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Chapter 425: How Have You Been?

Chen Chen’s expression changed again and again, and he felt conflicted.

He had to admit that he owed Ao Yu a favor. If it wasn’t to save him, Ao Yu wouldn’t have ascended at that time.

And if it wasn’t for Ao Yu, he would most likely have been killed by Bai Dongsheng.

Moreover, they were both from the same world before they ascended to the upper realm. Chen Chen would subconsciously feel homesick, as would a countryman who meets a fellow countryman with teary eyes.

After Chen Chen’s internal battle, Ao Yu had already suffered quite a serious injury.

When he was in the lower realm, he was a top-notch expert. However, when he was in the upper realm, he was only a slightly more powerful true spirit descendant even though he had broken through to the Spirit Severing stage.

Seeing the dragon blood falling from the sky, Chen Chen suddenly stood up. A trace of killing intent flashed in his eyes. ‘If I don’t do it, then I won’t stop. Who asked me to be ruthless… and soft-hearted?’

Since he had made up his mind, Chen Chen didn’t delay at all. He changed his appearance casually and then cast his gaze on the Evil Dragon Sect disciples who were standing in the distance.

There were four Evil Dragon Sect disciples in total. One was at the advanced stage of the Void Refinement realm, two were at the initial stage of the Spirit Severing stage, and one was at the intermediate stage of the Spirit Severing stage.

“Who are you? Retreat quickly!”

The Evil Dragon Sect cultivator who was at the intermediate stage of the Spirit Severing stage was very sensitive. He seemed to have sensed Chen Chen Chen’s gaze and immediately turned around to ask.

Chen Chen smiled gently. The wood law imprint on his palm flickered, and the wind and clouds in the sky suddenly changed. Suddenly, a green-colored divine thunder of ethyl wood descended and struck his body.


With a shrill cry, the Evil Dragon Sect cultivator in the middle stage of the split-soul stage fell straight down from the sky with light smoke rising from his body.

Seeing this scene, the other Evil Dragon Sect cultivators turned pale with fright. However, before they could react, another three thunderbolts descended from the sky.

Two Evil Dragon Sect cultivators at the initial stage of the Spirit Severing stage died on the spot. As for the cultivator at the peak of the Void Refinement realm, he was directly turned into ashes.

Chen Chen glanced at the cultivator who was at the middle stage of the Spirit Severing stage and who was emitting smoke. His heart did not waver at all. A long sword flew out from the formation plate of the ten thousand soldier technique and instantly flew over to make another strike. The remaining breath of the cultivator who was at the middle stage of the Spirit Severing stage was completely gone.

In just a few breaths, the four Evil Dragon Sect disciples had all died.

There was no other way. If Chen Chen wanted to save Ao Yu, the best choice was to kill him to silence him. Not only would he have to kill the four Evil Dragon Sect disciples, he would also have to kill the remaining Evil Fiend Hall disciples.

Killing the disciples of such a large sect would definitely leave some hidden dangers behind, but at this moment, he could not care too much.

“You’re courting death!”

When the Evil Fiend Hall disciple saw that a person had suddenly appeared and killed his four underlings in the blink of an eye, his expression instantly became extremely unsightly. He immediately waved his hand, the black longsword that was originally flying up and down around Ao Yu directly shot towards Chen Chen.

Chen Chen recognized this longsword. It was the one that he had given to Lian Yang.

Although the power of this longsword had been greatly reduced, Chen Chen was still very focused. After all, he was facing a late-stage Spirit Severing stage expert who could join a super sect.

Seeing the longsword coming towards him, the remaining eight dharma treasures in Chen Chen’s disk array flew out together and hit the Longsword one after another.

Ding, Ding, Ding. A series of sounds rang out, and the light of the Longsword quickly dimmed.

Without waiting for the Evil Fiend hall cultivator to retract his longsword, Chen Chen pressed his palms together and the law of wood imprint flew out from his palms, forming a huge imprint that was hundreds of meters in size and suspended in the void.

