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Chapter 468: Take The Bait

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“The leg bone of the Evil Fiend Hall Master lays three meters in front of you, Host.”

Upon hearing this answer, Chen Chen’s eyes lit up. He quickly searched according to the system’s guidance and soon found a leg bone that was as long as an arm,

compared to the skeleton that had created his clone, this leg bone was much more fragile. It had even turned into a fossil.

From the looks of it, Chen Chen dared to bet that even if he had died ten thousand years ago, that bone still looked more like the remains of a mighty being than this bone.

“How did it become like this?”

As Chen Chen observed, he took out the shadow stone and preserved the shape of the leg bone in the shadow stone.

“Big Brother, what is this?” Zhang Ji asked curiously.

“The remains of a mighty being, the kind that is about to become an immortal.”

Chen Chen said faintly, then sighed and put the leg bone into his storage ring.

There was only one leg bone in this treasure trove. It looked like he still had to use the ten thousand mile tracking.

“System, use the 5,000-kilometer tracking opportunity to find the Evil Fiend Hall master’s remains.”

Chen Chen had just asked the system when the system gave an answer.

“There is a hand bone a 50 kilometres west of the host, and a shoulder blade 15 kilometers east of the host…”

There were dozens of them listed in this list. It was obvious that the previous hall master, the evil emperor, had completely fallen apart.

Even if these dozens of them were gathered together, they might not be able to form a complete skeleton.

Two hours later.

Chen Chen gathered all the hall master’s remains and put them together. The truth was just as he had thought. Not only was it not complete but it was also far from complete. He could only barely make out that it was a humanoid creature.

“Big Brother… so this is a mighty figure?”

“That’s right, this is a mighty figure. Heh, as long as one doesn’t live forever, they will eventually become like this.”

Chen Chen laughed and put away the corpse. Then, he brought Zhang Ji to a deep mountain far away from the Void Spirit Clan.

Back then, he had obtained quite a number of formation diagrams from the storage ring he had obtained from Sky Scorpion. All of them were extremely powerful formations. He randomly chose a formation that had a simple requirement and began to set it up around this deep mountain.

However, even if it was a simple formation, he and Zhang Ji had already set it up for a whole day.

There was no other way. After all, that was the secret stash of a tribulation transcender.

When everything was ready, Chen Chen took a deep breath.

Since things had come to this point, he had to arrange for all the cultivators from the upper realm… this was something that could not be helped.

After making up his mind, he released Xie Lingzi. This fellow had not woken up ever since he was knocked out by him, but Chen Chen knew that he had actually woken up a long time ago.

“Ahem, it looks like this guy won’t wake up. Since that’s the case, let’s kill him. There might be something valuable on him.”

Chen Chen casually said this, and Xie Lingzi immediately bounced up, with tears in his eyes, he said, “Fellow Daoist Zhang Ji, you are a magnanimous person. If you have something to say, let’s talk it out. Look, this is my storage ring. I’ll give it to you! I only beg you to spare my life!”

Zhang Ji, who was standing at the side, was dumbfounded when he heard that. He could not react in time.

Why did big brother let out a person who had just woken up to beg for his life?

And how did this person know his name?

Just as he was confused, Chen Chen slapped Xie Lingzi unconscious. A moment later, he shook him up again.

“You know that begging me is useless, so you beg my best brother? Hmph! Forget it. Since that’s the case, I’ll give my brother face and spare your life.”

Xie Lingzi was in a daze from the beating. When he heard that he would spare his life, he could only nod his head subconsciously.

Zhang Ji, who was at the side, was rather touched.

It was obvious that his big brother had mentioned his name frequently, which was why he had captured a captive and knew about him.

And now, because the other party had mentioned his name, he was prepared to let the other party off. This big brother… was really generous.

“Big Brother, you don’t have to give me face. Do what you have to do. If you have to kill, Kill.”

Zhang Ji said with a smile.

