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Chapter 410: Am I Right?

“Use this to seek an explanation? Don’t I have to give myself away?”

Chen Chen laughed coldly in his heart, but his face remained solemn. He shook his head and looked at the absent-minded Mo Mo. .

“Little friend Mo, return all the things that senior brother Li gave you. He should understand what you mean. As for the love array, don’t mention it. If this matter is spread, how will senior sister Wang Behave in the future?

“Moreover, your senior brother Li has an evil heart. If you destroy his reputation, he will probably vent his anger on you and make you a great enemy for nothing.”

Hearing Chen Chen’s words, Mo Mo was a little dazed.

Ren Qi was very dissatisfied when she heard this. “Won’t that be letting him off too easily?”

“It’s better to listen to Senior’s words. I’ll go back to my room and tidy up. Today, I’ll return all the things that he gave me previously.”

Mo Mo said after he recovered from his daze, and then he returned to his room very dejectedly.

Taking advantage of this time, Ren Qi asked in a low voice, “Senior, can you teach me how to set up the love array?”

As soon as she finished speaking, Chen Chen looked at her coldly. A powerful spiritual sense pressure instantly enveloped her, and she couldn’t help but shiver.

“You’re still young, don’t think about these messy thoughts.”

Ren Qi was frightened by Chen Chen’s cold words. Her small face became very pale and she hurriedly replied, “Senior, I know I’m wrong.”

Ren Qi did not dare to make a ruckus again. She only stood at the side carefully and waited silently.

After about an hour, Mo Mo came out with a storage ring. At this time, her eyes were slightly red. It was obvious that she had secretly cried.

Chen Chen smiled and comforted her, “Little friend, don’t mind it. It’s all just a dream. You’ll only think it’s funny when you think about it in the future. After a while, you’ll be free from the influence of the love array.”

“Thank you for your comfort, senior. Then I’ll go…”


Chen Chen smiled kindly.

He could imagine senior brother Li’s expression when Mo Mo returned the item to him.

He must have been shocked, confused, and disappointed.

Why would a girl who was about to be cheated suddenly act like this?

Chen Chen smiled calmly at the thought of that expression. The pleasures of a rich man were so plain and boring.

“Aiya…”Chen Chen touched his forehead, feeling a little ashamed. It had to be said that strictly speaking, he could not be considered a rich man now.

After waiting quietly in the courtyard for two hours, Mo Mo returned dejectedly. Looking at his determined expression, it was obvious that he had cut off this ill-fated relationship.

Chen Chen wished her the best from the bottom of his heart.

However, in the next moment, his expression suddenly changed because there was a middle-aged woman following behind Mo Mo. . This old woman had a rich aura, and her face was as if she was a thousand miles away from others. It was obvious at a glance that she was not someone to be trifled with.

Moreover, the moment this woman entered the courtyard, the first thing she did was look at him.

Her gaze was like that of an eagle, and the sharpness in it made the hairs on Chen Chen’s body subconsciously stand on end.

“Be calm, I’m an unworldly expert!”

Chen Chen reminded himself in his heart, and his heart quickly regained its calm.

Actually, this middle-aged female cultivator was not too strong. She was probably only at the middle stage of the distraction realm, but her eyes were a little special.

“Who exactly are you?”

The middle-aged female cultivator saw that Chen Chen was indifferent to her arrival in the courtyard and asked in a deep voice.

“Master… This senior can see through the heavenly secrets. You must not neglect him.”

Mo Mo saw that his master was interrogating him and hurriedly tried to persuade him. However, as soon as he finished his words, he was fiercely glared back at by his master.

“If he’s strong, then he’s strong. I’m stronger than him!”

Chen Chen secretly encouraged himself, then slowly stood up.

“Fellow Daoist, I’m just a carefree person. I saw that your disciple is similar to an old friend of mine, so I helped her. Now that things are settled, if fellow Daoist doesn’t welcome me, then I’ll just leave.”

