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Chapter 414: Guest Elder

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“So Divine Gold can make him smile at me?”

Seeing Lian Yang’s smile, Mo Ying seemed to have found a target, and his expression immediately became excited.

Divine Gold was indeed rare, but it still existed in the world after all. Moreover, having a target was better than having no target.

“Fellow Daoist, thank you. I still don’t know your name. What is your honorific title?”

Lian Yang stood up and bowed to Chen Chen.

“My name is Zhang Ji. Master has given me the honorific title of Tian Yun.” Chen Chen replied with a bow.

Lian Yang felt a little embarrassed and said, “Fellow Daoist Tian Yun, although you gave me a gift and didn’t ask for anything in return, there might be a need to forge artifacts in the future. When the time comes, I will definitely do my best and I will not reject you!”

Chen Chen smiled indifferently, but he was somewhat proud. He had been waiting for this sentence!

Of course, it was impossible for him to take out the Omni Divine Blade now. This matter still needed to be brewed. At the very least, he had to develop Lian Yang into a close friend before discussing this matter.

“Senior, what arrangements do you have next?”

At this time, Mo Ying came up and asked softly.

She had just thought of looking for the Divine Gold, but how could it be so easy to find?

However, she remembered this senior’s bragging abilities. This senior said that his master could find the Divine Gold by deducing the heavenly secrets.

‘Since Senior’s master could do it, Senior might be able to do it one day too.’ Therefore, she had the intention to communicate with this senior more.

It would be best if she could leave a communication token. Otherwise, if she left, where would she find such an unworldly expert?

Hearing this, Chen Chen chuckled and said, “What arrangements can a carefree person have? I just found a few random places to enjoy the beautiful scenery and see the myriad states of the world.”

Hearing this, Mo Ying suddenly perked up and suggested, “Senior, how do you view the environment of the Golden Saint Sect?”

Chen Chen felt the temperature around him and shook his head.

“Not good, the environment is quite harsh.”

Mo Ying was instantly choked. That’s right, she knew what kind of environment her own sect had.

“But it’s a different kind of feeling,” Chen Chen added in a very casual tone.

This time, Mo Ying didn’t need to speak. Lian Yang took the lead and said, “Fellow Daoist, if that’s the case, why don’t you stay in the Golden Saint Sect for a few days and let me continue hosting you?”

“Well…” Chen Chen pretended to hesitate.

Lian Yang continued, “Fellow Daoist, if you don’t mind the Golden Saint sect being weak, you can use the title of guest elder. Right now, the sect master is busy refining an important treasure and can’t spare time, but I still have this bit of authority.”

When he said this, Mo Ying added, “The status of guest elder is not lower than that of an elder. The key is that you can let the Golden Saint sect help you refine artifacts thrice for free in your lifetime!”

The two of them echoed each other, and they actually had a tacit understanding.

This was exactly what Chen Chen wanted, so he agreed decisively. Thus, he naturally became a guest elder of Golden Saint Sect.

After becoming a guest elder of Golden Saint Sect, Chen Chen’s understanding of this sect also gradually deepened.

Although the Golden Saint Sect was considered an independent sect, it was not without any background.

The organization it joined was called Union of Immortals. It was a large alliance formed by nearly one thousand independent sects.

In the five regions of the upper realm, aside from the major superpowers and their affiliated sects, the vast majority of the sects were members of the Union of Immortals.

In short, the Union of Immortals was an independent sect that gave immortals support. This organization was very loose and only pursued independence from the superpowers.

Aside from the super forces, the Union of Immortals rarely cared about internal fights that led to the destruction of one party.

However, if the shadow of a super sect was found, the thousands of sects in the Union of Immortals would unite to resist that super sect.

Although it would not bring much loss to the super sect, it could make the super sect suffer for a while.

Other than that.

Chen Chen also learned some things about the southern domain.

There were nearly 10,000 cities of various sizes in the southern domain. All of these cities had teleportation arrays, forming an extremely complicated teleportation network.

More importantly, these cities could be bought and sold. Generally, sects that could own cities were considered pretty good. For example, the Golden Saint sect had a city that belonged to them. It was called Golden Saint City, which had the best custom-made dharma treasure shops within a radius of tens of thousands of kilometers.

Most of the other sects were like the Golden Saint Sect. They had one or two cities and sold their specialties to earn some Spirit Stones for the sect to operate.

As for the few super sects, they were incredible.

For example, the Evil Fiend Hall had 1,300 cities, the Heavenly Devil City had 700 to 800 cities, and the other super sects also had 700 to 800 cities.

In the Southern Region, the Evil Fiend Hall was the strongest because its headquarters was in the southern region.

However, whether it was the Evil Fiend Hall or the Heavenly Devil City, the cities under their command were all gathered together. They were very far away from the Golden Saint Sect, and it would take them dozens of teleportation arrays to reach them.

On this day, Chen Chen took advantage of Lian Yang’s free time to come to his little house to nurture their relationship.

As a weapon refiner, Lian Yang’s most valuable skill was naturally the weapon-refining technique. Therefore, as they talked, they began to talk about the natal dharma treasure.

“Fellow Daoist Tian Yun, may I have a look at your natal dharma treasure? Perhaps I can give you some advice.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen’s expression froze. If he showed the Omni Divine Gold to Lian Yang, he would most likely be seen through. After thinking for a while.., he said, “I’m ashamed to say this. Back then, I met a true spirit descendant who could spray a strange liquid and dirty the dharma treasure. At that time, I didn’t pay attention to it and my natal dharma treasure was destroyed. After that, I didn’t refine my natal dharma treasure anymore.”

With that, he described the situation in detail.

His words were half true and half false. Lian Yang didn’t find anything wrong with it. When he found out that Chen Chen didn’t refine his natal dharma treasure, he was overjoyed and volunteered, “Fellow Daoist Tian Yun, how about I refine a natal dharma treasure for you?”

Chen Chen shook his head and said, “I appreciate your kindness, Fellow Daoist Lian, but the material of the natal dharma treasure I used is special and extremely difficult to find. I’d better forget about it.”

When Lian Yang heard this, a hint of disappointment flashed across his eyes.

However, Chen Chen changed the topic and said, “But recently, I happened to get a set of treasures, and it’s quite handy to use. Fellow Daoist, are you willing to help me see if there’s anything worth improving?”

“Of course I’m willing!” Lian Yang became spirited again.

Chen Chen smiled slightly and took out the array disk of the art of ten thousand weapons. As for the exquisite Divine Golden brick, he naturally replaced it early.

“This dharma treasure is called the array disk of ten thousand weapons. When used with a secret art, its power is passable,” Chen Chen introduced.

Lian Yang took the array disk of ten thousand weapons, and his expression suddenly became serious. After studying the array of ten thousand weapons for an hour, he said, “Fellow Daoist, where did you get this magical treasure? Although its quality is not high, the original design of this treasure is extremely exquisite and ingenious. It is simply a magical treasure specially made for refiners!”

Chen Chen did not hide it. He said that it was a refiner who wanted to have his way and was killed by him instead.

“Although that refiner’s intentions are not good, his luck is not bad. He actually obtained such a high-level inheritance. He was just blind and had his way with you, Fellow Daoist. How about this, fellow Daoist Tian Yun, I will use better materials to refine a new array disc for you. I guarantee that its power will increase by more than 30%!”

Lian Yang patted his chest and promised.

Chen Chen did not refuse.. Taking this opportunity, he could see just what level the second refiner of the Golden Saint Sect was at.

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