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Chapter 467: Extermination

“You… you came to the lower realm with us?”

Bai Dongsheng blurted out, but as soon as the words left his mouth, he was filled with regret.

This kid’s main body was in the upper realm, so he definitely couldn’t provoke the Evil Fiend Hall. But now that he had defeated You Ming in the lower realm, it could be considered as offending the Evil Fiend Hall.

And in order to let his main body live well in the upper realm, this kid would definitely kill him to silence him!

Thinking of this, cold sweat suddenly broke out on Bai Dongsheng’s forehead, and his entire body trembled like a sieve.

When the group of people behind Chen Chen saw this, their eyes were filled with a look of disdain.

Bai Dongsheng was, after all, a cultivator at the peak of the Void Refinement realm. Logically speaking, it shouldn’t be difficult for him to conceal his emotions. However, this person was suddenly frightened into such a state for some unknown reason.

This was really embarrassing for the immortal cultivators.

Chen Chen could see what he was thinking and said indifferently, “Bai Dongsheng, do you still want to live after falling into my hands?”


As soon as these words were said, Bai Dongsheng knelt on the ground, his face full of a pleading gaze and fear.

“Fellow Daoist, you and I have both ascended from this world after all. Why make things difficult for each other? As the saying goes, we are of the same root, so why be too anxious to fight each other? When I return to the upper realm in the future, we can still look out for each other, right? Apart from that, I can also help you this time!”

Bai Dongsheng spoke very quickly and clearly, afraid that he would not be able to express his value with just a few words.

Chen Chen sneered, stretched out his hand, and pressed a finger on Bai Dongsheng’s forehead.

Bai Dongsheng’s pupils instantly contracted to the extreme, and then he actually rolled his eyes in fear.

“Because you failed to transcend the tribulation, you left behind a serious psychological trauma. You’ve already been selfish to the extreme… you don’t need to live in this world anymore.”

Chen Chen said faintly, his speed of speech extremely slow.

In the end, he shot out a stream of spiritual energy from between him and pierced through Bai Dongsheng’s head, killing him.

Looking at the corpse lying on the ground, Chen Chen was somewhat disappointed.

Selfishness was actually the nature of all living beings, but there had to be a limit to everything.

It was not too bad for you to kill someone for the sake of your loved ones or for a precious treasure.

However, to betray the entire world for a small matter and to slaughter tens of millions of people for the sake of a tiny bit of profit, that was really hateful.

Bai Dongsheng was obviously such a person.

Fortunately, Bai Dongsheng had already been killed by him.

“Disciple, who are these people from the upper realm? What are they doing in the lower realm?” Yu Qiong, who was at the side, asked curiously.

Chen Chen told them about the purpose of the Evil Fiend Hall and the past that had happened in this world. Fifteen minutes later, the expressions of all the cultivators present became solemn.

The joy of reunion after a long separation was also diluted because of this.

Chen Chen said helplessly, “I will try my best to resolve this matter. If it really doesn’t work, I can only bring you all to the upper realm.”

In his heart, he actually wanted to stop the Evil Fiend Hall from slaughtering the living beings in this lower realm, but he was afraid that he could not do it. If he could not do it, he could only protect the people close to him.

“Forget it, Disciple. You should first go and meet your parents and meet the others. There’s no use in being anxious about this matter.”

Yu Qiong frowned and said softly.

Chen Chen nodded slightly and followed a group of people into the Grand Alliance.

In the Grand Alliance, his parents, Xiao Wuyou, Zhou Renlong, and the others were all present. They sighed when they saw Chen Chen.

At this moment, Chen Chen received a message in his transmission token.

It was a message from You Ming that he had gathered all his people to the Endless Sea of the eastern border of the human race.

It was obvious that You Ming was preparing to gather his forces after his defeat, but he did not expect himself to be one of them.

“The Boundless Sea of the eastern border of the human race… that place is close to the Jade Tripod Sect. If I gather all the cultivators there, can I capture them all in one fell swoop?”

