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Chapter 409: Breaking The Array

Seeing that Chen Chen had agreed, the two female cultivators’ expressions immediately relaxed, and the tense atmosphere from before disappeared without a trace.

“May I know which sect you’re from, Senior?”

The Senior Sister asked respectfully.

Hearing this, Chen Chen had a mysterious expression on his face. He didn’t answer, but his gaze became deeper and deeper.

Seeing this, the two female cultivators looked at each other in dismay, and then a look of sudden realization appeared on their faces at the same time. They felt that the sect that this Senior came from must be very strange and probably had a secret that could not be divulged.

When they thought of this, the two of them did not mention anything about the sect.

“Senior, how about this? In the name of our Golden Saint sect, you shall get on a teleportation array and follow me back to the sect. What do you think?”

The Senior Sister said again.

Chen Chen did not hesitate. He nodded slightly in agreement.

The middle-aged male cultivator behind the two female cultivators frowned slightly. The difference between this person and others was too big.

However, he didn’t dare to say anything. This old man seemed to be a fortune-teller. Such a person was too terrifying, and he dared to offend him.

A moment later, Chen Chen came to the teleportation hall again, but this time, there were two female cultivators from the Golden Saint sect in front of him.

The cultivator in the teleportation hall was very polite to the two female cultivators from the Golden Saint sect. Just as the two female cultivators were about to pay the teleportation fee, Chen Chen casually threw out a storage ring and paid for his share.

“Senior, you… How can I be embarrassed?”

The Senior Sister blushed and said in a low voice.

Chen Chen casually waved his hand and said indifferently, “15,000 top-grade Spirit Stones is not a small amount. Since I agreed to help you because of our friendship, I naturally can’t let you spend so many Spirit Stones.”

Hearing this, the two female cultivators became even more respectful.

What was an unworldly expert? This was an unworldly expert!

They clearly had the opportunity to take advantage of 15,000 top-grade Spirit Stones, but they were not willing. How could ordinary cultivators have such a temperament?

Thinking of this, the two female cultivators’ vigilance toward Chen Chen became lower and lower, and they also became more convinced of what Chen Chen had said earlier.

After they finished handing over the Spirit Stones, the four of them passed through the teleportation hall and entered the teleportation array.

It was not Chen Chen’s first time sitting in the teleportation array. He had once sat in the Haoran Sword Pool when he was cultivating in the lower realm, so his expression was still calm.

In contrast, the middle-aged cultivator’s face was full of curiosity. He looked around, wanting to see what was going on with this teleportation array.

In the end, he was naturally looked down upon by the two female cultivators.

Seeing this scene, Chen Chen sighed in his heart. This middle-aged cultivator was also pitiful. He had clearly paid the money, yet he was still looked down upon by others.


In the next second, a strange sound came from all around. Immediately after, Chen Chen felt as if his body had been lifted up by someone.

After a moment of dizziness, the four of them appeared in a pitch-black space. Before Chen Chen could regain his senses, that strange sound rang out once again, and the feeling of being lifted up appeared once again.

Just like this, it repeated over and over again. After more than ten times, a building that looked like a teleportation hall appeared in front of him.

“We’ve arrived in the Southern region. Senior, please go ahead.”

The Senior Sister said respectfully.

On the way to the teleportation hall, Chen Chen already knew the names of these two people. The Senior Sister’s name was Mo Mo, and the Junior Sister’s name was Ren Qi. They were both disciples of the Golden Saint sect.

As for the Golden Saint sect, it was a medium-sized sect in the Southern region. It was famous for its artifact refinement. However, it wasn’t like the Evil Dragon Sect, which had a super faction backing it up.

After hearing Mo Mo’s words, Chen Chen slowly walked out of the teleportation formation. As soon as he stepped out of the formation, a dense spiritual energy assaulted his face.

It had to be said that the spiritual energy in the southern region was much denser than in the outer regions. Moreover, this was only an ordinary city.

If it was within a large sect…

Chen Chen did not continue to think about it. However, he was certain that the disciples of the large sects who were below the Spirit Severing stage would progress extremely quickly. Even their ordinary talents would not be slower than the lower realm’s innate spiritual bodies.

