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Chapter 413: For The Long Run

The situation suddenly became extremely awkward. Chen Chen did not know why, but he felt that he had become redundant.

He even vaguely felt that Mo Ying was only using him as a psychological comfort or an excuse. In fact, there were some questions that she still wanted to ask herself.

Unfortunately, others did not know but he knew the answer himself. Lian Yang did not fancy anyone at all. It was purely one sided on Mo Ying’s part.

Faced with Mo Ying’s questioning, Lian Yang did not feel embarrassed or angry. On the contrary, he was very calm. After a moment of silence.., he looked in a certain direction and said calmly, “I only love the Dao of artifacts. Other than that, I don’t need anything from the outside world to distract me, including Dao partners, children, and disciples.”

His words were sonorous and powerful. Even Chen Chen, who was beside him, could feel the determination in them.

It was obvious that Lian Yang was obsessed with refining artifacts.

However, Chen Chen noticed one thing. Lian Yang was looking at a corner of the small house, and the gaze in his eyes seemed to be a little fanatical.

Following his gaze, he saw a pile of refining materials in the corner. Some were good and some were bad, some were shining with spiritual light, and some looked very simple. There were more than ten types of materials.

“If only this person could be used by me and help me refine my natal dharma treasure again.”

Chen Chen sighed in his heart.

He had met a person who was obsessed with refining. The head of the Great Zhou Demon Clan’s refining department was one of them. Back then, when he refined the Omni Divine Blade, he even wanted to throw himself into the furnace and become the soul of the weapon. In terms of fanaticism, he was not inferior to Lian Yang.

However, due to the restrictions of the lower realm, his standard was definitely inferior to Lian Yang by a large margin.

If she showed the Omni Divine Blade and the exquisite Divine Gold brick to Lian Yang, Lian Yang would most likely go crazy with joy. However, she could not guarantee anything else.

If this person was greedy, she would not only lose her treasure but also her life.

When Mo Ying heard this answer, she subconsciously looked at Chen Chen. She did not know if Lian Yang was telling the truth, so she could only ask Chen Chen for confirmation.

Chen Chen nodded without batting an eyelid. When Mo Ying saw this, her gaze became incomparably complicated.

If you like someone, you can change yourself for that person and become the person that this person likes.

However, if this person doesn’t like someone… then even if an immortal comes,, he would not have a solution!

Fortunately, she did not have a love rival like she had imagined. With this thought, Mo Ying felt relieved again. She wiped her eyes and said, “Uncle-Master Lian, I understand your intentions. This is the artifact refinement material that I brought. Please put it away well.”

After saying that, she placed a storage ring in front of Lian Yang.

Lian Yang took the storage ring and looked at it for a while. A happy expression appeared on his face. Then, he took out a large pile of Spirit Stones from his storage ring and handed it to Mo Ying.

“Disciple-Niece Mo, although I gave you Spirit Stones, I still owe you a lot. If you can step into the Unification stage one day, I will do my best to forge a suitable dharma treasure for you!”

“Thank you, Uncle-Master.” Mo Ying thanked him and looked at Chen Chen.

“Senior, let’s go. This trip is all thanks to you.”

Chen Chen was speechless. All it took for him to earn 100,000 supreme-grade Spirit Stones as refining materials was a nod of his head. It was no wonder that many people in his previous life wanted to be fortune-tellers.

However, he was not in a hurry to leave. Instead, he looked at Lian Yang with a very sincere smile.

“Little friend Mo, don’t be anxious. In my life, I admire those who focus on one Dao the most. Fellow Daoist Lian is such a person, so I decided to give you a gift.”

“Fellow Daoist, there’s no need to be so polite.” Lian Yang smiled slightly, but in the next second, his pupils instantly constricted.

This was because there was a piece of light the size of a grain of rice in Chen Chen’s hand. Although the light was small, it gave him a very special feeling, causing his heart to palpitate.

“Fellow Daoist… this, this is?”

