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Chapter 518:

Chapter 516: Scheming against each other

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“How much wealth does senior Lin have?”The Green Lotus Spiritual Master asked in a low voice.

The godly treasure spiritual master smiled faintly, and a trace of pride flashed across his face.

“Thave lived for so many years, and I entered the Tribulation Stage 20,000 years ago. Although I have spent a lot over the years, if I give the rest to the two of you, I can still get 10,000 spiritual crystals for each of you.”

10,000 crystals for each of you!

Upon hearing this number, Reverend Green Lotus revealed a look of shock on her face. Even saint mother heartless, who was standing in the distance, had a flash of shock in her eyes.


After all, she used to be the cultivation partner of a Mahayana cultivator. She wasn’t the kind of person who hadnt seen the world.

Unfortunately, her cultivation partner didn’t give her anything when he died, so she was only worth 5,000 crystals now.

Although Green Lotus Spiritual Master was a big shot in the Immortal Alliance, his situation should be similar to hers.

As for senior Lin… Although there wasn’t much of a difference in cultivation, his net worth was more than four times that of theirs.

And this was under the premise that senior Lin didn’t hide anything at all. As expected of a person who had lived for so many years.

“10,000 crystals. Alright, Senior Lin, I agree. Now, hand the thing over to the two of us. You take this strange body.”

The Green Lotus Spiritual Master said immediately, then turned to look at Saint Heartless.

Saint heartless nodded in agreement.

10,000 crystals, in addition to the previous gains, this trip could be considered a bumper harvest.

Upon hearing this, the Divine Treasure Spiritual Master revealed a look of joy. Without hesitation, he took out a storage ring, then took out the items one by one. Finally, he divided them into two and stored them in the other two storage rings, then, he gave them to Holy Mother Heartless and the spiritual

master of Green Lotus respectively.

Just when Chen Chen, who was lying on the ground, thought that this matter was going to end like this, the situation suddenly changed!

‘The moment the spiritual master of Heavenly Treasures gave the storage ring to the spiritual master of Green Lotus, a small puppet the size of a thumb suddenly flew out of the spiritual master of Green Lotus’sleeve. Without saying a word, it flew onto the spiritual master of Heavenly Treasures‘arm and

fiercely bit down, it drilled into the spiritual master of Heavenly Treasures body.


The Spiritual Master of Heavenly Treasures turned pale with fright and took two steps back. All the spiritual power in his body quickly gathered on his arm.

‘The Spiritual Master of Green Lotus held the storage ring and sneered, “Senior Lin, you are too naive to think that you can take this treasure with just 20,000 spiritual crystals.”.

In this mystic realm, if the magic treasures that were sacrificed were intact, eight out of ten of them would be worth 20,000 spiritual crystals. This monster’s body must have swallowed more than a thousand of them. This kind of treasure is priceless. Do you think we are stupid?”

The Spiritual Master of the Divine Treasure had a gloomy expression on his face as he stared at the spiritual master of the Green Lotus with a vicious gaze.

After the puppet entered his body, it continuously devoured his blood essence and spiritual energy. In just a short moment, it had already devoured nearly ten percent of his spiritual energy.

“Fellow Daoist Green Lotus, don’t I know what kind of person you are?”

After spitting out these words coldly, the spiritual master of the divine treasure looked at the storage ring in the hands of the spiritual master of the Green Lotus.

A trace of panic flashed across the eyes of the spiritual master of Green Lotus. subconsciously, he wanted to throw away the storage ring in his hands. However, before he could do so, a wisp of black gas suddenly shot out from the storage ring and broke through all the defenses of the Spiritual Master of

Green Lotus, gong landed on the face of the spiritual master of Green Lotus.


‘An extremely shrill scream was heard. Half of the spiritual master of Green Lotus’face was instantly corroded, revealing the ghastly white tiger inside.

“Old Thief! I didn’t expect you to be so sinister!”

Reverend Green Lotus roared furiously as he quickly swallowed seven or eight medicinal pills. Only then did the black air on his face lessen a little.

By the side, Saint Heartless was a little surprised to see this scene of a rabbit rising and falling, but she wasn’t too shocked either. She hurriedly threw aside the storage ring that she had obtained from Reverend Divine Treasure.

“Fairy, there’s nothing wrong with your storage ring. Now that this guy has been seriously injured, as long as you and I work together to take him down, our previous agreement still stands. When the time comes, I will hand over all my assets to you. I only want this body!”

‘The Spiritual Master of Divine Treasure said in an extremely fast tone. Although he pretended to be alright, there was still a trace of blood qi spreading around his neck like a worm.

“Fairy! This old bastard is cunning. Will he be willing to hand over his life savings to you? It is more important for us to kill him together. When the time comes, we will split all the spoils of war equally!”

Spiritual Master Qinglian covered his face and roared. As he spoke, more than ten puppets appeared behind him. One of them even emitted the fluctuations of the tribulation stage.

Holy Mother Heartless glanced at the two of them and retreated to the edge of the formation. She said indifferently, “I will not interfere in the grudges between the two of you. I will leave now.”

After saying this, she actually wanted to drill into the spiritual energy passage.


However, the moment she touched the spiritual energy passage, the entire formation suddenly shattered and turned into a rain of light that filled the sky.

Amidst the chaos, the spiritual master of Divine Treasure suddenly sent out a mountain-shaped magic treasure.

This mountain was seven-colored in color. As soon as it flew out, it expanded into a thousand-meter-long giant against the wind.

At the same time, the Spiritual Master of Divine Treasure’s body also rapidly expanded. Not long after, it became the size of a mountain, with eyes as wide as vajra, it took advantage of the situation to raise the huge mountain and smashed it toward the spiritual master of Green Lotus below with a destructive


Spiritual Master Qinglian looked at the rapidly growing shadow above his head. One of his intact eyes was filled with solemnity.


With a low shout, spiritual master Qinglian pointed to the sky with his finger. Spiritual Master Shenbao’s huge body suddenly turned scarlet red. Then, a violent explosion occurred at his heart, and countless blood spurted out, a shower of blood was set off in the secret realm.

Zhenren Shenbao grunted and staggered backward. The explosion of the little puppet that had sneaked into his body just now had severely injured his body in an instant.

However, it was better this way. It was better to have a short-term pain than a long-term pain. If the little puppet continued to devour spiritual energy, it would be even more troublesome. After all, he could not use the power of law in this secret realm, so he could only rely on spiritual energy and divine

abilities and secret arts.

“Old Bastard, today Tl let you experience my heavenly puppet Grand Formation!”

Taking advantage of this time, Daoist Green Lotus summoned the dozen or so puppets to his side. These puppets formed a special position and surrounded Daoist Green Lotus in the middle.

Then, Daoist Green Lotus rose into the air and shot toward Daoist divine treasure. The dozen or so puppets behind him kept sending spiritual energy into Daoist Green Lotus body.

spiritual Master Green Lotus‘aura increased rapidly. The moment he approached Spiritual Master Divine Treasure, a long sword suddenly flew out of its sheath and slashed toward spiritual master divine treasure’s huge body.

Spiritual master divine treasure steadied his body and quickly raised the mountain to block.


With a shocking explosion, the entire mystic realm began to tremble faintly.

“These guys are indeed tribulation transcending cultivators… even if they can’t use the power of laws, they are still far from being comparable to ordinary unity cultivators.”

Chen Chen, who was still lying in the middle of the array formation, quietly observed, not daring to move at all.

Like him, Saint Heartless, who was far away from the battlefield, was also observing. Looking at the two people fighting in the high sky, a faint light couldn’t help but flash in her eyes..

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