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Chapter 521:

Chapter 519, Immortal Qi

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The roaring inside the mystical realm continued for a full quarter of an hour.

After a quarter of an hour, the mystical realm was also destroyed beyond recognition. Only then did Chen Chen Chen stop and sit down on the ground.

In order to act more realistically, he acted for a full quarter of an hour. Even after screaming for so long, he still felt like he was a seriously ill patient locked up in a mental hospital.

Fortunately, no one knew about this.

‘When he thought of what had just happened, he could not help but feel a little speechless.


He had thought of having a big fight with the immortal treasure spiritual master, and he had also thought of dragging this immortal body to run away. However, he did not expect that the sudden whimper and release of a bit of pressure would actually scare the immortal treasure spiritual master away.

This old fellow was really too much. If he went all the way and gambled to the end, he might even be able to compete with him for this immortal body.

He didn’t expect that he had already come this far, and he was just one step away from trembling. He actually chickened out. He really didn’t know what to say to him.

However, on second thought, this old fellow’s final decision was understandable.

Why did this old fellow dare to make a move against Spiritual Master Green Lotus?

Because whether it was spiritual master green lotus or saint heartless, both had been thoroughly studied by him. As long as he made a move, he had at least a ninety percent chance of taking down these two people.

But what about facing the ghost howlsimmortal spirit body?

He didn’t have any confidence at all. After using his spiritual sense to attack, he discovered that the spiritual sense power in the strange body wasn’t weaker than his. If he really charged into the body and fought for it, the possibility of him dying would be even greater. After all, he had experienced two great

battles.., and he had also swallowed a special medicinal pill.

Under such circumstances, he didn’t dare to gamble.

In the end, it was all because this person was too cautious. He was overly cautious.

Because of his caution, he was able to live until now.

It was also because of his caution that his cultivation stopped here, unable to advance any further.

“Hehe, I’ve saved myself a great battle. I still have to be on guard against these old fellows in the future. Each and every one of them is really thoughtful.”

Chen Chen shook his head and laughed softly. Then, he stood up.

The stone wall behind him was still attached to the immortal’s body, and there were no signs of it falling off.

However, this was not the time to think about this. He quickly cleaned up the scene, put away his original clone, and flew out of the mystic realm.

It was quiet outside the mystic realm. There was no one there. Even the group of weak disciples of the Spiritual Master of Divine Treasure had disappeared. Clearly, they had all escaped.

Chen Chen was so happy. He randomly picked a direction and flew for ten thousand miles. Then, he found a cave to hide in and began to study the immortal body.

This time, his biggest harvest in the secret realm was the immortal body. The Spiritual Master of the Divine Treasure had plundered the other storage rings and other things, but he did not get any.

Of course, he was not very interested in those things. What he looked forward to the most was the immortal body.

First, of course, he tested the speed at which he absorbed the spiritual energy.

After casually absorbing the spiritual energy in the surroundings, he did not imagine that he would be able to digest as much as he absorbed. Instead, after the spiritual energy entered his body, it was expelled as if it was a formality.

“What is this situation? Is this body unable to cultivate? Then what is the use of such good meridians?”

Chen Chen touched the meridians on his arm and was somewhat stunned. Unwilling to give up, he took out some spirit stones to absorb. In the end, the spirit stones were like ordinary stones in the hands of this immortal spirit body, unable to be absorbed at all.

Chen Chen refused to believe it. He took out some high-quality spirit crystals and absorbed them for a long time. This time, he finally absorbed something. The light of the spirit crystals dimmed a little, and there seemed to be a white airflow in his body.

It felt like he had just stepped on the path of cultivation and sensed the spiritual energy of heaven and earth for the first time. This made Chen Chen Chen Want to cry, but no tears came out.

‘When he had just obtained the clone, he had at least the cultivation of the void refining stage, but this body was going to let him recultivate?

Or could he only absorb spirit crystals and recultivate at a very slow pace? What was the use of this body? Was he so bored that his balls hurt?

Thinking of this, he wished he could give this so-called immortal body to the immortal treasure spiritual master on the spot.

After cursing for a while, Chen Chen continued to study this body. It was just an excuse to give it away. Since this thing was called the immortal body, it couldn’t be a burden. With this mentality, not long after… he finally found some clues.

To be precise, the white qi in his body didn’t seem ordinary.

“That White Qi doesn’t seem to be spiritual qi…”

After carefully sensing the wisps of white qi flowing in his meridians, a bright light flashed in Chen Chen’s eyes.

Then, he used the wisps of White Qi to perform a small fireball technique that he had learned when he had just stepped onto the path of cultivation.


With a light sound, a wisp of flame rose from his fingertip. This flame was completely white, giving Chen Chen a feeling that it was completely different from ordinary spiritual flames. Compared to ordinary spiritual flames, this white flame had an indescribable charm.

“This is…”

Chen Chen muttered and took out an abandoned magic treasure from his storage ring and placed it on the flame.

Immediately after, a strange scene happened. The treasure quickly became soft, and then it directly burned up like an ordinary object. Not long after, it completely turned into ashes.

“That’s not spirit qi, it’s immortal qi?”

Chen Chen instantly came to a realization.

If the body of an immortal spirit didn’t absorb spiritual Qi, then what did it absorb? Wasn’t it immortal qi?

No wonder there wasn’t any in the spirit stone, and there was only a trace in the spirit crystal!

So it was immortal qi!

Then, wasn’t this immortal fire in his hand?

With that thought, Chen Chen hurriedly put away the spell, and his heart unconsciously became hot.

Immortal Qi… Immortal Fire. He had taken over this body and became an immortal?

Taking advantage of the fact that there was still a trace of white air current in his body, Chen Chen summoned the myriad manifestation godly blade and poured that trace of white air current into it.


Alight hum.

The myriad manifestation godly blade actually started to tremble violently and started to convey an extremely joyful emotion to Chen Chen. Other than that, the edge of the myriad manifestation godly blade started to emit a dense white light.

Chen Chen gripped the ten thousand transformations divine blade tightly. Although he did not swing the sword out, he could feel that if this sword was to be swung out, the power would definitely be extremely astonishing.

As for other spells, he could not try them out, because the white airflow in his body had already been exhausted.

Unfortunately, there was no soil for immortals to grow in this true spirit world, and there was not a single trace of Immortal Qi in the air. He could only get a little replenishment from the spirit crystal.

At this moment, Chen Chen’s heart was quite complicated. He was extremely happy, but he did not know what he was happy about.

It was like a person who had cultivated bitterly for ten years and finally learned the dragon slaying technique suddenly realizing that there was no dragon in this world.

“The use of the immortal spirit body is definitely not limited to this. I still have to slowly study it.”

Chen Chen comforted himself and tried to use the power of laws again.

Fortunately, the power of laws was very smooth, much smoother than the clone from before. It was as natural as eating and urinating when he used it.

Just this little improvement was enough to improve his combat power a lot..

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