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Chapter 49: Tianyun Clan

Fifteen minutes later, Chen Chen descended steeply with his giant sword as he landed below the clouds.

Several mountains immediately appeared within his sight.

Sensing the intense ethereality in the surroundings, Chen Chen couldn’t help but exclaim in amazement, “The immortal land of an immortal family is indeed different from ordinary mountains!”

“The Tianyun Mountains cannot be considered immortal land. It’s just a regular nice place.” Xiao Wuyou said indifferently.

He then darted off, flying towards the highest mountain below with his sword, and soon landed in front of a large hall.

“The hall of the Tianyun Clan’s leader!”

Staring at the large, fancy words on the plaque in front of the great hall, Chen Chen felt uncontrollably oppressed.

“This hall is usually empty. It’s usually only open when there is a big event and the elders need to gather for a discussion.” Xiao Wuyou explained while walking toward the hall.

Chen Chen followed closely behind him as they both arrived in front of a statue.

The statue was that of an old man who had an immortal style with light and fluttery clothes. All that he was lacking was an ‘expert’ label.

Looking at the statue, Xiao Wuyou bowed and said solemnly, “I, Xiao Wuyou, the leader of the 28th generation of the Tianyun Clan, wishes to accept Chen Chen as the only personal disciple under the witness of you, Ancestor. I hope to gain your approval!”

After he spoke, Xiao Wuyou waved his hand vigorously as several sandalwood incense sticks flew from the table to the incense burner automatically and began burning up.

Hearing his words, Chen Chen looked at Xiao Wuyou in amazement.

If he had heard correctly, Xiao Wuyou seemed to have mentioned making him his only personal disciple!

However, the two of them had only known each other less than an hour! It seemed too much like a joke!

He was flattered and surprised!

Looking at Xiao Wuyou who was standing in front of him and dressed in a white robe with a sense of vicissitudes between his brows, Chen Chen became certain that he was definitely a handsome man in his younger years. At this point, Chen Chen couldn’t help but ask, “Master, do you trust me that much?”

“With qualifications like yours, there is no way you could be a spy from a rival sect as they won’t bear to send you out. That’s all I need to know.” Xiao Wuyou said rightfully.

“Then what if I’m a crook?” Chen Chen was a bit puzzled. Since Xiao Wuyou wanted to take him in as a sole personal disciple, he ought to put his character to the test no matter what, shouldn’t he?

“You’re a crook? Do I seem like a good guy?”

Xiao Wuyou’s words left Chen Chen speechless. However, he still felt that Xiao Wuyou really looked like a heroic warrior.

Chen Chen reckoned that Xiao Wuyao must have been popular with the young ladies, just like himself.

“Thank you for your trust, Master!” After a moment of silence, Chen Chen bowed to Xiao Wuyou solemnly.

No matter what, Chen Chen sincerely respected the person who was about to help him improve his skills, from the bottom of his heart.

Xiao Wuyou nodded and continued, “Chen Chen, I have never taken in a disciple or taught one before. Fortunately, your qualifications are excellent and you probably won’t make the teaching process difficult for me. From now on, you will cultivate here on the main peak; you can approach me directly if you encounter any difficulties. If I’m not around, you can look for me using the communication token.”

As he spoke, Xiao Wuyou took out a token and handed it to Chen Chen.

Chen Chen received the token with his face filled with astonishment.

Xiao Wuyou was indeed not great at teaching. Based on the knowledge he got from watching TV dramas in his previous life, there ought to be at least seven or eight entry tests before one could become a disciple.

How could a master not be at least a little compelling?

If he could ask questions whenever he had any doubts, wouldn’t that be the same treatment that others with connections to the clan were getting?

Before Chen Chen could finish criticizing the teaching techniques in his head, Xiao Wuyou spoke again.

“You can also directly tell me what resources you need. I will make the arrangements for you.”

Chen Chen inhaled sharply.

‘I can ask for any resources I need? I’m probably going to be completely reduced to a villain who abuses his authority!’

“Um, Master, aren’t you afraid that I might sell the resources you give me for Spirit Stones?”

Chen Chen asked cautiously.

