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Chapter 551:

Chapter 549, waiting for the right opportunity

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The people in the team were all smart people. Soon, they all thought of the same point, and their eyes began to shine.

There were no experts in this small world. If there were a lot of resources, it would be easy for them.

“The situation in the blood demon forest is not very clear. Why don’t we go into this small world to investigate?”

Fairy Qiong Hua suggested.

Although no one mentioned anything about resources or treasures, everyone was well aware of it.

“Lagree,”Chen Chen said calmly.

“Lagree as well.”It was rare for Netherworld to reach an agreement with Chen Chen.

“Then you guys go in first. I’ll hide this place for a while longer,”Ximen Qi said with a smile.

Fairy Qiong Hua nodded and stepped into the Small World. Netherworld followed closely behind, but Chen Chen was the first to step into the spatial rift.

After entering the space crack, the world in front of them was also a huge forest.

Although the spiritual energy was not as dense as in the blood demon forest, it was still not bad.

According to Chen Chen’s deduction, this world was enough to give birth to a tribulation-transcending cultivator.

Fairy Qiong Hua completely released her spiritual sense, after observing for a while, she said, “This small world is not small. It probably covers an area of tens of thousands of miles, and there are quite a lot of lives in it. I casually observed it, and there are close to ten thousand demonic beasts and true

spirit descendants.”

In the Small World, the power of spiritual sense was almost not suppressed. Cultivators like Chen Chen and Qiong Hua could easily use their spiritual sense to observe the situation within tens of thousands of miles.

“I just don’t know if these demon beasts and true spirit descendants are natives of the small world or immigrants from the blood demon forest.”

Chen Chen looked into the distance and said.

“What is it? Capture a few and ask them.”

Netherworld smiled coldly as a bloodthirsty look flashed across his eyes. Then, he directly shot into the distance. It seemed that he did not intend to join the others.

A trace of disgust flashed across Fairy Qiong Hua’s eyes when she saw this scene.

“People of the evil path are selfish and good at robbing others. In the past, I only heard about it. Now that I see it, I find it even more annoying than I imagined.”

“Hehe, this netherworld is indeed not a good thing,”Chen Chen echoed from the side.

Fairy Qiong Hua rolled her eyes at Chen Chen and turned her head to look at Wu Di and Ximen Qi, who had just entered.

“Fellow Daoists, since Netherworld has left, let’s split up and explore this small world. There is no danger in this small world. It will be more efficient if we split up.”

“Fairy, what you said is exactly what I want. If you encounter anything, just send me a message!”

Ximen qi cupped his hands and turned to leave.

A moment later, only Chen Chen was left on the spot.

“At first, I was worried about how we would split up after finding the things. I didn’t expect everyone to have the same thoughts as me. Hehe, this is also good.”

Chen Chen shook his head and chuckled. He randomly found a direction that no one was heading to.

“System, is there any treasure within a 100,000-meter radius?”


After hearing the system’s answer, Chen Chen flew for a hundred miles and asked again.

A.100,000-meter radius was an area within a 100-kilometer radius. This was the range that the system normally tracked.

With the system and his speed, it would not take him long to track the entire Small World.

He believed that as long as the blood demon Black Tiger hid all its treasures in this small world and hid them, he would definitely be able to find them before the others.

After half a day, the system finally gave a different answer.

“There’s a treasure, true spirit grass, ninety-seven miles ahead… Spirit Ascension Pill…”

‘There were a lot of words on this list, probably no less than tens of thousands of words. Most of them were treasures that could raise one’s true spirit. The corners of Chen Chen’s eyes twitched slightly.

There was no doubt that the blood demon Black Tiger had left behind so many things.

However, as a true spirit of the Mahayana stage, would the blood demon Black Tiger leave behind so many treasures without any precautions?

It was not possible.

“System, who has the highest cultivation within a hundred miles?”

“The earth-overturning flood dragon that is sleeping ninety-seven miles in front of the host is at the early stage of the tribulation transcending stage.”

“There is indeed a treasure guardian!”

Chen Chen muttered to himself.

It was not impossible for him to deal with a guardian at the early stage of the tribulation. However, the Small World was only so big. If he really fought with this guardian, the intense spiritual fluctuations would definitely attract the others.

“What should I do? Although there are many treasures that can increase one’s true spirit, I have also used up a lot. I Can’t split more than half of them.”

Chen Chen thought hard. Besides Ao Yu the true dragon, he still had mung bean in the dragon swamp.

One had to know that mung bean was still young and only had the cultivation of the primordial spirit realm. It needed to increase a lot.

Moreover, mung bean was an innate true spirit. In terms of potential, it was much greater than Ao Yu the acquired True Spirit. It would probably use up more resources as well.

With these two powerful treasure users, he had to take the blood demon Black Tiger’s wealth for himself.

After pondering for a while, Chen Chen slowly approached the location of the treasure.

After careful observation, he roughly understood the situation here.

‘The earth-overturning flood dragon was sleeping while the treasure should be hidden under its belly. If he wanted to get the treasure, he would definitely wake the earth-overturning flood dragon up.

Thave to find a scapegoat

Chen Chen thought to himself. Then, he began to set up the surroundings, leaving behind some obvious traces of the array formation.

‘As long as someone saw this place, they would definitely notice the abnormality here and carefully examine the situation here.

After setting up everything, Chen Chen held back all his aura and expelled all the spiritual energy from the immortal spirit’s body. Then, he hid it under the ground.

‘Without the spiritual energy, he would not have any fluctuations. Under such circumstances, not to mention a tribulation transcending cultivator, even a mahayana cultivator might not be able to find him.

After an unknown amount of time, Chen Chen lay motionlessly under the ground, as if he was a dead man.

At this moment, a black shadow flew towards him from afar. Sensing this black shadow, Chen Chen, who was underground, raised his eyebrows slightly.

It was actually the Netherworld!

Enemies have a narrow road!

Chen Chen was naturally extremely happy to find out that it was the netherworld. To be honest, he was looking forward to the netherworld the most in his heart!

Only this fellow did not feel any pressure at all.

Netherworld looked at the remaining traces of the array formation on the ground, and his eyes flashed with wild joy.

“There’s a problem here! Haha, I, Netherworld, am the chosen one!”

Netherworld was overjoyed and quickly landed on the ground to investigate the situation.

He was not an idiot. If there was a treasure here, then there might be experts guarding it. He could still think of this, so he was very careful in his investigation.

Not long after, he sensed the earth-overturning flood dragon a few hundred meters underground.

“There are traces of a formation here, and there are powerful demonic beasts. If there is a treasure here, it must be here… This demonic beast is probably in tribulation cultivation. I Can’t act Rashly, I have to wait.”

Netherworld’s eyes rolled, and he subconsciously thought of tricking Chen Chen.

At this moment, Chen Chen’s fingers, who was lying on the ground in the distance, trembled a few times. A few streaks of spiritual energy charged at the earth-overturning flood dragon under Netherworld’s feet at an astonishing speed.

The earth-overtumning flood dragon, which had suddenly been attacked, was instantly jolted awake.


A world-shaking roar rang out, and the ground within a radius of tens of miles instantly collapsed. A terrifying demonic beast that was nearly a thousand meters long and had the size of a huge mountain broke out from the ground. Its gaze was ghastly as it looked at the panic-stricken netherworld as it

flew towards the sky, netherworld’s face was filled with a gloomy expression.

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