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Chapter 46: Storm Rising

Meanwhile, someone silently left the crowd in the school yard, quickly returning to a nearby inn.

In the corner of the inn’s lobby, a middle-aged man in ordinary clothes was eating. On the surface, he was not different from other ordinary people in the slightest.

The man who had left the school yard went over in his direction immediately upon seeing him.

“Brother, something happened in the school yard just now. I think it’s weird.”

“What’s the matter? Was there some amazing disciple?” the middle-aged man asked indifferently, taking a sip of his drink while he asked.

The two of them were not ordinary people, but disciples of the 13th branch of the State of Zhou Demon Clan.

There were 36 branches under the State of Zhou Demon Clan, and their branch was responsible for dealing with the Tianyun Clan.

The two clans had fought secretly for thousands of years, and their feud could no longer be described as simple dislike.

It could be said that as long as they made the other clan feel miserable, it was worth feeling the same way.

They were like water and oil, never able to mix.

“It’s hard to say. The elder of the Tianyun Clan was making everyone who felt gifted go on stage, and a young man did.

After this young man came on stage, the elder froze for a long time before he praised the young man as being pretty good.”

Upon hearing this, the middle-aged man put down his glass, his eyes showing some interest.


“After that, he said everyone present should consider for five minutes whether they really wanted to embark on the road of cultivation. Then he went backstage by himself.”

Hearing this, the middle-aged man’s eyes lit up and he muttered, “The elder of the Tianyun clan who came to Jizhou to recruit disciples this time is called Wei Shanhe. He is not a conceited man and is all about cultivation.

“He is definitely not the kind of person who likes to talk nonsense and be fake.”

“Then what could it mean?”

“Younger brother, what was Wei Shanhe’s expression when he saw the young man?”

“Shocked, bewildered, disbelieving.”

The middle-aged man slapped the table sharply when he heard this, then smiled.

“Hah! That young man must have a very good aptitude for sure. Wei Shanhe is an old fart who doesn’t have the ability to be inscrutable. When he made the people present think for five minutes, he was probably asking for help from the Tianyun Clan.

If he was this anxious, the young man’s aptitude was probably better than Murong Yunlan!

“What can we do? If the Tianyun Clan really sent more elders over, we may not have enough manpower!”

The man seemed worried after hearing what his senior had to say.

Earlier, the people in their branch in Blue Wind City tried to grab Murong Yunlan. They had failed, but they did not give up. In the past few days, all the undercover Demon Clan members in Ji Zhou were summoned to the vicinity of Ji Zhou City, ready for a big mission. The mission was not only to grab Murong Yunlan but also to kill whichever elder of the Tianyun Clan came to Ji Zhou to recruit disciples.

The mission was crucial because the Supreme Elder of the first branch of the Demon Clan was going to have a thousand-year-old birthday, and he had clearly stated that he wanted a woman with a very yin body as the cauldron.

In order to kiss up to the first branch, they had to have an elaborate mission.

“No worries.” The middle-aged man waved his hand, looking assured of his strategy.

“Our elder uncle had already made arrangements, borrowing someone from You Zhou nearby. Together, with them, we now have the combat power of four elders. As long as the Tianyun Clan did not send more than three elders, we have more than enough power to clean them up.”

“That’s good. The Tianyun Clan is destined to lose this time. Brother, I will go check out the situation again. If we succeed this time, the clan leader will definitely reward us!”

“Go. This time, we will not only capture Murong Yunlan, but take care of a few Tianyun elders too. Plus, that genius disciple… We’ll really show the Tianyun Clan what pain is! Haha!”

The middle-aged man drank another cup of liquor, a sneer present on his face.

Unlike the 36 clans of the State of Jin, their 36 branches in the Demon Clan were much more united and often shared power with each other.

So, in the rivalry between the State of Zhou and the State of Jin, their State of Zhou often had the upper hand.

He didn’t think about whether the Tianyun Clan would send more elders at this time.

It was just an event to welcome a few disciples. So, it would be another one or two elders at most.

After all, no matter how talented the disciple was, he was only a disciple, not the future clan leader.

At the same time, the Tianyun Clan elder, Wei Shanhe, finally returned to the stage.

He felt calm now.

When the clan leader said everyone was coming… What did it mean?

He didn’t know if ordinary disciples would come, but the clan leader and a few Supreme Elders definitely would, and maybe the dozens of elders stationed in the clan as well.

With this lineup, not only were a few spies from the Demon Clan not a problem, even if an entire Demon Clan branch came, they would have a good fight.

With this thought, his smile became more beatific.

When the thousands of people below the stage saw his creepy smile, many of them couldn’t help but shrink their necks away from his direction.

“The next 100 people will now go on stage. The elder will check whether you have the qualifications to cultivate immortality.”

Hearing what was said, people began to take the stage, one after another.

The process of checking qualifications lasted about two hours. In the end, only 20 out of the thousands of people in the school yard met the requirements of the Tianyun Clan.

Wei Shanhe did not show any disappointment in this regard, still showing a kind expression. He even comforted a group who had lost, which made many people grateful.

“Elder brother, the elders of the Tianyun Clan are quite approachable.”

When Zhang Ji saw this scene, his affection for Wei Shanhe increased greatly.

“Indeed. We don’t know what the atmosphere in the Tianyun Clan is like. Is everyone competitive, or is it everyone just hanging out together?”

Chen Chen was also a little curious about his future clan. Of course, he cared the most about the Tianyun Mountains, where the clan was located. How many treasures were hidden there?

The land for cultivating immortality was a place full of spiritual energy, far above the typical mountains and forests they had encountered on their journey.

There must be more opportunities for treasures there than the outside world. It was the kind of place where he could really use the power of the system.

“Well, in the future, you will be the disciples of Our Tianyun Clan. I hope you will practice with determination after you arrive at the clan, and do not shame the name of our clan!”

After the thousands of people in the school yard dispersed, Wei Shanhe turned his head and looked at the 200 people who had been selected. His expression was now solemn.

The disciples were also very excited as they answered in unison, “Disciples will not disappoint the elder!”

Entry into the Tianyun Clan was a huge step forward for the disciples. Even if they couldn’t continue their cultivation in the future, they would still be a high-ranking official when they returned to the mortal world.

Today could be said to be a life-changing day for them!

“Very well. Let’s rest in Ji Zhou City today. Gather here early tomorrow morning, and then we will set off for the Tianyun Clan!”

Wei Shanhe waved his hand and floated away.

In the distant Tianyun Mountains, there was an uproar at this moment. Nearly 100 figures were flying high above the clan.

“Elders, what is going on today? Are we going to fight the Demon Clan?”

The disciples on the ground asked in shock.

“I don’t know, it certainly looks possible! Look, even the retreating elders have all come out!”

“What the- What should we do?”

Before all the disciples had stopped discussing the situation, the nearly 100 figures in the sky flew toward Ji Zhou.

The momentum could be said to cover the sky and the sun.

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