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Chapter 519:

Chapter 517 was interlinked

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“Old Bastard! Die!”

The battle was still going on in the sky. Spiritual Master Green Lotus swept his long sword across the sky. More than a dozen puppets were also wielding all kinds of weapons. The spiritual crystals on their bodies flickered. After a few attacks, some of the spiritual crystals shattered and fell from their bodies.

After a moment, Spiritual Master Shenbao was at a disadvantage.

“How is this a battle? This is simply burning spiritual crystals! And Spiritual Master Shenbao, isn’t this guy the strongest according to the system? How come he seems to be at a disadvantage?”

Looking at the battle in the sky, Chen Chen was rather puzzled.


After another ten breaths of time, spiritual master Qinglian had gained the absolute upper hand. He had even chopped off one of spiritual master Shenbao’s arms. It seemed like he could completely kill Spiritual Master Shenbao at any time.

“Fairy, help me now. I will still give you half of the spoils of war after this.”

In the sky, Spiritual Master Green Lotus’voice was full of passion. The more he fought, the more courageous he became.

Below, a hint of excitement flashed across saint heartless’eyes. Now that spiritual master divine treasure was already at the end of his rope, her help was only icing on the cake. But even so, she could still get half of the spoils of war..

Why Not?

The only thing to be afraid of was that spiritual master divine treasure had lived for so long, so he must have a life-saving trump card. If he were to launch a crazy counterattack before his death, she would probably be severely injured.

Just as she was hesitating, the situation in the sky suddenly changed!

Spiritual Master Shenbao suddenly shot out more than ten streams of light, shooting toward the Green Lotus Spiritual Master’s puppet.

Crackle! Crackle!

Electric arcs suddenly filled the air, and the spiritual power threads that the green lotus spiritual master controlled the puppet with were instantly cut off by these electric arcs.

Apart from that, the electric arcs also penetrated into the puppets. The human-shaped puppets’eyes began to shoot out electric currents, and then they fell down like dumplings.

“Old Thief, you’ve been plotting against me for a long time! You actually prepared the divine lightning pearl to destroy the puppets!”

Reverend Green Lotus cried out involuntarily when he saw this scene.

Reverend Shenbao’s gaze was dark and cold, and his voice was hoarse as he said, “You’re still too young to fight with me. When I first met you two thousand years ago, I was already prepared to deal with you. Otherwise, why do you think I’ve been able to live for so long?

“Now that the puppet is gone, you can go and die.”

After speaking, the spiritual master of Divine Treasure raised the huge mountain in his hand again. The huge seven-colored mountain suddenly shot out an extremely intense beam of light and smashed onto the body of the spiritual master of Green Lotus.

The Spiritual Master of Green Lotus did not have the time to resist before he was blasted to the ground.

Before the spiritual master of Green Lotus could regain his senses, the spiritual master of divine treasure leaped up, picked up the huge seven-colored mountain, and smashed it down on his head.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Aseries of protective dharma treasures exploded. Although the seven-colored mountain of the spiritual master of Heavenly Treasures fell slowly, it was unstoppable. It broke through the various defenses of the Green Lotus Spiritual Master one after another.

“Senior Lin, why do you have to force me? I don’t want that Strange Body Anymore!”

Seeing that the last layer of defense was about to be broken, the Green Lotus Spiritual Master said with difficulty.

“Kid, since things have come to this, is it still useful to say such words now?”

‘There was a big hole in the heart of Spiritual Treasure Daoist master, and his expression was extremely ferocious. The seven-colored mountain in his hand flashed with spiritual light, and it was obvious that he wanted to crush Green Lotus Daoist master into a meat patty.

“You Killed My Union of Immortals, and I won’t Let You Go! Hehe, I admit defeat today. I’ll wait for You Underground!”

Spiritual Master Green Lotus’expression became abnormally distorted, and then his body suddenly expanded.