Chen Chen did not answer. Instead, he reached out and gently pushed the grain of light into Lian Yang’s hand.

This was naturally the extremely tiny Divine Gold that he had picked up in the mine. Although it could not be refined into a dharma treasure, the Divine Gold was after all Divine Gold. Many blacksmiths had never seen it in their entire lives. It was already not bad to be able to see it once, what’s more, to be able to touch it with one’s own hands?

The reason that he had given this to Lian Yang was mainly because he wanted to get to know this person and develop a relationship with him.

He wanted to refine his natal dharma treasure again. It would be too much of a waste of time to become a self-taught genius. He could only find a familiar and trustworthy blacksmithing master.

However, he was an ascendant cultivator. How could he have such a friend in the upper realm? Therefore, he could only make a new friend. According to his and the system’s judgment, Lian Yang’s character was very good. His blacksmithing level was also extremely high. He was a good target.

Of course, other than that, he also wanted to use this Divine Gold to test Lian Yang.

Lian Yang took the grain of rice and looked left and right. Then, his palm flashed with Spiritual Energy light, and then his palm suddenly sank down.

“This… exquisite Divine Gold?”

Lian Yang’s eyes lit up, and he cried out in surprise, startling Mo Ying who was not far away.

She had given Lian Yang many artifact refinement materials, but he had never been so excited.

And this senior had only given him a grain of rice. No, Uncle-Master seemed to be talking about Divine Gold?

When she came back to her senses, her eyes flashed with shock. As a member of the Golden Saint Sect, she had heard of Divine Gold even if she was not in charge of refining artifacts!

“Dao… Fellow Daoist, where did you get this exquisite Divine Gold? Is there more?”

At this moment, Lian Yang looked as if he had seen a naked woman. His words were a little shaky, and his body was trembling slightly due to his excitement.

Chen Chen raised his brows. “My master had refined a treasure back then. He was lacking a Divine Gold material, so he used his great divine power to deduce the heavenly secrets and found a piece of exquisite Divine Gold… I’m ashamed to say this, but my master casually forged it and dropped some scraps. I had nothing to do back then, so I picked it up.”

After hearing this, the corner of Lian Yang’s eyes twitched violently.

Using divine power to deduce where the Divine Gold was, what kind of terrifying power was this?

Was the master of the man in front of him one of the peak existences in this world?

Also, casually forging such materials… was truly a waste of God’s gifts!

He didn’t suspect that Chen Chen was lying. If he hadn’t casually forged them, how could such precious materials have broken down? After all, in the hands of serious refiners like them, not to mention Divine Gold, even a slightly better piece of spiritual gold would be fully utilized without the slightest loss.

“Your teacher’s ability is truly extraordinary. Lian Yang admires you to the extreme. However, there is no reward without merit. How can I casually accept such a precious gift from you, Fellow Daoist? However, I am ashamed to say that I can not refuse this thing no matter what. May I ask, Fellow Daoist, is there anything that I can help you with?”

Lian Yang carefully pinched the exquisite Divine Gold, somewhat unable to put it down. He kept looking at Chen Chen, his gaze somewhat perturbed.

There was a saying that goes, you tend to feel indebted to the person you take something from. How could an ordinary person give such a precious thing to a stranger?

Chen Chen smiled indifferently and shook his head.

If he were an ordinary person, he might have made some requests by now. But now, he had created the image of an extraordinary person, so how could he be treated like an ordinary person?

“Fellow Daoist Lian, don’t mind it. To me, this thing is just a piece of junk that has no value at all. But to you, you might be able to study it and gain a lot. As the saying goes, ‘everything can be put to good use’. This principle implies the Heavenly Dao. By doing so, I have also catered to my original intentions.”

Chen Chen’s words sounded profound and unfathomable. After thinking about it carefully, it seemed to make a bit of sense.

No matter what, after obtaining such a small amount of exquisite Divine Gold for no reason, Lian Yang immediately had a very good impression of Chen Chen. He even smiled warmly at Mo Ying who had brought Chen Chen here.

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