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Chapter 48: Thank You, Master!

“Tian… Tianyun Clan Master, Xiao Wuyou… What- What are you doing here?” the middle-aged man asked, shivering.

From what he knew, it was terrifying enough to have two or three elders around. Yet, it turned out that the Tianyun Clan Master had arrived in person!

What kind of concept was that? If he had known this earlier, he would never have planned on hurting this new batch of pupils!

The Tianyun Clan Master was an expert of the elixir-forming stage and was as powerful as their division master. It would be useless to bring even fifty elders, let alone five!

“Haha, you’re pretty smart! You could actually predict our location.”

The Great Elders leisurely appeared from among the clouds as well, looking at the middle-aged man with amusement.

The middle-aged little Conan had only one thought left in mind.

‘This is it! The end of my life!’

But something occurred to him as he pondered over it. He turned to look at Chen Chen, who was standing beside Wei Shanhe, his eyes full of horror.

“You! You are-”

Before he could finish speaking, a bolt of lightning plummeted down from the heavens and struck him right on the head. In the blink of an eye, the middle-aged little Conan was reduced to ashes.

The demon clan elders, who had looked grim just a few moments ago, were now panicking terribly. They wanted to run for their lives, but much to their shock, they couldn’t move their feet at all.

“Xiao… Xiao Wuyou, don’t you find it embarrassing to come receive the new pupils in person, especially as the clan master?”

One of the demon clan elders was full of anger and sorrow as he looked at Xiao Wuyou, who was suspended high in the air.

The elders were getting along amongst themselves, yet the opponent called upon their big parent without even notifying them. They obviously weren’t playing by the rules!

“Xiao Wuyou, the 12th division of our demon clan has nothing to do with your Tianyun Clan. I’ll leave first!”

Elder Liu Huai, who was in charge of the puppets, gave a stiff remark and took off running right after. Right at that moment, however, a bolt of lightning descended from the sky and struck him on the head.

“Ahh! Xiao Wuyou, how dare you attack us juniors?! How shameless of you!” Liu Huai shrieked in agony, gathering all twelve of the puppets above his head.

A bolt struck down from the blue and Liu Huai vanished alongside the puppets, leaving only a pile of ashes behind.

“Ignorant,” Xiao Wuyou remarked as he shook his head, looking towards the rest.

Everyone from the demon clan was in despair after having witnessed what just happened. The demon clan elder in the lead looked towards Chen Chen with resentment, and remarked in a furious voice, “Brat, what talents do you really have, which made the Tianyun Clan Master come to receive you in person?! Could you be an innate spirit body?”

Upon hearing his words, the pupils all around Chen Chen put on strange looks, but no one said a word.

A streak of rage flickered across Xiao Wuyou’s eyes as he saw that, shortly after, a sword shimmering with lightning materialized in front of him.

“The division master will avenge us!” the demon clan people cried in rage the moment they saw the sword.

Before they could finish talking, the sword fell abruptly and thrust into the ground. An extremely horrendous force quickly spread, forming an impulse wave.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A series of explosions reverberated through the air. All of the people from the demon clan, including the elders, turned into a surge of blood mist.

“Amazing! Absolutely amazing!”

Chen Chen’s eyes were shining. His little balls of fire were like throwing stones at people in comparison to what the master just did, bombarding the enemies like a cannon!

“I guess they were right when they said that immortals could move the mountains and fill the seas. In the future, I’m going to be even greater than this!”

While being envious, Chen Chen also made a mental note to cultivate properly. Not only would he make his parents immortals, he would also become unrivaled!

Most of the recruited pupils were having the same thought at that moment, their eyes filled with anticipation for the path of cultivation.

“I’ve wanted to keep you as training tools for the pupils of my Tianyun Clan, but I don’t think there’s still a need now,” Xiao Wuyou muttered as he looked at the blood mist all over the ground, then cast a subtle glance at Chen Chen.