“Senior, you are from the eastern region, so you might not know much about the southern region. This city is called Tianshu City, and it is the border city of the southern region. It is also a transportation hub. The city Lord is the famous eldest Senior Brother of the Southern Region’s Heavenly Prime Sect.”

As Mo Mo introduced the city, a look of fascination appeared on her face.

At this moment, the middle-aged male cultivator took his leave and disappeared into the crowd.

“Senior Sister, let’s go back quickly… I can’t wait to see Senior break the array.”

Ren Qi didn’t even look at the middle-aged male cultivator as she muttered softly.

Mo Mo looked at Chen Chen when she heard this, her eyes filled with a pleading gaze.

Chen Chen waved his hand and said, “I’ve always been a carefree person. There’s no harm in going directly to the golden holy sect now.”

Hearing this, the two female cultivators were overjoyed and thanked him profusely.

In fact, Chen Chen had originally planned to run away when he reached the southern mountain range. However, when he learned that the Golden Saint sect was a sect that specialized in refining artifacts, he changed his mind and thought of taking a look inside the sect, he wanted to see if he could find an opportunity to repair the Omni Divine Blade.

The three of them didn’t stay in the city for long. After taking a few teleportation arrays, they directly appeared inside the Golden Saint sect.

The spiritual energy inside the Golden Saint sect was naturally dense. The key point was that the temperature inside was extremely high, probably close to 100 degrees Celsius. There was a large amount of fire spiritual energy in the air.

This kind of place was a dangerous place for mortals.

Originally, Mo Mo and Ren Qi would inform the rest of the people in the sect when they returned. However, Mo Mo was afraid of facing Senior Brother Li, so his return today was very secretive. Other than the few disciples they met on the way, no one else knew about it.

A moment later.

The three of them arrived at a quiet courtyard. The courtyard was surrounded by bamboos and was set up with a spell formation. The temperature inside was much lower than outside.

“Senior, this is my residence… Please take a look. Is there a problem?”

Mo Mo asked carefully. The moment she said this, her heart was already in her throat.

If there was really a problem, how should she face Senior Brother Li in the future? At the thought of this, her heart was already in a dilemma.

Chen Chen looked around the courtyard calmly. Then, he frowned as if he was deep in thought.

After a long time, he sighed and said, “There’s a problem with your residence.”

“Ah! There’s really a problem! Senior Brother Li is really unscrupulous!”

Ren Qi shouted loudly, her eyes filled with excitement as if she was enjoying the show.

Mo Mo stood there in a daze, not saying a word for a long time.

Without waiting for the two female cultivators to speak, Chen Chen got busy.

“System, is there anything like Spirit Stones nearby?”

“Yes, thirteen meters underground in front of the host.”

“Thirty meters behind the host…”

The system quickly gave a lot of answers. Upon hearing these answers, Chen Chen’s face turned extremely serious. Then, he took a few steps forward and arrived at the designated location.

Chen Chen casually looked for something, but in the eyes of the two female cultivators, it meant something different.

From their point of view, Chen Chen’s goal was straightforward, and he was able to take out something as soon as he made a move. This was clearly “Breaking the formation”!

After fifteen minutes, Chen Chen had broken the array. In his hands were a few pieces of low-grade Spirit Stones that had been thrown away for an unknown period of time, as well as some strange ores. They belonged to the type of things that would not be picked up even if they were thrown on the ground.

However, coupled with his cold and stern expression, when the two female cultivators looked at these things, their eyes also became solemn.

“Alright, the array formation in your residence has been broken.”Chen Chen shook the messy things and said with a sneer.

“Senior, with these… What kind of love array can you set up?”Ren Qi asked curiously.

The corners of Chen Chen’s mouth curled up slightly, and he crushed the things in his hands into powder, he explained, “The more inconspicuous things are, the easier it is for people to ignore them. Love Array is exactly such a formation. A single array formation has little effect on people. However, if several arrays are used at the same time, they will affect the subject if used for a long time.”

Ren Qi nodded her head as if she did not understand. Then, she suddenly exclaimed, “Senior, why did you destroy this evidence? I was planning to bring Senior Sister to ask Senior Brother Li for an explanation!”

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