Chen Chen smiled calmly to cover up his embarrassment. Then, his expression turned stern as he looked at Xie Lingzi.

“Xie Lingzi, I’ll give you a chance to live. Let’s see if you can grasp it well.”

“Zhang…” The moment Xie Lingzi uttered the first word, he was frightened by Chen Chen’s fierce gaze and swallowed it back.

He only regained his senses a moment later and addressed Chen Chen as Senior.

“Senior, I will… I will make good use of this opportunity.”

Chen Chen nodded and said, “Take out your communication token and rush to You Ming. Tell them that you found the remains of the previous Hall Master.”

“Huh? But I didn’t find it!”

Xie Lingzi exclaimed.

“You found it. This is it.”

Chen Chen said as he took out the skeleton, causing the corners of Xie Lingzi’s eyes to Twitch.

This was too fake. If he were to pass on false information to You Ming and the others, it would be difficult for him to escape death.

When he thought of this, he felt some resistance in his heart.

When Chen Chen saw this, he said coldly, “Do you think I’m lying to you? Let me tell you, this is the remains of the previous hall master. It’s just that the battle back then was too intense, and he used up all the divinity in his body. That’s why he’s like this now.”

Xie Lingzi still did not believe it.

“Senior… If that’s the case, then why don’t you contact Lord You Ming to earn this merit?”

Chen Chen suddenly smiled, and his smile was a little scary.

Being stared at by that terrifying gaze, Xie Lingzi instantly broke down.

“I agree, I’ll do it!”

After saying that, he took out his communication token. After seeing the gathering message, he was stunned for a moment. Then, he sent a message, “Lord, I can’t go gather for the time being because it’s very likely that I’ve found the remains of the previous Hall Master!”

After sending this message, Xie Lingzi’s face turned ashen. Not long after, he received a reply.

“What does it look like?”

Hearing that, Xie Lingzi looked at Chen Chen. Seeing that Chen Chen pointed at the remains on the ground, he could only helplessly say, “It looks very ordinary, and it’s even incomplete.”

“Then how did you determine that it was the remains of the Palace Master?”

When Xie Lingzi saw that, he looked at Chen Chen again. Chen Chen opened his mouth slightly and said a few words, xie Lingzi quickly replied, “This corpse carries our Evil Fiend Hall’s token with it. Moreover, according to the sect that possesses this corpse, this corpse has existed for around 10,000 years… I think there’s someone else besides the hall master.”?

“Of course, if you don’t think it’s the hall master, then just pretend that you didn’t say anything.”

“Where are you? I’ll bring people over right away.”

You Ming did not say whether it was the case or not, but his attitude explained everything.

In fact, after the death of a top-notch mighty figure, they would be exactly the same as ordinary people, because they could easily mobilize all the life force and spirit energy in their bodies to repair all sorts of injuries.

Therefore, if a mighty figure were to fall, then all the life force and spirit energy in his body would definitely have completely disappeared. Such a corpse would be no different from an ordinary person.

Seeing this inquiry, Chen Chen said a few more words in a low voice.

Xie Lingzi understood and first told him the current address, then he replied, “Sir, this corpse is a treasure of a sect. I only took a glance at it. If I want to take it away, I’m afraid it’s unlikely. The sect’s array formation is extremely powerful. Even a cultivator at the peak of the Void Refinement realm might not be able to break it.

“I’ve just observed it. If I really want to take away this corpse, I need to organize a large number of people to attack this array formation from all directions at the same time. Only then will it be possible to break the array formation and enter the sect.”

“Don’t worry. I’ve already given the order to gather all the punitive expedition cultivators. In half a day at most, we’ll be able to gather everyone. When that time comes, we’ll go to the most powerful faction in this realm. The place you’re pointing at is the only way. We’ll be able to appraise the hall master’s remains there first.”.

“If it’s true, we’ll definitely reward you.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen let out a breath.

It was not a waste of his efforts to find bait, and now the fish…. had indeed taken the bait.

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