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Chapter 552:

Chapter 550, the Blood Demon Black Tiger’s treasure

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“How could this demonic beast have such sharp senses? It was clearly sleeping just now…”

Youming muttered to himself, his tone filled with frustration.

Before he could continue thinking, the flood dragon below suddenly raised its tail and swung it towards him at an astonishing speed.

Youming was shocked and hurriedly dodged to the side. However, the hurricane created by the tail still sent him flying dozens of meters away.

Seeing how ferocious this demonic beast was, Netherworld’s eyes were filled with unwillingness.

There were demonic beasts and traces of a formation here. It was most likely where the blood demon Black Tiger hid its treasures. He could imagine how much wealth a Mahayana true spirit had.

However, now that this demonic beast had been alarmed and caused such a disturbance in the battle, it was likely that in less than two hours, other people would rush over.

Unless he risked his life, it would be impossible for him to repel the tribulation-transcending demonic beast within two hours.

However, if he left now, it would not be possible. After all, the Demonic Beast had already launched its attack just now. A cultivator with a powerful spiritual sense like qiong hua might have already discovered some clues.

If he left and waited for Qiong Hua to arrive, wouldn’t that be the same as handing over the treasure to someone else?

Thinking of this, a trace of coldness flashed through Netherworld’s eyes. He decided to risk his life!

Even if he had to risk everything this time, as long as he could beat this demonic beast away before the others arrived, everything would be worth it.

As a heaven’s pride, Netherworld wasn’t an indecisive person. After making up his mind, he didn’t say anything else and directly launched a spiritual sense attack at the earth-overturning flood dragon below.

When the powerful spiritual sense landed in the sea of consciousness of the earth-overturning flood dragon, it suddenly self-detonated!



AMan and a beast cried out in pain, instantly resounding between heaven and earth.

You Ming’s eyes turned red. He would not normally use this kind of method to hurt others, even if he went to the vast sea desert to find trouble with Chen Chen.

But today, he had to use it. He did not believe that a demon beast that seemed to have not even developed intelligence could compete with him in terms of willpower!



“He’s a ruthless person!”

Chen Chen, who was hiding underground, was secretly amazed when he heard the continuous screams coming from above.

‘The Man and the Beast had exhausted each other’s spiritual senses. It was already good enough that they were not unconscious at this time. They should not have discovered his existence.

Thinking of this, he carefully moved toward the location of the treasure that the system had pointed out.

After about three minutes, Chen Chen arrived at the underground palace hidden below the earth-overturning flood dragon.


The earth-overtumning flood dragon’s angry roar came from above again, and Chen Chen felt slightly relieved.

If he was the netherworld, he would definitely want to end the battle quickly, so his attacks would definitely be extremely ruthless.

Under such circumstances, not to mention that the earth-overturning flood dragon did not discover his tracks, even if it did, it probably would not be able to spare any time to deal with him.

After confirming this point, Chen Chen began to observe the underground palace.

The underground palace was not considered big. With the guidance of the system, he quickly found the location of the treasure.

It was a secret chamber. Its entire body was surrounded by a formation. The large door was engraved with Tiger head patterns. From the looks of it, the Dent seemed to be some sort of switch.

Chen Chen did not delay and directly called out mung bean.

‘Mung bean had not had much work to do recently. She had been sleeping all day, as if she was hibernating. Now that she saw the secret chamber in front of her, she seemed to have smelled something, Her sleepy eyes suddenly lit up.

After stretching out its claws and using its innate ability to break the array, mung bean looked at Chen Chen, its small eyes filled with impatience.

Seeing this, Chen Chen smiled and patted its head, then took the lead to enter the secret chamber.

There was nothing special in the secret chamber. There was only an open wooden box, and inside the wooden box were three storage rings.

Other than that, there were also some miscellaneous things piled up in the comer. There were all kinds of attribute spirit crystals, inner cores of Demon Beast True Spirit descendants, and some cultivators’magic treasures and storage rings.

Chen Chen had seen Scorpio’s underground palace and knew that these things were nothing in the eyes of powerful true spirits. That was why they were casually placed there.

But to him, these were all good treasures.

After putting all the things into the storage ring, Chen Chen put away the wooden box. Then, he used the system to search for it. After making sure that there was nothing missing, he quickly left the underground palace and went underground, without checking what was in the storage ring, he quickly left

the underground palace and sneaked underground.

Above, youming and the earth-overturning flood dragon were still fighting fiercely. At this time, youmning’s eyes were dripping with blood and his face was pale. The eyes of the earth-overturning flood dragon turned from madness to fear. Obviously, he was also frightened by this madman.


Chen Chen praised and then quietly left this place. He did not stop until he was seven or eight thousand miles away from the ground.

After confirming that there was no one around, Chen Chen took out the wooden box. The three storage rings inside were all open without any restrictions.

He used his divine sense to probe the first storage ring, What he did not expect was that it was filled with medicinal pills. From the looks of it, there were no less than a thousand of them!

“They are all medicinal pills for the true spirit to consume. Could it be that the Blood Devil Black Tiger has raised a few great alchemists?”

Chen Chen was secretly surprised.

Out of the thousands of pills, more than 500 directly increased the true spirit’s cultivation. There were also more than 200 pills to increase the strength of the true spirit’s body. The rest were to increase the bloodline, among them was the lost pill that he casually mentioned when he bought the Heaven

Mending Pill, the Spirit Ascension Pill.

However, there were only three spirit ascension pills. It seemed that they were very old. He did not know where the Blood Devil Black Tiger got them from.

His throat twitched, and Chen Chen used his divine sense to probe into the second storage ring.

The things inside shocked him even more!

Those were three true spirit bodies that had been cut. The three hearts were placed in the middle, and they all trembled slightly, as if they had just been taken out of their bodies.

As for the blood, there were also three big buckets. Moreover, each bucket was made of essence blood that could only be refined by a thousand Jin. Placed in the buckets, they were like magma, emitting boiling hot steam.

As for the inner cores, there were also three of them. They were black, red, and white. Although they were all bright and restrained, Chen Chen could feel the powerful energy contained within.

These three true spirit inner cores were probably not much worse than the true dragon inner core that Ao Yu had swallowed.

If he guessed correctly, they should all come from the Mahayana stage true spirit.


Chen Chen let out a breath and used his divine sense to probe the third storage ring.

Inside were mountains of gray fruits, each the size of a fist. They didn’t look that precious.

Chen Chen had never seen these fruits before, but since they could be stored in the storage ring, they should have some value.

After asking the system, Chen Chen quickly figured out what they were.

This kind of fruit was called the spirit beast fruit. It was a true spirit food that was cultivated with the blood of the true spirit. It could “Accelerate the ripening”and allow the true spirit to quickly enter the ripening stage.

In short, it was a kind of true spirit food.


Chen Chen suddenly understood. He had to say that this blood devil Black Tiger had prepared quite a lot of things for the Little Blood Devil Black Tiger.

If the little blood demon Black Tiger had not fallen and had escaped into this small world instead, it would not have taken long for it to become a Mahayana stage true spirit.

Unfortunately, the little blood demon Black Tiger did not have this fate. Now, all of this had been given to him. More accurately speaking, it was given to Mung Bean and Ao Yu…

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