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Chapter 404: Evil Dragon Sect

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Until now, not many people had noticed the brick in the sinkhole. Most of the cultivators thought that Chen Chen had used some powerful secret technique.

While everyone was shocked, Chen Chen subconsciously wanted to destroy the Tenth Demon Venerable’s essence soul.

But upon closer inspection, there was no essence soul of the Tenth Demon Venerable left. There was only a pure spiritual force waiting for him to absorb with the Haoran Sacred Light Technique.

This meant that he had destroyed the Tenth Demon Venerable along with their physical bodies and essence souls with that brick just now.


Chen Chen sucked in a breath of cold air. His expression changed again and again.

At this moment, he vaguely felt that the Divine Gold in the upper realm and the Divine Gold in the lower realm were not the same concepts.

Could it be that the Divine Gold could only unleash its true power when it reached the upper realm?

Otherwise, why would his crudely made brick be able to directly kill a body refinement cultivator with extraordinary strength at the initial stage of the Spirit Severing Stage?

“Tenth brother!”

The Great Demon Venerable, who was fighting with master Yu Ding, suddenly exclaimed.

The battle had just begun, and one of the ten great Demon Venerables of the Crimson Fiend Sect was missing. He was clearly embarrassed.

“Ninth brother, you go!”

With that thought, he looked coldly at the ninth Demon Venerable.

The ninth Demon Venerable looked at the large pit in the distance and looked helplessly at the eighth Demon Venerable.

Both of them were masters of the intermediate stage of the Spirit Severing Stage. They looked at each other and quickly reached a consensus. They decided to deal with Chen Chen, a cultivator of the initial stage of the Spirit Severing Stage.

In any case, the Crimson Fiend Sect had the absolute advantage in the current situation. Even if they arranged it this way, it would not affect the overall situation.

Chen Chen saw the two brawny men looking at him covetously. He smiled awkwardly and quickly flew forward. On the way, he also took his exquisite Divine Golden brick.

“You want to run? It’s not that easy!”

“Surrender now!”

The eighth Demon Venerable and the ninth Demon Venerable shouted loudly and chased after him closely.


However, at this moment, a dragon’s roar came from the horizon in the distance, followed by a sudden surge of wind and clouds in the sky.

The group of cultivators looked towards the sound and saw a black flood dragon looming in the clouds, flying towards the direction of the Jade Tripod Sect.

“A true spirit descendant at the peak of the Void Refinement realm!”

The sect master of the Crimson Fiend Sect’s expression changed drastically. Looking at the decorations on the black flood dragon, it was obvious that the black flood dragon had an owner.

In the upper realm, mounts were usually one level lower than cultivators. If the black flood dragon was at the peak of the void training stage, then its owner was at least at the Spirit Severing Stage.

However, these were not important points. What was important was that the black flood dragon was a true spirit descendant!

In the upper realm, there were different levels of mounts and pets. The most powerful one was naturally the true spirit.

Using a true spirit as a mount only existed in legends. In reality, no one had ever seen someone with such power.

Next was using a true spirit descendant as a mount. One had to know that even if it was only a true spirit descendant, they would still be extremely arrogant and would usually not surrender.

Only by raising it from a young age would there be some hope.

In this land of alienation, there was basically no sect that could tame a true spirit descendant.

In other words, it was very likely that the person who came was not a cultivator from the land of alienation.

When he thought of the person who Perfected Yu Ding had said he was waiting for, the sect master of the Crimson Fiend Sect’s heart suddenly jumped.

Could it be that Perfected Yu Ding was waiting for a cultivator from the four great regions?

With this thought, cold sweat broke out on his forehead. Although the Crimson Fiend Sect was considered a strong sect in this land of alienation, it was still much weaker than the sects in the four great regions.

The sects in the four regions had Unification stage cultivators no matter how weak they were, and a cultivation level of the Unification stage alone was enough to suppress the Crimson Fiend Sect.

While he was thinking, the black flood dragon in the sky had already stopped above the Jade Tripod Sect. Faced with so many Spirit Severing stage cultivators, the flood dragon’s eyes were cold and without the slightest fear.

Then, a slightly impatient voice came from the back of the flood dragon.

“Who is the sect master of the Jade Tripod Sect, Perfected Yu Ding?”

