slap landed on his face. At the same time, a vague voice filled his ears.

“So what if you know? You will be killed before the people of Wuxin Clan arrive anyway!”

After being beaten up, Wang Feng was hopping mad. When he heard this, he barked, “It’s worth it if I can drag your entire clan down!”

“That’s none of my business. I’ve only been in the Tianyun Clan for a few days; do you think I have strong feelings for the Tianyun Clan? At most, when the time comes, I’ll shamelessly defect to the Wuxin Clan. With my qualifications, I can definitely be the successor of the Wuxin Clan. I happen to be feeling frustrated in the Tianyun Clan the past few days, so it’s better to go to the strongest clan.”

Wang Feng froze upon hearing that whisper.

The other disciples had developed feelings with the clan because they had stayed long enough with them. However, Wang Feng had only been there for a few days. Why would he feel anything?


More importantly, if a Nascent Soul really were to land in Tianyun Clan, he might be worried of the more senior disciples taking revenge and killing them…

However, Chen Chen was a new disciple, not to mention one whose qualifications were so impressive that even the Tianyun Clan wanted to hide him…

Besides, he felt that although Chen Chen seemed righteous on the surface, he was actually shameless and might just beg the Wuxin Clan to take him in. He might really do well in the Wuxin Clan!

‘Oh my god! How can there be someone who is more thick-skinned than me in this world?’

“I think it’s not a bad idea to go to the Wuxin Clan and become the successor. How about I help you out and tell the Wuxin Clan that I’m an innate spirit body?”

Muttering, Chen Chen grabbed the communication token and immediately went to transmit a message.

Seeing the scene play out before him, Wang Feng was scared out of his wits.

If Chen Chen really transmitted the message, he would definitely be done for.

The inner and outer clan disciples would chop him to pieces!

He would be able to accept it if he could perish together with Chen Chen, but the latter might do better than him. How could he be willing to accept that?

Thinking about this, he quickly hugged Chen Chen’s thigh and exclaimed, “Boss! Don’t act rashly! We can talk things over!”


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