After hearing Chen Chen’s words, Xiao Wuyou let out a slight frown as a tinge of puzzlement appeared on his handsome face. He then asked, “Why would you sell the resources for Spirit Stones? If you are in need of Spirit Stones, you can just ask for some from me directly.”


Chen Chen was almost moved to tears. Only an outstanding young man like him who had lived through two lives could have such smooth-sailing growth in such an environment.

If any other person who lacked strong willpower had such a master, he would definitely begin bullying everyone in the clan within a few years…

He was more like a father than a master!

“Master… can I go and visit the other areas?” Chen Chen asked again.

Such was also what Xiao Wuyou was concerned about. Although he had previously said that Chen Chen could directly ask for what he needed, he couldn’t go overboard and ask for things blindly without weighing the pros and cons. Besides, Xiao Wuyou may not have had some of the items that he might need.

“Yes, but you’d better not leave the Tianyun Mountains before you build your foundation. The thirteenth division of the demon clan suddenly lost many of their members in Ji Zhou, they will definitely send some people to investigate. You’ll be in danger if you leave the Tianyun Clan during this period of time.”

“Being able to walk around the Tianyun Mountains is enough for me!” Chen Chen exclaimed excitedly.

The Tianyun Mountains were hundreds of kilometers in circumference. By the time he was done exploring the entire perimeter, his cultivation level would likely be on par with his master. Why would he need to be worried about the demon clan?

Seeing Chen Chen’s grin, a heartened smile graced Xiao Wuyou’s face as he took out a small cloth bag and placed it into Chen Chen’s hand.

“Disciple, don’t show the ring that I gave you previously too often. Here’s a cloth bag for you. There are some materials inside that would be enough for you to cultivate for a period of time. There is also a handwritten copy of the ‘Tianyun Divine Thunder Technique’, the secret scripture of our clan. Remember to burn it after reading it. I have to go to the recruitment ceremony for new disciples. Just explore and take a look around this place. Remember, this is your residence.”

After receiving the cloth storage bag that Xiao Wuyou handed him, Chen Chen looked towards the direction Xiao Wuyou pointed and saw a courtyard that spanned across an area of hundreds of square meters, a few hundred meters away from the main hall.

The courtyard was surrounded by ethereality that had been lingering around for a long time. It was as if there was a special power that restricted the ethereality at all times.

“What a good place!” Chen Chen was fascinated.

‘This is like supreme luxurious VIP treatment!’

He then looked further into the storage bag, only to realize that apart from some secret books, there were hundreds of Spirit Stones, seven or eight bottles of various elixirs, a pair of soft armor that emanated a subtle elixir, and a white-colored token that was engraved with auspicious clouds.

“Thank you so much, Master!”

When Chen Chen saw the items in the bag, he felt a strong urge to drop to his knees and kneel down on the spot. At that moment, he felt parental love and affection from his master!

“Don’t mention it. These things are nothing to me. Okay, I’m going to attend the welcome ceremony for the new disciples.”

After Xiao Wuyou finished speaking, he flew up into the sky as he headed towards a mountain peak in the distance.

“Rascal! Are you the illegitimate son of the leader of the Tianyun Clan!?”

At that moment, Hu Xian’er finally had the guts to speak up, but her tone was full of jealousy.

Chen Chen didn’t bother to give her an answer. Instead, he took out the copy of the ‘Tianyun Divine Thunder Technique’ from his storage bag. He then started flipping through it casually.

‘I can read the characters but I don’t understand what the words mean when they’re put together!’

After putting away the secret book, Chen Chen took out the soft armor again. He could sense that it was impressive but he couldn’t pinpoint which part exactly.

However, since it was soft armor, it was most likely something that would protect his life. Hence, Chen Chen didn’t think much about it as he put it on.

“Damn it! It’s soft armor made from the hide of a thousand-year-old demon! Why did he give you such a precious item!?” Hu Xian’er began hopping mad with jealousy, as she stomped her feet while lying in Chen Chen’s arms.

Chen Chen chuckled and picked up the token again.

He then saw the words written on the token.

“Sacred Son of the Tianyun Clan”

There were also some words on the back.

“Junior Clan Leader.”

Looking at the token, Chen Chen became filled with mixed emotions as he suddenly froze in place.

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