“I am!”

Perfected Yu Ding put away the magic treasure in his hand and said respectfully.

At this time, the cultivators on both sides had already stopped fighting. Everyone looked at the black flood dragon in the sky.

“Perfected Yu Ding, the few special pill formulas you provided are very good. The matter of the Jade Tripod Sect merging into our Evil Dragon Sect and becoming our Evil Dragon Sect’s pill refining branch has already been approved by the elders. From today onwards, you are our Evil Dragon Sect’s pill refining Elder.”

With that said, a young male cultivator jumped down from the black flood dragon and landed in front of Perfected Yu Ding.

This young cultivator cultivated void cultivation. He was dressed in black with a flood dragon embroidered on it. Other than that, there was also an ancient and unadorned mark of a building on his chest.

Upon seeing that mark, the sect master of the Crimson Fiend Sect immediately broke out in a cold sweat. His eyes were filled with terror.

In the upper realm, there were a few well-known marks. That unadorned building was one of them.

It was because of the Evil Fiend Temple, which represented a super force and the leader of the evil path!

He had never heard of the Evil Dragon Sect, but since they dared to wear the mark of the Evil Fiend Temple, it was most likely a subsidiary sect of the Evil Fiend Temple. Such a sect was definitely not something the Crimson Fiend Sect could afford to provoke.

Don’t look down on the other party just because he was a void refining existence. Even if he was a Foundation Establishment realm cultivator, he didn’t dare to underestimate him.

“This is the token of our Evil Dragon Sect’s elder.”

The young cultivator gave a token to Perfected Yu Ding. As for the group of cultivators from the Crimson Fiend Sect, he completely ignored them.

“I accept the order!”

Perfected Yu Ding received the token with both hands and lowered his head. His expression was quite complicated.

In fact, the Evil Dragon Sect had already contacted him a long time ago, but he had never expressed his stance.

The Jade Tripod Sect had been passed down for so many years. If it ended up in his hands, he would feel bad.

But now, he had no other choice. In the upper realm, it was difficult for an alchemy sect to survive without a strong backer and the Evil Dragon Sect was a good choice.

This sect was located in the Southern Domain and was a subsidiary sect of the Evil Fiend Temple. It was responsible for raising the mounts of the Evil Fiend Temple’s chosen. Although its strength was average, no one would dare to provoke this sect as long as the Evil Fiend Temple existed.

“Elder Yu Ding, the elders in the sect have said that you must go to the southern region with me. As for the other cultivators here, you can bring them with you if you want to. It’s fine if you don’t want to bring them here.”

The young cultivator said with a faint smile.

Perfected Yu Ding thought for a moment and decided to go to the Evil Dragon Sect by himself to check out the situation. Thus, he said, “I can go alone, but the safety of my disciples…”

After saying that, he glanced at the cultivators of the Crimson Fiend Sect.

Many cultivators of the Crimson Fiend Sect could not help but tremble slightly under his gaze. The sect master of the Crimson Fiend Sect said awkwardly, “It’s a misunderstanding… it’s all a misunderstanding!”

The young cultivator still did not look at the cultivators of the Crimson Fiend Sect. Instead, he slowly landed in front of the main gate of the Jade Tripod Sect and hung a sign on the stone tablet of the Jade Tripod Sect.

On it was written, “Evil Dragon Sect’s branch.”.

After doing all this, he looked at Perfected Yu Ding and said with a smile, “From now on, this place will be our Evil Dragon Sect’s branch. If anyone dares to make things difficult for us, we will naturally not let them go. Please rest assured, Elder Yu Ding.”

“Thank you, Fellow Daoist!” Perfected Yu Ding cupped his hands in gratitude and then looked at the sect master of the Crimson Fiend Sect, whether intentionally or not.

The sect master of the Crimson Fiend Sect wiped the sweat off his forehead and said in a low voice, “Fellow Daoist Yu Ding, everything is a misunderstanding. We will take our leave now!”

After saying that, he directly boarded the flying boat, and the other cultivators of the Crimson Fiend Sect followed him hurriedly, afraid that they would be left behind if they were one step behind.

In just a short moment, all the cultivators of the Crimson Fiend Sect boarded the flying boat and flew away dejectedly.. Their speed was actually a few times faster than when they came.

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