“Carefree person? HMPH, let me ask you, can you see through me? If you can see through me, then I’ll admit that you’re an unworldly expert. If you can’t see through me, then don’t blame me for being rude to you!”!

You’re bullying my disciple because she’s inexperienced? You still want to leave so easily? You’re really daydreaming!”

Speaking up to this point, the middle-aged female cultivator’s voice and expression were already fierce!

If it was an ordinary person, they would probably be shocked by her. However, Chen Chen was, after all, a person who had seen the world. In his previous life, he had seen quite a number of noisy aunties. This sort of situation was still under his control.

Facing the middle-aged female cultivator’s questioning, Chen Chen slowly walked over to her. He took a deep look at her and asked indifferently, “Do you really want me to see your life?”

“Absolutely!”The middle-aged female cultivator said coldly. The Aura on her body had already faintly locked onto Chen Chen.

Chen Chen was not in a hurry. He stretched out his palm and said, “Ten thousand supreme-grade spirit stones. I helped your disciple resolve the disaster. That’s because she and I are fated. You and I are not fated. I Can’t just let you see your life for no reason.”

Facing such a person, he had to be stronger than her. Chen Chen had long had experience with this.

“10,000 supreme-grade spirit stones? Fine, I’ll give it to you right away!”

When the middle-aged female cultivator heard this number, a look of contempt appeared on her face. Then, she took out a storage ring from her bosom and tossed it to Chen Chen.

Seeing this, Chen Chen was somewhat surprised. It seemed that the cultivators of the southern domain were much richer than he had imagined.

10,000 supreme-grade spirit stones was actually less than he wanted..

However, he also knew that the other party might have been thinking of taking it back because he couldn’t see through it. That was why she gave it to him so readily,

putting away his storage ring, Chen Chen stroked his beard and walked around the middle-aged female cultivator.

As for Mo Mo and Ren Qi, they were so nervous that they couldn’t speak.


After walking, Chen Chen smiled slightly and began to make calculations with his fingers.

“What can you see? Don’t talk about my cultivation base. Even an avatar can see it.”

The middle-aged female cultivator said coldly.

Chen Chen retracted his finger, and his eyes became fierce. “Then I’ll talk about something else. There are no outsiders here. It’s okay if I Talk About You, right?”

“Just say it!”The middle-aged female cultivator waved her hand, looking very bold.

“Fellow Daoist, you are 637 years old this year.”

As soon as Chen Chen opened his mouth, the middle-aged female cultivator’s expression changed.

The age of cultivators was usually a secret, and the age of female cultivators was even more of a secret.

No one in the entire sect knew that she was 637 years old, but who would have thought that she would be exposed by this person in front of her with a single sentence? Could she really be some otherworldly expert?

Although she thought so in her heart, her eyes were still cold.


Chen Chen had a look of confidence on his face. With the system, it was not too difficult to calculate some things.

For example, age. When he asked the system “Where is the oldest person?”, the system also gave him some data.

As for other things, the system also gave him quite a lot. However, if he wanted to control this woman, he still had to choose the most explosive one.

With that thought in mind, a faint smile appeared on his face.

“Then let me talk about this peach blossom. Fellow Daoist doesn’t have a dao partner, right?”

He had asked the system about this point, and discovered that he was the only one within a hundred meters who had a dao partner.

“HMPH, there are many people who don’t have a dao partner. What’s there to talk about?”The middle-aged female cultivator snorted coldly.

Chen Chen shook his head, and his smile became even stranger. “Fellow Daoist, although you don’t have a dao partner, it’s not that you don’t have the luck of a peach blossom. If I’m not mistaken, your peach blossom is…”

After saying this, Chen Chen suddenly pointed toward the east.

“It’s ten thousand meters away. Fellow Daoist, the person you admire in your heart is there. Am I right?”

After saying this, the courtyard instantly fell silent. Mo Mo and Ren Qi covered their mouths, while the middle-aged female cultivator’s face turned deathly pale.

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