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Chapter 457: Kindness And Charity

After everyone had left, the fat cultivator Chi Xiang suddenly came to Chen Chen’s side and blinked his eyes. “Fellow Daoist, have you really learned the art of Heavenly Dao? It can’t be the art of deception and swindling, right?”

Chen Chen glanced at him with a rather disdainful expression.

Although more than half of the senior experts who walked outside were swindlers, he was truly capable. How could he be a swindler?

Chi Xiang saw his expression and said with some doubt, “It’s true that there are no experts in the great world behind the spatial rift. However, what those Earth Lethal Sect cultivators said is also true. Under normal circumstances, such a large world would have top experts, but this great world lacks them. Don’t you think it’s strange?”

Seeing that this person was testing him, Chen Chen said indifferently, “There are all kinds of strange things in the world. What’s so strange about this?”

Chi Xiang saw that he could not test Chen Chen’s depth and immediately stopped talking. He curled his lips and sat in front of the spatial rift cross-legged to cultivate.

Chen Chen sensed that this person’s cultivation was probably at the peak of the Spirit Severing Stage.

For someone with this kind of cultivation to be addressed as a Fellow Daoist by the high-level officials of the Earth Lethal sect just now, it was obvious that this person had real abilities in other aspects.

Chen Chen maintained a trace of vigilance against this person, and then fell into deep thought.

Now that he had seen the spatial rift, how could he claim this spatial rift as his own?

Destroying the Earth Lethal sect was obviously impossible. Not to mention that he did not have the strength now, even if he were to really destroy it, the spatial rift would not be able to take it away.

And it was really too difficult to trick the Earth Lethal sect into becoming like the Golden Saint Sect. After all, the Earth Lethal sect still had the Evil Fiend Hall above it, and it was not a sect like the Golden Saint sect that had not seen the world before.

This made Chen Chen feel a little awkward.

In the blink of an eye, half a month had passed.

During this half a month, the spatial rift kept on changing. In the end, the black spiral pattern actually turned into a kind of ripple shape similar to the surface of the water. Through the ripple, one could even see some scenes of the other world from time to time.

Chen Chen stared at the rift without blinking, trying to see some familiar scenes or people.

Chi Xiang sighed on the side.

“It’s a pity that the spatial rift didn’t expand. No matter what the situation in the other world is, it’s impossible to enter that world just by relying on this spatial rift.

“And from the looks of it, this spatial rift will only last for another year before it disappears. It’s not very realistic to trade it.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen was both happy and sad.

He was happy that it was impossible for the cultivators from the upper realm to invade the lower realm through this spatial rift.

He was sad that he could not go through to bring his companions from the lower realm to the upper realm.

Just as he was feeling conflicted, Chi Xiang walked over again and threw a jade slip into the spatial rift.

Chen Chen’s eyes lit up when he saw this. He quickly asked, “Can the people from the other world receive it?”

“They can receive it, but the laws of space are different. I reckon they won’t be able to open it. Haha, I can imagine them racking their brains but they can’t get the gist of it. How interesting.”

Chi Xiang said with a grin, his face full of mischief.

Chen Chen took out a piece of Spirit Crystal and threw it in. Chi Xiang’s expression suddenly froze, and he said painfully, “Fellow Daoist, this is too extravagant! That’s a piece of Spirit Crystal, and you just threw it away like that!”

“I don’t lack crystals. Considering how people from the other world would be happy to receive crystals, I think it’s very interesting.”

Chen Chen said calmly.

Since Chi Xiang said that people from the other world could receive it, then of course he had to throw something over.

After the giant crab sea monster flew to the upper realm, it specifically mentioned this spatial rift. It was obvious that this spatial rift was now in the hands of the top experts in the lower realm.

If he threw something over, it was highly likely that it would fall into the hands of his own people.

If it were not for Chi Xiang being here, he would be throwing things crazily right now.

“Not lacking in crystals? Alright, Fellow Daoist, you’re really generous.” Chi Xiang thought that this person was pretending, and a hint of disdain appeared in his eyes.

As he spoke, Chen Chen threw another piece of crystal into the spatial rift. The corners of his eyes twitched, but he did not say anything.

‘Since this person wants to act like a mighty figure, then let him act like one. After all, these are not my Spirit Crystals.’

Chen Chen did not care about his feelings. He thought for a moment and threw a bottle of medicinal pills over.

