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Chapter 45: I’m Panicking

“Stone Village, where is that?”

“He’s a rural villager? No wonder he doesn’t know his worth.”

“Now we have a show to watch.”

Thousands of people in the audience were quiet for a while, then they began to talk all at once, some of them even laughing a little.

The elder of the Tianyun Clan couldn’t laugh, however. He could clearly see the direction of heaven and earth’s ethereality at his level of cultivation.

If someone had the aptitude for cultivating immortality, ethereality would not reject this person.

After practicing certain exercises in the future, he would be able to introduce heaven and earth ethereality into his body.

When he wanted to see whether a group of people had the aptitude for cultivating immortality, the action he took was very simple: release some ethereality. If they had the ethereality over their head, they would be fit to cultivate immortality.

Some people with good qualifications, such as Murong Yunlan, could absorb a small amount of ethereality into their body, even if they hadn’t officially started practicing.

But the young man in front of him…

He had absorbed all of the ethereality he had released!


To be precise, it was as if the ethereality had spontaneously poured into this young man’s body, as natural as the return of various rivers to the sea!

‘He has an innate spirit body! And not the typical kind either!’

There were tumultuous feelings present in the heart of the elder of the Tianyun Clan.

There were several types of innate spirit bodies. Due to the different ethereal properties between heaven and earth, some innate spirit bodies naturally attracted wood ethereality. This kind of innate spirit body was called innate wood spirit body.

But this kid in front of him seemed to be accepting everything, regardless of their properties.

‘Does he have the legendary innate spirit body called the body of origin?’

The elder’s eyes twitched, his hands trembling slightly.

The body of origin was a rare physique in the world. Forget the State of Jin, even if one considered the dozen or so surrounding countries, it had never appeared before.

Legend had it that a certain true immortal possessed this physique tens of thousands of years ago, but it had never been confirmed.

If this kid really had the body of origin, then it was a very shocking event!

If rival clans found out about it, the Tianyun Clan would be destroyed within minutes.

Even clans friendly with Tianyun would not sit back and watch, especially the nation-guarding clan above them in the State of Jin. They would most likely snatch this disciple away.

And then they would destroy the Tianyun Clan.

‘D*mn, I was just talking randomly! Who knew someone like this would really show up? What to do?’


The elder of the Tianyun Clan stood there with a dazed expression, as if he was not looking at a young man, but a bloody storm. Cold sweat broke out across his forehead.

“What is it? Elder, are you feeling alright? Or do you think my aptitude is unfit? To tell you the truth, I am already…”

Chen Chen was about to mention his cultivation level, but the elder suddenly interrupted him, pretending to be calm.

“Not bad. Your qualification isn’t bad.”

The elder of the Tianyun Clan knew that his facial expression was a bit exaggerated at the moment. If this was seen by a mole in the clan, they would probably think something was up.

If he said that this young man did not have the qualifications to cultivate immortality, and then snuck him away afterwards, it would be too much of a cover-up and the young man could potentially become a target.

As soon as he said this, the audience became silent.

How many people here could make the Tianyun Clan elder say they have good qualifications?

Probably just Miss Murong and the son of the Ji Zhou general.

Who knew this kid would receive this kind of affirmation too?!

He was naturally outstanding!

Thinking of this, the group began to feel jealous, their faces appearing as if they had eaten lemons.

Little Huan, Miss Murong’s maid, was feeling even more sour than the rest. The jealousy in her eyes was practically gushing out at the moment.

‘For what?! It’s unfair!’

Chen Chen ignored the thousands of resentful eyes behind him and patted his chest, saying, “I feel relieved now that the elder has said that. I thought I was too weak.”

The elder glanced at Chen Chen with faint resentment, secretly cursing him in his heart.

‘God, the body of origin has a natural cultivation base. You are at the third level of qi without relying on any exercises. Don’t you know what kind of qualification you have? Look at the group of people here. Is anyone else like you?!’

“Elder, can I stand over there?”

Chen Chen ignored the elder’s gaze and pointed to Zhang Ji’s team, speaking with a smile.

“Go,” the elder of the Tianyun Clan said calmly, reluctantly suppressing the excitement in his heart.

When Chen Chen heard this, he walked over to Zhang Ji.

“Big brother, you’re amazing!”

Zhang Ji couldn’t help but praise Chen Chen when he came over.

His elder brother was indeed the elder brother. Even the elder of the Tianyun Clan said he was amazing! This made him, his little brother, feel honored as well.

“It’s just so-so. I’m not that impressive,” Chen Chen waved his hand around, his face very calm.

As the elder heard the conversation of the two individuals behind him, his suppressed emotions began to fluctuate once again, the corners of his eyes continuously twitching.

After considering his words for a long time, he suddenly said to the thousands of people on the school field, “The road of immortality is hard and far less than the glamour of the world. Are you really certain about going on this road?”

The people on the school field looked at each other when they heard those words, some of them not understanding what he meant by them.

If they weren’t certain, why would they have suffered all those hardships to come to Ji Zhou?

Why was the elder talking nonsense?

But despite the doubts in their mind, no one dared to question him out loud.

The elder of the Tianyun Clan spoke up again, “I will give you another five minutes to seriously consider it. Once you get on this stage, there is no way out!”

After that announcement, the elder of the Tianyun Clan slowly walked towards the back of the stage. When he reached a place where there was no one else present, his emotions exploded, and his old face began to twist.

‘D*mn! What do I do?!

‘Could anyone notice how out of sorts I was?

‘If others find out that I plan to take a body of origin back with me, I will be beaten into meat sauce halfway through!

‘This is about the fate of the Tianyun Clan, so I have to ask the clan leader. If the Tianyun Clan is destroyed later, it will then be his fault!’

At this thought, the elder took out a special token, flicking it with his finger.

This was the messenger token of their Tianyun Clan, which only a few key people in their clan had.

“Leader, something major happened. A terrifying young man appeared among the disciples recruited this time. He is likely to be the original body. What should I do? It’s very urgent! Please answer as soon as you possibly can!”

After writing this paragraph, the Tianyun Clan elder paced back and forth, anxiously waiting for a response. After a while, the messenger token finally lit up.

“Is this true? You’re not mistaken?”

“There is no trace of any exercises in the kid, but he has already reached the third level of qi training. As soon as my ethereality was released, it spontaneously went into his body. Leader…”

As the elder wrote this out, the messenger token suddenly cracked.

Seeing this, the elder became speechless. This must be because the leader was too excited and broke the token over on the other side.

Seeing that the messenger token was about to be damaged, the elder did not dare talk nonsense. He quickly relayed the most critical information, explaining, “Leader, this matter is very important, and I am afraid! Could you send a few elders to meet me? If something happens, I can’t handle it alone!”


As soon as his message was transmitted, the messenger token exploded, turning into powder.

At the same time, several streams of ethereality formed words right in front of him.

“Don’t panic. Our Tianyun Clan will all come out and meet you!”

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