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Chapter 520:

Chapter 518: Retreat in shock

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“Still want to fight?”

Chen Chen, who was lying on the ground, felt rather helpless. However, he was still thinking about his clone.

The body had been put away by spiritual master green lotus. He wondered if it had been damaged by the explosion just now..

Although he was now in the immortal spirit body, the immortal spirit body might not be useful. For example, his back was still attached to a stone.

“Senior Lin, please test the formation!”

Saint heartless did not waste any more words. Under the control of her spiritual energy, the Divine Thunder demon-slaying formation instantly became restless. Then, countless Thunderbolts fell from the sky like raindrops, striking toward the Daoist priest of Divine Treasure.


Bang! Bang! Bang!

The area where the Daoist priest of divine treasure was standing turned into scorched earth in the blink of an eye. The Daoist priest of divine treasure rushed left and right, but he could not break out of the range of the formation. Although he had a few powerful defensive magical treasures to block the

Thunderbolts, he still took dozens of strikes, his entire body had turned into a charred black color.

Upon seeing this scene, holy mother heartless sneered. Then, she turned around and walked toward the center of the Mystic Realm.

Previously, the Spiritual Master of divine treasure and the spiritual master of Green Lotus had observed that special body up close, but she had never seen it before.

As for whether it was really useful to her, she did not care too much. Even if that body was worthless, she would still take action when she should.

As long as the spiritual master of Heavenly Treasures and the spiritual master of Green Lotus died, their storage rings would definitely belong to her. At this stage, even if it was just for the sake of their wealth, she would still take action.

The world of self-cultivators was so cruel. Sometimes, if they didn’t take it, it was just because they weren’t confident or were afraid. But once they had a perfect opportunity, most of the cultivators would reveal their brutal side.

However, as soon as Saintess heartless tuned around and took ten steps forward, a deafening sound suddenly came from behind her, as well as the furious roar of the Spiritual Master of the Godly Treasures!

‘Bitch, die!”

Saintess heartless ‘face suddenly turned gloomy. All the protective magical equipment had been moved to her back.


The next second, she felt an unparalleled force coming at her. She lost control of her body and lunged forward at a high speed.

After flying for more than a thousand meters and crashing into a formation, she finally stopped.

At this moment, she only felt that the spiritual energy in her body was chaotic, as if it would explode at any time. As for her body, it was on the verge of falling apart.


She weakly let out a low roar and turned her head to look into the distance. She saw that the Daoist priest of the godly treasure had white hair that danced wildly like a mad demon. His eyes were scarlet, and the comers of his eyes were faintly showing signs of cracking.

‘What was even more terrifying was that his aura was extremely powerful. It was 70-80% stronger than when he was at his peak. As for the Divine Thunder demon-slaying array, it was actually blasted open by him.

“You weren’t even born when I was roaming the world of self-cultivators. How Dare You Scheme Against Me? You really don’t know what’s good for you!”

The Daoist priest of Godly treasures roared, and ina flash, he appeared in front of Saint Heartless.

Saint Heartless looked panicked. She quickly took out a few protective dharma treasures to block the attack while taking out a scroll.

“Old Thief, I will take revenge!”

After saying that, the scroll was suddenly opened, and a strange space power came out. It directly sucked her into it and disappeared into the secret realm.

Spiritual Master Shenbao hit nothing but air. He raised his head to the sky and roared a few times indignantly. Then, his aura began to fade like the tide. Soon, he turned into a hunchbacked old man with age spots all over his face. He looked extremely old, he looked like an old man who was going to die at

any moment.

“The final winner is me.”

After muttering a few words, he slowly walked to the place where spiritual master Qinglian self-destructed and then took out spiritual master Qinglian’s storage ring.

The first thing he did was not to check how many things were in the storage ring. Instead, he took out the ‘Corpse‘of Chen Chen’s avatar.