In the next second, the endless trees on the edge of the Great Swamp grew wildly, growing to hundreds to thousands of meters in an instant and wrapping around the Evil Fiend Hall disciple.

“This is… the power of Law?”

The Evil Fiend Hall disciple was shocked. When he saw that his dharma treasure was blocked, a hint of fighting spirit surged in his heart. However, when he saw the mark of law, the fighting spirit that had just appeared was instantly extinguished as if ice water had been poured on it.

“I’m from the Evil Fiend Hall. which cultivator are you from? How dare you attack me!”

He shouted in a low voice as a deterrent before he turned around and flew away.

This mysterious man had the power of law and dared to attack him. Therefore, he had a high chance of winning. Under such circumstances, it was safer for him to escape.

However, just as he turned around, he found that his back had been sealed by countless giant trees. When he looked in other directions, he saw that there were also plants everywhere. Countless green plants were like huge cages, locking him in the middle.

“Damn it!”

The Evil Fiend Hall cultivator cursed angrily. The power of law was more difficult to deal with than he had imagined.

This kind of powerhouse was obviously targeting him, but he didn’t seem to have provoked anyone recently?

He had automatically ignored sects like the Golden Saint Sect. How could such a sect have cultivators who had comprehended laws before stepping into the Unification stage?

Could it be that they were enemies of the Evil Fiend Hall?

When he thought of this, he realized that he had been too high-profile during this period of time.

As he thought of this, the dark light on his body intensified, and the giant tree in front of him quickly decayed and turned into ashes. However, what greeted him after the giant tree was not the sky, but a gray brick instead.

He subconsciously controlled his sword to block.


With a muffled sound, the black longsword directly broke out of his control and flew back. The sword showed signs of slanting.


The Evil Fiend Hall disciple cried out in surprise and quickly turned his body to the side.

However, the brick still landed on his shoulder. A bloody mist burst out and half of his body disappeared.

At that moment, fear finally appeared in his eyes.

“Who exactly are you?”

In despair, he asked again in a loud voice.

“Guess who I am?”

Chen Chen’s calm voice echoed in the sky, and his body suddenly shone with a golden light.

Seeing the piercing golden light, the Evil Fiend Hall disciple suddenly came to a realization, but his eyes were full of grievance, and the desire to live in his heart was instantly extinguished, he roared angrily, “You’re a personal disciple from the Heavenly Fiend City, don’t you feel ashamed to attack me?”

“I don’t.”

Chen Chen said with a smile. Then, the surrounding trees surrounded the Evil Fiend Hall disciple and surrounded him in the middle.

The giant trees rolled like giant snakes and crushed the Evil Fiend Hall disciple into powder in an instant.

Without any hesitation, Chen Chen used the Haoran Sacred Light Technique to purify him and the other fallen Evil Dragon Sect disciples. His divine senses were only one step away from entering the later stage of the Spirit Severing stage.

Looking at the storage ring that had fallen to the ground, Chen Chen only took the Spirit Stones. As for the rest, he did not take any.

Such a large sect might have some special methods to investigate the cause of death of their disciples. He had to be careful. This was also the reason why he had to mislead the Evil Fiend Hall disciple in the end.

“Where do you want to go?”

Putting away the Spirit Stones and erasing all traces, Chen Chen said faintly.

Behind him, Ao Yu had just gotten rid of the entanglement of a group of giant trees and was preparing to escape.

However, after hearing this soft voice, its huge body suddenly stopped.

It couldn’t be helped. This mysterious cultivator killed those people like killing a chicken. It would probably be faster to deal with it.

It knew that if those people didn’t want to capture it alive, it would have long died. However, this mysterious person in front of it might not want to capture it alive.

“Thank you Senior for saving my life. May I ask, Senior… What are your orders?”

Thinking of this, Ao Yu tried his best to soften his tone and was extremely cautious.

Chen Chen turned around and quickly restored his original appearance. Looking at Ao Yu who was battered with injuries, he felt a little smug.

However, on the surface, he still pretended to be nonchalant.

“Senior Ao, how have you been? I didn’t expect you and I to meet in the upper realm so soon.”

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