With an explosion, Spiritual Master Green Lotus’body suddenly exploded, forming a powerful shock wave that directly sent spiritual master god Treasure’s mountain-like body flying.


After landing on the ground, spiritual master god Treasure’s body slowly shrank, and finally returned to normal size and came in front of Holy Mother Heartless.

“Fairy, don’t spread the news about what happened here. The reward I promised you earlier still stands.”

Holy Mother Heartless cast a deep glance at the spiritual master of divine treasure and said indifferently, “Don’t worry, senior Lin. I’m not a talkative person.”

“Then I’m relieved. Hehe, this trip is really full of twists and turns. I’m also very sad that the clones of fellow Daoist Green Lotus and the little city Lord died unexpectedly.”

Asmile appeared on Spiritual Master Divine Treasure’s pale face. Then, he turned around and walked toward the immortal spirit’s body at the center of the Mystic Realm.

At this moment, Saint Heartless’s rather complicated voice suddenly sounded behind him.

“Senior Lin, have you already thought of a way to deal with me and made preparations?”

Spiritual Master Divine Treasure stopped and said indifferently, “Fairy, why are you thinking about these things? I’m an itinerant cultivator. If I want to survive, I have to be careful.”

“Tt seems that senior has really thought of a way to deal with me. This makes me a little curious. What kind of method did senior prepare?”

After sacred mother heartless said that, the entire mystic realm suddenly shook. Countless spiritual lights soared into the sky and formed a huge array formation that completely sealed spiritual master Shenbao in the middle.

“Senior Lin, this is the heavenly thunder god Slaughtering Array that I have set up these days. What do you think?”

Spiritual Master Shenbao’s body trembled for a moment, then he slowly turned around with a very complicated expression.

“Fairy, Why? I don’t want to fight with you.”

“But I also want that body,”sacred mother heartless said coldly.

“That body is a male body. If you can’t possess it, what’s the use of it? Do you have to go against me for a useless body?”

Spiritual Master Shenbao’s face was full of worry, as if he was extremely helpless.

“I don’t need it, but it doesn’t mean that others don’t need it. I’m sorry, Senior Lin, you must die today!”

‘As soon as the word ‘die’was uttered, Saint Heartless‘expression suddenly became extremely vicious. The heavenly lightning demon slaughtering formation flashed, forming tens of thousands of heavenly lightning bolts that locked onto spiritual master Shenbao.

The Immortal Shenbao’s weak body trembled a little, then he raised his head to look at the sky.

The Sky of the entire mystic realm instantly darkened, and countless red clouds began to gather towards the center of the Mystic Realm.

“Fairy, I’ve entered this mystic realm before. Do you think I wouldn’t have made any preparations? This red lotus karmic fire formation was prepared for you. In order to set up this formation, I’ve spent more than half a year’s time. Do you think it’ll still catch your eye?”

After the Divine Treasure Spiritual Master finished speaking, nine red lotuses appeared in the sky of the mystic realm. Each red lotus was steaming with red karmic fire, enveloping the heavenly lightning demon slaughtering array within.

Heavenly lightning rumbled and the karmic fire rose, making the mystic realm look like a purgatory.

Sacred mother heartless looked at the red lotus karmic fire in the sky, and the corners of her mouth curled up slightly.

“Senior Lin, is this how you’re going to deal with me? Using an array to deal with me, aren’t you underestimating me a little too much?”

‘As the Heartless Holy Mother spoke, the nine red lotuses in the sky suddenly exploded one by one, turning into sparks that filled the sky. They scattered into the secret realm, leaving behind only the Thunder and lightning.

“The formation you set up was long discovered by me, and I even tampered with it. Do you still have any other tricks up your sleeve?”

Amidst the flames that filled the sky, the heartless holy mother calmly said. At this moment, she already had victory in her grasp.

On the other hand, the originally calm expression of the Zhenren Shenbao completely disappeared with the collapse of the red lotus karmic fire array. What replaced it was a gloomy expression…

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