‘Little City Lord, come out. There hasn’t been any external enemies in this mystic realm from the beginning to the end. How Could You Die? ‘Although I don’t know what methods you used or where you are hiding, you are the disciple of the Heavenly Devil City Lord, and the one who came in is only a clone.

There is no way I would attack you.”

After the Divine Treasure Spiritual Master said this, he fell into silence, and the entire Mystic Realm fell silent.

However, even after a few minutes, there was still no response.

‘The Daoist Master of Divine Treasures did not continue to say anything. Instead, he bent down and dragged Chen Chen Chen’s clone to the place where the most important part of the mystic realm was the body of the immortal spirit.

His turbid eyes looked at the body of the immortal spirit, and then he suddenly laughed.

“Little City Lord, although you are only a unity cultivator, I have studied you before. You should be hiding here, right?”

After saying this, he stretched out his hand, wanting to check the condition of the body of the immortal spirit.

At this moment, the immortal spirit body suddenly reached out and blocked his hand.

“Little City Lord, you are indeed inside!”A strange expression appeared on the face of the Immortal Treasure Spiritual Master.

“Little City Lord, I don’t want to be your enemy. Give this body to me. You can take everything else here with you.”

Chen Chen opened his eyes and didn’t say anything. He just made his eyes look even colder and more ruthless.

“Stop pretending! Little City Lord, you’re too greedy. Then don’t blame me for being impolite!”

‘The expression of the spiritual master of divine treasure suddenly turned ferocious. Then, a powerful spiritual sense pressure crushed toward Chen Chen.

For high-level cultivators to deal with cultivators with weak cultivation bases, the best method was to use spiritual sense attacks, and this was even more so for the clone puppet.

Because the spiritual sense inside the clone and the puppet were generally weaker, the Thunder and lightning that he used to deal with the spiritual master of Green Lotus puppet carried an extremely powerful spiritual sense attack.

Chen Chen’s eyes flickered, but he was only slightly dazed for a moment. He wasn’t affected by it too much.

Having just devoured the power of the divine sense that had been nurtured in this immortal spirit body, the level of his clone’s divine sense was already close to the level of transcending tribulation. The attack of the divine sense from the divine treasure spiritual master wasn’t weak, but it wasn’t strong

enough to directly kill him.

“You’re not the Little City Lord! You’re the divine sense that was naturally born in this body!”

Upon seeing this, Spiritual Master Shenbao staggered back two steps, and a look of despair appeared in his eyes.

Although he had thought of such a situation before, this was the situation that he did not want to see the most.

This was because the unknown meant that he could not control it. He had studied spiritual master Qinglian, Saint Heartless, and Chen Chen, but he did not understand this strange body at all.

Even so, the moment he saw this body, he chose to take a gamble, betting that he could occupy this body and regain his life.

Of course, at that time, Zhenren Qinglian was the first to attack, so he had no choice but to do so.

He did not expect the worst to happen. There was really something wrong with this body… in that case, Chen Chen’s clone should have been killed by this strange body?

“What on Earth are you?”Spiritual Master Shenbao shouted in despair.

There were still two options in front of him. First, he had to go all out to destroy this broken body. Then, his primordial spirit would rush into the strange body and try to possess it in order to fight for his future.

Second, he had to flee for his life with spiritual master Qinglian’s spoils of war.


‘What responded to him was an extremely terrifying roar. The sound spread throughout the entire mystic realm, as if a demon king was about to come into being.

‘Then, a pair of cold eyes looked at him.

There was bloodlust, desire, contempt, and a madness that could destroy everything in its eyes!


The strange body spat out a word that was unknown. Then, it suddenly stood up, and the stone wall under it was also erected. It rushed towards the spiritual master of the Divine Treasure. Wherever it passed, it set off gusts of hurricanes, and its momentum was extremely shocking.

The spiritual master of Shenbao was shocked when he saw this, and in an instant, he made the decision to run away. After gritting his teeth, he suddenly activated the secret art, turned around, and flew away, disappearing into the secret realm in an instant.

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