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Chapter 411: Obsession

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“Nonsense… nonsense!”

The middle-aged female cultivator cursed angrily, but her tone suddenly mellowed down, and a tinge of rosiness appeared on her still charming face.

Judging from her expression, any normal person would know that what Chen Chen said was true.

Chen Chen chuckled. As expected, most women idolize someone. Even such high-level cultivators were no exception, let alone a sect like the Golden Saint sect, which was mostly male cultivators?

As for why he met all the female cultivators, the reason was very simple. Male cultivators would hide in the sect to refine artifacts while female cultivators would run errands outside.

“Fellow Daoist, you know very well whether it’s nonsense or not. Alright, this matter is over. I’m leaving.”

Chen Chen said casually and then turned to leave. At this moment, his intention to stay in the Golden Saint sect was not that strong anymore. After all, someone had noticed him.

Although he had the system and could calculate some things about cultivators, what if they wanted him to predict the future? He could still talk nonsense now, but if they found out that something was wrong in the future, then he would be exposed.

“Fellow Daoist, wait. I was rude just now!”

As Chen Chen turned around, the anxious voice of the middle-aged female cultivator came from behind him.

Chen Chen stopped in his tracks, but he didn’t turn around.

“Fellow Daoist, actually, I still have some doubts in my heart. Please help me resolve them! This matter has been bugging me. If it wasn’t for this matter, perhaps I would have already stepped into the peak of the Spirit Severing realm.”

The middle-aged female cultivator’s attitude took a 180-degree turn, and her tone was as respectful as could be.

Hearing this, Chen Chen continued to walk forward. An expert must have the dignity of an expert. If you ask me to resolve your doubts, then I’ll resolve them for you. Then what kind of expert am I?

“Fellow Daoist, I am willing to offer one hundred thousand supreme-grade Spirit Stones! These are all the Spirit Stones I have!”

The voice behind him sounded again, and the corners of Chen Chen’s eyes twitched slightly.

In order to ask a question, she offered 100,000 supreme-grade Spirit Stones. ‘This mercenary woman! If my Dao companion is like this, I would definitely have to teach her a good lesson!’

Although his heart was already itching, Chen Chen was not a person who had not seen the world before.

So what if he had 100,000 supreme-grade Spirit Stones? He had seen the treasures of the endless sea before, so the so-called Spirit Stones were just a number in his eyes.

If he really lacked Spirit Stones, he could use the system to quickly find a lot, so he still did not stop.

Behind him, Mo Mo and Ren Qi were both shocked. They did not expect that a Senior who had been casually brought back was actually someone who treated 100,000 supreme-grade Spirit Stones like dirt!

Although they had sat in a teleportation array with 15,000 top-grade Spirit Stones… those were still considered public funds.

Their personal wealth was actually very little. To them, it was already a big surprise that they could earn 10,000 top-grade Spirit Stones to lead the way.

Thinking of this, Mo Mo had an inexplicable feeling in her heart. To ask this Senior to come to the sect personally to help her solve her problem, she hadn’t even paid a single Spirit Stone. It was simply a huge profit.

It turned out that the biggest harvest of this trip wasn’t the five-fifths of the five thousand supreme-grade Spirit Stones, but the help of this Senior!


Seeing that Chen Chen didn’t stop at all, the middle-aged female cultivator quickly appeared in front of Chen Chen and blocked him. Her eyes were filled with pleading. To her, this was a once-in-lifetime opportunity, and unless it was absolutely necessary, she did not want to miss it, so much so that she subconsciously called him Senior.

Chen Chen sneered and said, “Do you think that I don’t have to pay the price for seeing through the Heavenly Secrets?”

With that said, he pointed at his head full of white hair and said, “At that time, I was extremely talented. After I reached my twenties, my appearance did not change. After that, I followed my master to cultivate the Heavenly Dao, constantly losing my life, and even worse, the heavenly punishment. In the end, my appearance turned old, and my cultivation level stopped at the Spirit Severing stage!

