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Chapter 423: Entrust My Life To You

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“Your sect… has… has Omni Divine Gold?” Sect Master Jin asked with a trembling voice.

Chen Chen nodded as an admission, but then he said, “This matter is only known to the four of us. Don’t spread it out, or else it might bring disaster to the Golden Saint Sect.”

Sect Master Jin’s eyes twitched as he nodded.

This man said that he would bring disaster to the Golden Saint Sect. It was obvious that he was extremely confident in his own sect and was not afraid of bringing disaster. He was thinking of the Golden Saint Sect, so why would he refuse?

As the saying goes, a man without sin would be guilty of possessing wealth.

The Golden Saint Sect had come into contact with Omni Divine Gold. If this news spread out, the Golden Saint Sect would probably suffer.

However, it was different for sects that had mighty figures. No one had ever said that mighty figures were innocent and guilty.

Thinking of this, he looked at Mo Ying. Mo Ying was so scared that she quickly stretched out her hand and swore a poison oath.

Seeing this scene, Chen Chen was quite satisfied.

The time had come for things to develop to this point. However, the person he trusted the most was still Lian Yang.

Therefore, when the time came to refine the Omni Divine Blade again, he would hand the task to Lian Yang and not refine it in the Golden Saint Sect.

If he really had a hidden sect behind him, it would be fine. However, he was the one who had conjurde all of this, so he could only be a little more cautious.

As for the Golden Saint Sect, it was more of a role to collect materials for refining artifacts.

Of course, it was not a big deal to buy another batch of dharma treasures. In the future, if he found a space crack that led to the lower realm, he would send all of them down to let the people in the lower realm know how successful Chen Chen was in the upper realm!

Thinking of this, he could not help but smile.

“Then… Fellow Daoist, how many refining materials does our Golden Saint Sect need to refine the Omni Divine Gold?”

Sect Master Jin’s throat twitched as he asked carefully.

“Of course, all of them,” Chen Chen answered calmly.

Then, he felt that it was still not enough, so, he added, “Before refining, you still need to prepare for a month. During this month, the Golden Saint Sect can use the channels left behind in the past to buy another batch of refining materials. The more, the better. Spirit Stones are not a problem.”

Sect Master Jin was so scared that he shivered..

Lian Yang’s eyes flashed with incomparable yearning, he muttered to himself, “So it’s true… the rumors are true. It’s said that before the appearance of the Omni Dragon Eternal Sword, the price of refining materials in the entire northern region doubled because the sword master had bought all of them…”

Hearing this, Chen Chen was shocked.

It caused such a huge fluctuation in the price of weapon-refining materials in a region. How many weapon refining materials did the sword master buy? Compared to him, he was still playing house..

However, he was ranked first on the weapon-refining list after all, so Chen Chen didn’t dare to ask for too much.

He had seen the weapon refining list before. If he fused the exquisite Divine Gold brick into the Omni Divine Gold, he might be able to make it to the bottom of the list.

Compared to the famous magical treasures at the top of the list, he might not be that lacking in top-tier materials, but he was far too lacking in weapon souls.

Those people used true spirits as weapon souls, and he hadn’t even seen the shadow of a true spirit.

“Spirit Stones aren’t a problem…”

Sect Master Jin sighed. Perhaps this was the difference between a small sect and a large sect.

The Golden Saint Sect was originally a large sect in a foreign land. Later on, his grandmaster stepped into the Unification Stage and led the sect into the southern region. By the time he reached his generation, they had already developed quite well.

Now that he looked at them, they were still ants. How could an ordinary disciple of the Evil Fiend Hall make them so embarrassed? If they weren’t ants, then what were they?

“Consider this as a deposit first. If you are willing to accept this deal, I will return to the sect to prepare. When the time comes, I will pay the rest.”

Chen Chen said as he placed a storage ring into Sect Master Jin’s hands.

Sect Master Jin took it and looked at it. The corners of his eyes twitched. He took a deep breath before he calmed down.

