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Chapter 424: All Familiar Faces

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Three days later.

Chen Chen glanced at his storage ring, which was filled to the brim, and a satisfied smile appeared on his face.

With the system around, he did not need to worry about Spirit Stones. Three days of hard work was enough for a sect to be carefree for ten years.

Of course, it was still the same old rule. He did not touch any natural treasures.

“It’s a pity that this is a world where martial arts reign supreme, not money… otherwise, why would I need to keep such a low profile?”

Chen Chen sighed softly but he smiled very happily.

Before he left the Golden Saint Sect, he had said that he would return in a month. At this time, only three or four days had passed, and there was still a long time before he could return.

After thinking for a while, he found a remote place and took out the heart-seeking wall to begin comprehending.

Unfortunately, after looking at it for more than half a day, he still could not see through it. It no longer had the effect of being immersed in it with just a glance. It seemed that this heart-seeking wall could only be comprehended once by a person.

“I’m too greedy.”

Chen Chen put away the wall of truth and mocked himself.

After standing deep in the mountains and thinking for a while, Chen Chen decided to go to a big city and ask around for information about true spirit descendants.

Those great beings killed true spirits and took their souls as weapon souls. No matter how bad he was, he had to at least make a “Low-quality version”, right?

In the next few days, Chen Chen went to more than ten cities and asked around for information about true spirit descendants.

He had seen a lot of messy news, but unfortunately, those true spirit descendants were either too strong or too weak.

There were even some big cities that sold the true spirit descendants’ mounts, but the price was very high, and their cultivation levels were still below the Void Refinement realm. Such true spirit descendants would require a lot of money to train, and they would only be able to afford it in the future.

Although Chen Chen had the wealth, he didn’t have the time.

In the end, Chen Chen had no choice but to come to Yi City again. This city had the most cultivators coming and going, and the news was also countless. He wanted to try his luck here.

After searching for a day, Chen Chen once again came to Yi Xing Hall, the largest auction house in Yi City.

At this moment, a familiar figure came into his sight not far away.

“It’s him? Enemies really tend to meet often.”

Seeing that person, Chen Chen cursed. That person was none other than the disciple of the Evil Fiend Hall who had brought trouble to the Golden Saint Sect. He did not know his name until now.

However, that image was deeply imprinted in his mind.

The disciple of the Evil Fiend Hall simply did not recognize him. The two of them only brushed past each other and did not have any interaction.

In order to prevent trouble, Chen Chen even imitated the other cultivators around him and revealed a respectful expression.

However, before he could get a hundred meters away from the Evil Fiend Hall’s disciple, a group of black-clothed cultivators with golden patterns flew over from the sky and landed in front of the Evil Fiend Hall’s disciple.

Coincidentally, Chen Chen also recognized this black-clothed cultivator with golden patterns. If he remembered correctly, the Evil Dragon Sect’s disciple who went to the jade tripod sect that day was wearing this set of clothes.

Seeing this group of people, Chen Chen’s curiosity was piqued and he began to perk up his ears to listen.

Soon, the conversation between the two groups of people fell into his ears.

“We’ve already found the True Dragon’s descendant, but that fellow is wild and hard to tame. If Sir wants to take it as a mount, you have to tame it yourself.”

“I know, where is it?”

“In the Great Swamp 2,500 kilometers to the west of this place.”

“Take me there now. It’s just a black dragon at the initial stage of the Spirit Division realm, but it actually took me so much time. It’s simply unreasonable. If it wasn’t for the destruction of my dharma treasure and the urgent need for help, I wouldn’t have taken a fancy to it at all.”

“Please forgive me, my Lord!”

“You’re right, my Lord!”

Hearing this, Chen Chen looked into the distance in surprise. At this moment, a group of Evil Dragon Sect disciples were apologizing to the Evil Fiend Hall disciple with apologetic expressions.

“What a coincidence… a true spirit descendant at the initial stage of the Spirit Severing stage!”

Chen Chen’s heart was a little itchy. At this moment, he was in need of a true spirit descendant, so he ended up hearing this conversation.

Could it be that the heavens were hinting at something?

After hesitating for a moment, Chen Chen shook his head and broke the bad thoughts in his heart.