Chen Chen felt as if he had gone through an electric shock when the glance fell upon him and couldn’t help but shudder.

Right at that moment, a big group of people flew over from the sky in the distance, slowly landing in front of the new pupils. These were all elders of the Tianyun Clan, cultivators with foundation-building status or above.

“The issue has been dealt with. You should bring these pupils back to Tianyun Clan,” Xiao Wuyou ordered them when he met the group of elders.

Each of the elders took hold of two pupils and took flight without saying another word. Before long, nearly two hundred pupils had taken off into the sky.

Chen Chen was left behind with his three carriages, standing all by himself on his spot. Even Zhang Ji had been brought away.

Xiao Wuyou pointed at the long sword that he just used, and the sword spurted to a height of seven or eight meters and more than two meters in width in an instant. Xiao Wuyou then trod onto the sword and turned to look at Chen Chen.

Chen Chen knew what he meant, but he looked towards his three carriages instead, his face full of reluctance.

Xiao Wuyou chortled softly at that and tossed a ring to Chen Chen.

“Instill the ring with spirituality.”

Chen Chen took the ring and complied with Xiao Wuyou’s order. Very soon, he sensed the space hidden in the ring.

Upon rough estimation, it was about a hundred cubic meters in volume!

“So there really is such a thing as a storage ring! It’ll be so much easier to go on scavenging from now on!”

Chen Chen almost shed tears of joy. The clan master was such a kind man, to give him something so precious at their first meeting!

“It can’t keep living things,” Xiao Wuyou reminded him.

Chen Chen nodded in acknowledgement and started packing the items in the carriages to move into the storage ring. Before long, all that was left in his hands were just Hu Xian’er and the little morning glory.

At that moment, Hu Xian’er kept herself completely still, as if she was a plant like the little morning glory. She dared not move, fearing that Xiao Wuyou might notice her.

“Devils, like foxes, are cunning in nature. They are not good for rearing.”

But the more you fear something, the more likely it is that it would happen. The first thing Xiao Wuyou said was enough to make her shiver terribly.

“No worries, she appears to be a fox, but in fact, she’s a dog deep inside,” Chen Chen replied with a smile, then stepped onto the humongous sword.

Hu Xian’er was overwhelmed with mixed feelings upon hearing his words. At this moment, she really wished she was a dog demon, the very loyal kind!

Xiao Wuyou did not say anything in return. He simply turned to look ahead. The next moment, the giant sword began to soar, shooting towards the faraway distance.

In contrast to the people hauled off by the elders, flying on a sword was undoubtedly much cooler.

On the giant sword, Xiao Wuyou stared ahead into the distance, asking placidly, “Chen Chen, you were born in an ordinary village, right?”

“Yes, wasn’t I? Stone Village of Shichuan County, with less than a hundred villagers in total. In order to have me, I suppose we have used up a thousand years’ worth of luck. Now the whole village is counting on me to return and bring wealth to them!”

Chen Chen knew that Xiao Wuyou was investigating his background, so he did not conceal anything from him.

Xiao Wuyou nodded, then advised, “Don’t tell anyone about being an innate spiritual body. If you get exposed, I’m afraid you will attract great divine masters to come forth and abduct you. If that happens, I won’t be able to protect you.”

“I understand,” Chen Chen replied right away.

“Chen Chen, how do you feel about my thunder skill just now?”

“Splendid! It was extremely destructive and cool!”

“Do you wish to learn it?”

“Of course I do!” Chen Chen replied without the slightest bit of hesitation.

“Then you should address yourself as an acquired thunder spiritual body from now and train the paramount skill of the Tianyun Clan with me, the Tianyun Divine Thunder Formula.”

“Thank you, master!”

Upon hearing Chen Chen call him “master,” Xiao Wuyou was stunned for a moment, before flashing an understanding smile.

This young man was one who knew how to ingratiate himself with authority.

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