Chen Chen muttered to himself, feeling that it was a little difficult.

There were more than a thousand cultivators in the Void Refinement realm. Even if some of them died in the internal strife, there were still around eight to nine hundred of them left.

If he wanted to eliminate so many cultivators, he would need to borrow an extremely large array formation. The array formation needed to be set up. He reckoned that if he rushed there now, there would already be cultivators there. He could not set it up in front of them.

There was also You Ming to take care of. Although he had defeated him, it was difficult to guarantee that he did not have any trump cards. It would not be easy for him to kill him. If he really forced him into a corner, he might come up with some special methods… At that time, he might be the one who would suffer.

This was also the reason why he chose to chase after Bai Dongsheng. After all, that You Ming was the personal disciple of the Evil Fiend Hall master.

If an expert of that level casually threw out something, it would be enough for the young cultivators to enjoy for their entire lives. For example, this clone of his, strictly speaking, was casually thrown out by Sky Scorpion.

“Big Brother, is it difficult?” Zhang Ji came over and asked.

Chen Chen nodded slightly and said, “It is a bit difficult, but it is not impossible. Zhang Ji, is there a high-level member of the Void Spirit Clan in the Grand Alliance back then?”

“Yes, I will call him over right away.”

After saying that, Zhang Ji turned around and left. Not long after, he brought a white-bearded old man over. The white-bearded old man obviously already knew Chen Chen’s identity, and he looked at Chen Chen with respect.

“Big Brother, this is the grand elder of the spirit Void Spirit Clan, Elder Li. He is the junior brother of the previous sect master. He has just stepped into the Void Refinement realm this year, and is also an elder of the Grand Alliance now,” Zhang Ji introduced.

Elder Li hurriedly bowed towards Chen Chen.

After Chen Chen helped him up, he asked, “Elder Li, does your Void Spirit Clan keep any special corpses? or some strange objects?”

Upon hearing this, Elder Li quickly replied, “Yes, the Void Spirit Clan actually has a secret treasure vault. During the war between the two races, most of the resources inside were used up, leaving only some strange things. There are probably hundreds of them. As we don’t know how to use these things, they are still piled up in the treasure vault.”

When Chen Chen heard this, he quickly said, “Then I’ll have to trouble Elder Li to bring me over to take a look.”

“Alright!” Elder Li nodded in agreement.

After that, Chen Chen bade farewell to everyone and brought along Zhang Ji and Elder Li as they flew towards the direction of the Void Spirit Clan.

Under the current circumstances, the only way to distract You Ming was to rely on the corpse of the previous hall master.

If they found the corpse and used the corpse as an excuse, they might be able to attract You Ming and the others from the Void Refinement realm over.

He would then set up a formation at a specific location in advance. At that time, he should have a chance to capture all of them in one go.

If it wasn’t available in the Void Spirit Clan’s treasure vault, then he was prepared to use a chance to track them for ten thousand miles.

In short, the Hall Master’s corpse was the key to solving the current problem.

The western border of the human race was adjacent to the eastern border of the demon race. With Chen Chen’s speed, it did not take long for the three of them to arrive at the Void Spirit Clan’s headquarters.

This place had been invaded by the demon race before, but now, the traces could no longer be seen. There were many cultivators inside, but most of them were new disciples.

“Alliance Master, this way please.”

Elder Li led Chen Chen into the Void Spirit Clan. They advanced all the way and soon arrived at the foot of the main peak.

After opening a secret formation, a huge cave appeared in front of Chen Chen.

There were many bright pearls embedded in the walls of the cave, illuminating the cave as if it was daytime. Without hesitation, Chen Chen took a few steps and arrived at the deepest part of the cave.

In front of him, there were no spirit stones, no elixirs, and no all kinds of magical treasures. There were only some sundries stained with dust, which didn’t seem to be of much value.

Chen Chen was too lazy to identify them carefully, so he directly asked the system.

“System, within a radius of ten thousand meters, are there any remains of the Evil Fiend Hall Master?”

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