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Chapter 456: The World Behind The Rift

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“Another Fellow Daoist has come. Come on, quickly come here and take a look.”

A fat cultivator in the crowd was very enthusiastic. When he saw Chen Chen enter, he walked directly to Chen Chen’s side and pulled him to the spatial rift.

Chen Chen glanced at the spatial rift and then at the surrounding cultivators.

These cultivators could be divided into three sects.

One of them wore the clothes of an Earth Lethal Sect cultivator while the other wore red clothes. The fat cultivator who had dragged him in was one of them.

Other than that, there were cultivators who wore different clothes. It seemed that they were either itinerant cultivators or visiting dignitaries similar to him.

Putting aside the three sects, there were two people standing at the head of the hall, looking at them from afar.

These two people stood with their hands behind their backs and stayed silent. Their auras were extraordinary. One of them was a cultivator from the Earth Lethal Sect, which meant that he was one of the higher-ups of the Earth Lethal Sect. Chen Chen was also very familiar with the other person’s clothes.

He was a cultivator from the Evil Fiend Hall.

“Fellow Daoist, they said that this spatial rift is connected to an extremely high realm where there are true spirit realm experts. However, the Crimson Sky Sect believes that although the world behind this spatial rift is big, it is not high-end. It is very likely that there aren’t even Unification Stage experts. Fellow Daoist, what do you think?” The fat cultivator asked persistently.

Chen Chen gave the fat cultivator a deep look.

He had heard of the Crimson Sky sect before.

This sect was extremely good at formations, terrain, and the Dao of space. The sect had many Spirit Stone mines, so there was no need to say much about its foundation.

He did not expect that the Earth Lethal Sect would invite a cultivator from the crimson sky sect.

Moreover, this cultivator from the crimson sky sect did have some skills. He could actually see that there were no experts who had fused with the body after the spatial rift.

This was truly incredible.

If he did not have the system, he would not be able to tell whether the world behind this spatial rift was big or small just by looking at it.

Before Chen Chen could speak, a few cultivators from the Earth Lethal Sect beside him said, “This spatial rift vortex has helical patterns. There must be an extremely large world behind it. The Earth Lethal Sect still has this bit of experience.

“And an extremely large world usually means that there are powerful true spirits and cultivators. There are almost no exceptions!”

‘Helical patterns?’

Chen Chen took a glance at the spatial rift. That was indeed the case.

It seemed that the reason why the Earth Lethal Sect was so attentive and cautious about this spatial rift was because of the spiral threads.

In comparison, the Dragon World that Chen Chen went to the last time was a very small world. The spatial rift was just a black patch without any special features.

“What do you know!” The fat cultivator humphed in disdain. Then, he moved closer to the spatial rift and carefully sensed it before he opened his mouth again.

“Since there is a spatial rift, logically speaking, there should be spiritual energy seeping into our place, but there is no spiritual energy in this spatial rift at all.

What does this mean? It means that the level of spiritual energy in that world is far lower than that of our world. Not even the slightest bit of spiritual energy can squeeze in.

“With such a level of spiritual energy, it would be a miracle if a Unification Stage cultivator could be born.”

Both sides quickly began to express their opinions. As for Chen Chen, the new cultivator, he was directly ignored by both sides.

In fact, no one expected him to have any strategic opinions.

“Alright, you always come here to argue about this matter. What I want to know is, compared to a month ago, has this spatial rift expanded? Will there be a day when our cultivators have the chance to pass through this spatial rift and arrive at the great world behind it?”

Just as the debate between the two sides was getting more and more intense, the upper echelon of the Earth Lethal sect in the distance impatiently spoke up. The hall instantly turned silent.

After a long time…

The fat cultivator stood out and said softly, “Chief Elder, compared to a month ago… this spatial rift has not expanded by a single bit. However, it is a little more transparent.

“Even if we are unable to pass through this spatial rift in the future, it is still possible for us to exchange or even trade with the other world.”

“Exchange, trade.” the chief elder of the Earth Lethal Sect rubbed his heart, his expression rather displeased.

The Evil Fiend Hall cultivator at the side smiled and said, “If that world really has top-notch experts like true spirits, then the resources of this world will definitely be extremely rich. At that time, the top-notch experts of the Evil Fiend Hall will naturally be able to use this spatial rift to locate the location of that world. Then, they will open up a spatial passageway and enter that world. Chief Elder, why are you worried? No matter what, you will definitely have contributed a lot to discovering a great world.”

“You’re right, Dao brother. I was too hasty,” the chief elder said with a nod.

Then, he looked at the cultivators and said indifferently, “Everyone, come back in a month to check again. As for Fellow Daoist Chi Xiang, please stay around the spatial rift and keep an eye on the situation.”

“Alright,” the fat cultivator nodded and replied with a rather self-satisfied smile.

What did the chief elder of the Earth Lethal Sect mean by this?

It was obvious that he recognized that he was the best among them!

Chen Chen rolled his eyes and said loudly, “Chief Elder, I also want to stay here and observe this spatial rift.”

the chief elder looked at Chen Chen in surprise and asked in puzzlement, “You are?”

“I am Tian Yunzi. I learned some of the secrets of heaven from my master when I was young, so I can see a bit about this spatial rift.”

Chen Chen said with a smile, his expression unusually confident.

If he saw his own expression, he would believe it immediately.

“Oh? Tell me, what is the realm behind this spatial rift then.”

the chief elder immediately became interested and hurriedly asked.

Chen Chen thought for a moment and glanced at Chi Xiang. “The world after this is indeed as this Fellow Daoist said. There are no cultivators who have reached the Unification Stage or above.”

There was nothing he could do. The evil god temple cultivator had said that if there was a true spirit, he would directly let the top-tier powerhouses open the passage.

This kind of situation was something he absolutely did not want to see, so he might as well tell the truth.

“Fellow Daoist, you and I really think alike!”Chi Xiang laughed loudly.

On the other side, the chief elder was slightly disappointed when he heard this. He said helplessly, “Why are there no high-level cultivators?”

Chen Chen coughed lightly and said with some lack of confidence, “This is what I deduced from the heavenly secrets. We who cultivate the Heavenly Dao can sense the strength and weakness of the Heavenly Dao.

“Through this spatial rift, I can sense that the Heavenly Dao in that world is very weak.

“Such a weak heavenly Dao is impossible for nurturing high-level cultivators.”

The god on the other side had a grudge against him, so Chen Chen did not feel any psychological pressure when he slandered him.

Of course, the truth was the same. There were no high-level cultivators in the lower realm, not even at the Spirit Severing Stage.

“It seems that there is no need for the Evil Fiend Hall to do anything. Fellow Daoist, Farewell.”

When the cultivator from the Evil Fiend Hall heard this, he cupped his hands toward the chief elder and flew out of the hall.

Chen Chen heaved a sigh of relief. As long as the Evil Fiend Hall did not interfere in this matter, he was still very confident in controlling this spatial rift.

Seeing that the Evil Fiend Hall cultivators had left, the great elder did not want to stay here either. After casually waving his hand, he said, “You are a guest elder of our Earth Lethal Sect, right? If you want to stay here, then stay. If you can see anything, I will reward you handsomely!”

With that, he also left leisurely.

Not long after, only the fat cultivator and himself were left in the hall.

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