“Do you think these things can be bought with Spirit Stones?”

Chen Chen’s tone was shockingly loud. The words ‘Spirit Severing stage’ shocked the middle-aged female cultivator into a daze.

‘A disciple actually dares to say that his cultivation level was at the Spirit Severing stage. Then, just what kind of mighty figure is this Senior’s master? Could it be that he’s one of the top existences in this world?’

Seeing the middle-aged female cultivator’s dumbfounded expression, Chen Chen casually wiped his face and took off his mask, revealing his original face. Then, a hint of disappointment flashed across his eyes.

“This is my original appearance. Do you know the price you have to pay for seeing through the secrets of Heaven?”

Seeing Chen Chen’s handsome face, the middle-aged female cultivator was slightly absent-minded. Mo Mo and Ren Qi were also extremely shocked, and at the same time, they felt extremely regretful.

Although that Saint-like appearance from before was also quite good, how could it be compared to this?

It was a pity that a good-looking guy actually became an old man in order to cultivate the Dao of deduction.

Chen Chen heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that the three of them did not have much of a reaction.

He was not bored to the point of showing off his handsome face, but it was likely that the mask would not be able to hide from an even more powerful expert.

If this female cultivator were to let him look at someone else, and that person was an expert, he might be exposed on the spot. Instead of feeling awkward at that time, it would be better to use a trick now to make a precaution.

“I’m sorry for being presumptuous…” the middle-aged female cultivator said apologetically.

If she were to think from another perspective and transform into that old appearance, she would definitely feel extremely uncomfortable.

However, this Senior’s transformation technique seemed to be extremely good. After transforming into this young appearance, she actually couldn’t see the slightest flaw.

It seemed that this Senior’s methods weren’t that simple. He definitely couldn’t be treated as an ordinary Spirit Severing stage cultivator. It wouldn’t be a loss for her to call him Senior.

“Go ahead. If it’s some ordinary doubt, I can help you solve it. If it involves the future and the secrets of the heavens, then forget it. I want to live for a few more years.”

Chen Chen knew that it was impossible for him to leave without doing anything today. Seeing that the other party had given in, he immediately found a way out.

The middle-aged female cultivator was overjoyed when she heard this. In the next second, she looked at Mo Mo and Ren Qi lightly.

Mo Mo and Ren Qi immediately understood. Although they were extremely curious, they still chose to retreat.

After they left, the middle-aged female cultivator’s face immediately revealed an extremely distressed expression.

She had nothing to hide from someone who could see through her.

“Senior, just as you said, my heart belongs to someone in the east, ten thousand meters away. He is the most outstanding artifact master in the sect, apart from the sect master.

“I have also hinted to him and expressed my feelings, but he always pretends that he already has a heart, but the problem is that he has always been alone.

“In the past hundred years, I haven’t seen him treat any female cultivator particularly well.

“This matter has gradually become a thorn in my heart. I want to know, did he say that his heart belongs to someone else just to brush me off, or is it true?

“If there really is someone else he admires, then who is that person? What kind of woman is she?”

After saying this long paragraph, the middle-aged female cultivator’s face actually revealed the bashfulness of a young girl.

Chen Chen sighed. It was difficult for people in this world to escape romance. Such a trivial matter had actually become a thorn in the heart of a Spirit Severing stage cultivator?

Who on earth could he go to reason with?

That artifact master didn’t treat any female cultivator particularly well. Perhaps he was especially good to a male cultivator?

Who could say for sure what his preferences were?

With this thought in mind, a strange expression gradually appeared on Chen Chen’s face.

“Master… What do you think?” The middle-aged female cultivator was afraid that Chen Chen would make fun of her, so her tone was weak.

Chen Chen chuckled lightly and looked to the east.

“What do I think? I have to see the person you’re talking about before I can come to a conclusion. This kind of thing isn’t a heavenly secret.. As long as the person he admires is in the sect, I should be able to see through it.”

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