There was only a small pile inside, but it was full of Spirit Crystals. There were about two hundred of them, more than enough to compensate the Evil Fiend Hall disciple.

And this was only a deposit!

If this deal was really made, the Golden Saint Sect wouldn’t need to worry about living frugally for ten years, let alone a few years.

“Fellow Daoist Tian Yun, the Golden Saint Sect has accepted this order. I really can’t repay such a great favor. If the Golden Saint Sect can continue to survive in the future, then from now on, if your sect asks the Golden Saint Sect to refine artifacts, we won’t earn a single Spirit Stone!”

Sect Master Jin raised his hand to the sky and vowed righteously.

Chen Chen smiled and didn’t say anything else.

“Since Fellow Daoist has already paid the deposit, then I’ll go prepare. Farewell!” Sect Master Jin cupped his hands and turned to leave in excitement.

Mo Ying glanced at Lian Yang and followed him out.

After the two left, Chen Chen smiled and said to Lian yang, “Brother Lian, do you want to drink? I also bought a batch of fine wine from Yi City.”

Lian Yang looked at Chen Chen with slightly red eyes. After a long while, he suddenly made up his mind and stood up abruptly.

Chen Chen looked at him in surprise, not knowing what he wanted to do.

In the next second, Lian Yang’s essence soul actually walked out of his body. Then, the essence soul suddenly reached out and reached into his chest. A moment later, it actually took out a small person from his chest.

Lian Yang looked at the small person and smiled faintly. Then, he took out a token from his chest and injected the small person into the token.

“Brother Zhang, I often forge weapons for people from the outer sect and have learned some evil methods. This token is a kind of life essence that can accommodate other people. I’m sorry for making a fool of myself.

“Just now, I injected my life essence into it. Now, this token represents my life.”

After saying that, Lian Yang handed the token to Chen Chen.

“Brother Zhang, as long as you destroy this token, I will die immediately.”

Chen Chen was a little moved when he heard that. He did not expect Lian Yang to make such a big decision.

“Brother Lian, why are you doing this? I believe in your character.” Chen Chen said from the bottom of his heart.

Lian Yang shook his head and smiled. “Brother Zhang, there are no outsiders here. Let’s speak the truth. Since you want to refine the Omni Divine Gold, you must be preparing to teach me how to refine it, right? It’s not that I’m shameless, but I know that compared to Senior Brother Yu, you definitely trust me more.”

“But what if Senior Brother has objections? You must know that his passion for refining artifacts is no less than mine. This is a once-in-lifetime opportunity, and he’s the Sect Master. How could he be willing to miss it?”

Chen Chen was silent.

Lian Yang said again, “But I’ve given my life to you. He has nothing to say because he can’t do it. Don’t you think so?”

Chen Chen remained silent for a long time. Finally, he took a deep look at Lian Yang and took the token.

The next day.

All the materials for refining weapons in the Golden Saint Sect were restored. When piled up, they were as tall as a mountain.

This was something that the third-generation Sect Master had accumulated over thousands of years.

In addition, most of the disciples and elders had also received a mission to go out and buy materials for refining weapons.

Moreover, they didn’t buy anything near the sect. They had to go a million miles away to buy it.

For a time, the Golden Saint Sect became sparsely populated. If those buildings weren’t still there, some people would have thought that this was a barren mountain.

This situation quickly attracted the attention of the cultivators in the outside world. There were even rumors that the Golden Saint Sect was about to be disbanded. Many sects even contacted Sect Master Jin in an attempt to purchase the Golden Saint City under the Golden Saint Sect.

In the end, no one could be contacted.

When the Golden Saint Sect was operating at full capacity, Chen Chen quietly left.

Since he had bragged, he definitely could not slap himself in the face.

He roughly knew the amount of Spirit Stones needed for a sect to operate normally for ten years. In addition, he also wanted to find some high-quality refining materials.

Therefore, after he was more than a hundred thousand miles away from the Golden Saint Sect, he did not hesitate to use an opportunity to track them from 5,000 kilometers away.

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