It was easier said than done to snatch food from the jaws of a tiger?

Not to mention that the Evil Fiend Hall disciple’s cultivation base was at the later stage of the Spirit Severing stage, but with that identity, he could not afford to offend him now. Moreover, there were a few Evil Dragon Sect’s lackeys. It seemed that all of them were at the Spirit Severing stage.

He did not need to risk his life for a weapon spirit that could only be used temporarily.

If he succeeded in this matter, he would definitely offend the overlord of the Southern Region, the Evil Fiend Sect.

If he failed, his little life might be lost on the spot.

“It’s not worth it! It’s not worth it!”

Chen Chen kept reminding himself in his heart, and then he wanted to leave this place.

Two hours later.

Chen Chen arrived at the Great Swamp 2,500 kilometers west of Yi City. This great swamp occupied an area of five thousand miles, and there were a large number of demonic beasts hidden in it.

Originally, he did not plan to come, but after thinking about it, what if the Evil Fiend Hall disciple could not subdue him?

He might be able to pick up a ready-made one.

If the Evil Fiend Hall disciple killed the true spirit descendant directly, he could also take the opportunity to use the Haoran holy light mantra to steal some souls.

At the very least, he could watch a show. After all, he had nothing to do at the moment.

With this mentality, Chen Chen casually found a rock by the Great Swamp and lay down. He quietly looked in the direction of the Great Swamp.

This was not a sparsely populated area. It was very normal for one or two cultivators to occasionally appear here, so he did not need to do anything to hide it.

After waiting quietly for half an hour, a flood dragon faintly appeared in the sky and finally stopped in the sky above the Great Swamp.

Then, a few people landed from the flood dragon and stood beside the Great Swamp.

“Sir, it’s here. We have left a mark on that true spirit descendant. At this moment, he is still in the Great Swamp.”

Hearing this, the Evil Fiend Hall disciple nodded slightly and said to the great swamp, “You should have sensed our arrival, right? If you know what’s good for you, come out obediently and follow me. From now on, you will be my mount. If not, you will die today!”

Chen Chen, who was not far away, curled his lips in disdain.

This guy was quite arrogant when he spoke, but he could understand.

A disciple of a super force, with the cultivation of the late stage of the split God realm, looking for a true spirit descendant of the early stage of the split God realm was really not compatible.

This guy was probably just a very ordinary, or even low-level disciple in the Evil Fiend Hall. Otherwise, why would he come to the territory of the Union of Immortals?

The Great Swamp was silent. The true spirit descendants inside didn’t give any response, nor did they respond.

The disciple of the Cthulhu Hall flew into a rage and said in a deep voice, “Since you refuse the toast, then don’t blame me for being impolite!”

With that, he stomped his foot, and a powerful pressure directly blasted into the Great Swamp.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A series of explosive sounds came, and a huge wave was set up in the Great Swamp. Countless fish, shrimp, and small demon beasts were blown into powder, and the surface of the great swamp was soon dyed red with blood.


A dragon’s roar was heard!

A black dragon that was hundreds of meters long, with black scales all over its body and two horns on its head, broke out of the water and appeared in the sky above the Great Swamp.

“I have no intention of becoming your enemy, so why are you forcing me?”

The Black Dragon spoke in human language and said faintly. Its large eyes were filled with anger and helplessness.

It had just stepped into the early-stage of the Spirit Severing stage not long ago, so how could it be a match for these people?

However, how could its proud personality allow it to be a cultivator’s mount?

This was really a damned place!

“Why are you forcing yourself? There’s no other choice. The strong prey on the weak. You’ll get used to it in the future.”

Hearing this conversation, Chen Chen sat up from the ground with a whoosh. His gaze was extremely shocked as he looked at the black dragon in the distant sky. For a moment, he was so shocked that he could not speak.

The cultivators of the Evil Fiend Hall were familiar with each other, and the Evil Dragon Sect was familiar with each other.

But this black dragon was also a familiar… familiar dragon!

Although it was a size smaller, its appearance and voice hadn’t changed! It was the dragon that he remembered!

Who would have thought that Ao Yu, the Master of the eastern region of the Endless Sea who had ascended with ease, would become like this?

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