This medicinal pill was called the Invigorating Pill. It contained extremely dense spiritual energy, enough to allow void refining cultivators to advance several realms.

If this was in the lower realm, it would be considered a heaven-defying treasure. However, in the upper realm, it was just average. After all, it was only used by void refining cultivators.

Seeing this, Chi Xiang still did not say anything.

Immediately afterwards, Chen Chen threw a few more protective magical treasures down. These protective magical treasures were not considered top-notch, but they were more than enough to withstand the Great Tribulation of Ascension in the lower realm.

At this time, Chi Xiang finally could not hold it in anymore and asked, “Fellow Daoist, could it be that you’re born to be kind and charitable? If that’s the case, why don’t you give me some Spirit Crystals? I’m very poor.”


As soon as he finished speaking, a Spirit Crystal landed in front of him.

Chi Xiang was flabbergasted. He quickly took the Spirit Crystal and confirmed that it was real.

After putting away the Spirit Crystal, he looked at Chen Chen, who was still throwing things, with a shocked gaze.

“Fellow Daoist, you’re an expert! You treat Spirit Crystals like dirt!”


Chen Chen chuckled twice and didn’t say anything. He just continued to send other things into the lower realm.

The value of these things was neither high nor low. They were all things that were useless to Spirit Severing Stage Unification Stage cultivators, but were of great use to void training cultivators.

In Chi Xiang’s eyes, Chen Chen had only lost some useless things and did not have any suspicions.

After a long time, Chen Chen took out a small Spirit Stone tablet and extended his finger to carve on it.

Chi Xiang couldn’t understand a single word of the ‘ancient characters’ carved on it.

However, when the cultivators from the lower realm saw these symbols, they knew that he was the one who sent those things to the lower realm.

When he thought of this, Chen Chen’s heart warmed, and his hand speed increased a few notches. It didn’t take long for the stone tablet to be fully carved and sent into the spatial rift.

As for what else he wanted to say, he would think of a way to send it down when Chi Xiang wasn’t paying attention.

At the same time.

At the spatial rift in the lower realm, a few cultivators were staring at the spatial rift without blinking.


With a strange sound, a piece of Spirit Crystal fell out.

One of the black-clothed cultivators took a step forward, took the Spirit Crystal, and laughed, “It fell out! It fell out again! F*ck! This place is so rich in spiritual energy! I didn’t expect that treasures would be dropped in this spatial rift too!”

“Commander Yuan, I’ll send a message to Sect Master Yu right now.”

“Send it, send it. Ask them to come over and have a look. I don’t know this thing either.”

Yuan Qingtian slightly absorbed the Spirit Crystal, and felt that the spiritual energy inside was like an ocean.

This was the last time he experienced this feeling when he went to the heartless sect with his senior brother to absorb the Spirit Crystal of the Earth.

“Could it be that this is also a type of Spirit Crystal?”

Yuan Qingtian muttered to himself. At that time, he felt that the spiritual energy in the Earth Spirit Crystal was as vast as the sea, but at that time, he was at the foundation establishment stage.

And Now? He was an expert at the middle stage of the Essence Soul Stage! It was still that kind of feeling!

The value of this treasure was probably no less than that of the Earth Spirit Crystal, and he had already obtained three of such things.


Just as he was secretly pleased with himself, another Spirit Crystal fell down, and he hurriedly kept it.


This time, the item that dropped was even more exaggerated. It actually dropped a medicinal pill bottle.

“It can drop this thing?”

“F*ck! It’s a treasure!” Before he could react, a small bell smashed onto his head again.

This bell was extremely heavy. Even without spiritual power to activate it, it still caused him to stumble, scaring him so much that he hurriedly dodged to the back.

Following that, all kinds of medicinal pills and treasures would pop out from the spatial rifts from time to time. Yuan Qingtian was grinning so hard that his mouth almost reached the back of his ears.

Who said that there wouldn’t be a pie falling from the sky? Wasn’t this crazy falling?

What was this monument?

Seeing that another stone monument had fallen down, Yuan Qingtian hurriedly took it and then glanced at it from the corner of his eye.

However, he couldn’t take his eyes off it.

The Pill Formula of the Foundation Establishment pill was carved on it with ancient characters.

If it was just ancient characters, it would be fine, but he was very familiar with the handwriting of these ancient characters.

“Senior Brother…”

Yuan Qingtian murmured softly, and his eyes suddenly became teary.

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