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Chapter 403: The Power Of A Brick

When he heard these powerful words, the sect master of the Crimson Fiend Sect felt a little shaken.

However, he wasn’t a timid person since he was able to become the sect master and lead so many experts under him.

If he retreated in front of so many cultivators just because of a word from the other party and waited here, how would he be able to lead the Crimson Fiend Sect in the future?

With this thought, a trace of viciousness flashed in the eyes of the sect master of the Crimson Fiend Sect. Then, he waved his hand abruptly.

Seeing his hand gesture, the group of Spirit Severing Stage experts were all excited. At the same time, they launched an attack on the sect-protecting array of the Jade Tripod Sect.

Boom! Boom!

The sound of spiritual power colliding rose and fell one after another. The expression of Perfected Yu Ding was extremely cold.

Today, there would indeed be no reinforcements like last time, but his words were not false.

He was waiting for someone. For this person’s arrival, he had paid a great price, and even gambled on the future of the Jade Tripod Sect.

But if that person hadn’t arrived yet and the Jade Tripod Sect was destroyed, then everything would be for naught.

Thinking of this, he issued several orders in succession.

“All cultivators above the Void Refinement realm, get ready for battle.”

“Open the sect’s treasury and distribute all battle-type medicinal pills.”

“Gather all the cultivation-type medicinal pills and spirit stones together. Once the strength is insufficient, destroy all of them.”

Originally, he had planned to have all the cultivators below the Void Refinement realm escape after the formation was broken. However, at this time, the Crimson Fiend Sect had already set up a great sealing formation in the outside world. It seemed like they were preparing to eradicate the Jade Tripod Sect.

After he gave a few orders, the faces of the alchemists in the Jade Tripod Sect turned extremely pale. The sect master, who had always planned things out, actually gave such an order. It seemed like the Jade Tripod Sect really didn’t have any trump cards.

As alchemists, they rarely fought with others, and even rarely left the sect. How could they have ever seen such a battle? If they were to fight with cultivators of the same level, it would be better to just kill them.

Therefore, for a moment, many cultivators were stunned on the spot, at a loss for what to do.

A moment later, the distribution of medicinal pills was completed. Most of the alchemists also accepted reality, and the gaze in their eyes gradually became resolute.

Chen Chen looked up at the sky and found that there were many cultivators from the Crimson Fiend Sect staring at him, whether intentionally or not. It was very obvious that he was an important target of the Crimson Fiend Sect.

He did not feel much about this. After experiencing ups and downs in the upper realm for so long, his state of mind had faintly changed. His heart had become somewhat indifferent, and he even had the feeling that he was completely indifferent to life and death.

Bang! Bang!

At this moment, a series of explosive sounds were heard. A few large holes were opened in the protective formation at the same time. Taking advantage of the fact that the formation had not been repaired, a group of Crimson Fiend Sect cultivators rushed into the Jade Tripod Sect.

One of the cultivators with bulky muscles and a gray body that looked like cast iron immediately looked for Chen Chen.

Chen Chen narrowed his eyes. The person flying towards him was also an early stage Spirit Severing Stage cultivator.

However, this early-stage Spirit Severing Stage cultivator was much more famous than him. He was the tenth Demon Venerable of the Crimson Fiend Sect. His body cultivation was extremely strong, and his physical body had already reached an indestructible level. Ordinary middle-stage Spirit Severing Stage cultivators would not be able to do anything to him.

“It was you who killed my second brother’s son, right?”

The tenth Demon Venerable’s smile was ferocious. Most of the experts of the Crimson Fiend Sect had seen the projection of Chen Chen who had casually killed the son of the Second Demon Venerable.

This person was the only cultivator whom the sect master had mentioned that had to be captured alive. Before he came, he had taken the initiative and promised that this person would be handed over to him.

Chen Chen’s expression was indifferent when he heard this. He did not admit nor deny it. Seeing that the tenth Demon Venerable was about to approach, he made a long spear fly out from his storage ring with a single thought and stabbed straight at the tenth Demon Venerable.


With a crisp sound, the ten Demon Venerables did not dodge. The long spear stabbed into his body and produced a metallic sound. Following that, it actually bent slightly.

Chen Chen frowned slightly. He waved his right hand and a golden longsword shot out with the force of lightning. It let out a sharp whistle along the way!

“Good timing!”

The tenth Demon Venerable shouted loudly and pressed his palms together. The moment the long sword was about to hit him, he clamped it in his palms and used his bare hands to receive the white blade.

The golden longsword trembled violently. However, the tenth Demon Venerable’s hands were like the most stable pincers in the world. They clamped the golden longsword tightly. No matter how the Golden Longsword struggled, it could not break free.

“It’s a little powerful.”

Chen Chen praised and waved his hand again. A large saber and a long rod flew out.

The large saber was cold and the rod was like wind and thunder. One on the left and one on the right completely blocked the tenth Demon Venerable’s escape route.

When the tenth Demon Venerable saw this, he sneered. Then, a set of black armor emerged from his body and wrapped around his entire body.


With two muffled sounds, the large saber and long staff hit his left and right shoulders at the same time. However, it was as if they hit a piece of ten-thousand-year-old black iron. They could not even move the tenth Demon Venerables in the slightest.

“Although these magic treasures of yours are not bad, they are still far from breaking through my body.”

The tenth Demon Venerable said in a deep voice. Then, he roared loudly, and the Dharma treasures around him all flew back.

Then, he pounced toward Chen Chen like an indestructible Golden Guardian.

Before he reached a hundred meters in front of Chen Chen, he had already stretched out his steel-like hands. It seemed that he wanted to capture Chen Chen alive.

Chen Chen’s gaze was solemn. The spiritual energy in his body rapidly condensed. Just as the spiritual energy of the tenth Demon Venerable appeared around him and faintly began to restrain his movements, he suddenly stomped his foot and the exquisite Divine Gold brick in the storage ring appeared in his palm.

At this time, the hands of the Tenth Demon Venerable had already arrived in front of him. He did not stand on ceremony and stimulated all the spiritual energy in his body to gather into the exquisite Divine Golden brick, slapping it fiercely.

The exquisite Divine Golden brick was originally only a few kilograms heavy, but in Chen Chen’s hands, it was as light as a feather. Therefore, his slap was extremely fast, like a punch.

However, when the force was fully exerted and the brick touched the tenth Demon Venerable’s hands, the exquisite Divine Golden brick suddenly turned into a weight of ten thousand tons. Even Chen Chen had to let go at this time, or else he would be crushed.


A strange sound of metal friction was heard. The exquisite Divine Golden brick pressed forward, but the hands of the tenth Demon Venerable seemed to have reached into a meat grinder. They quickly exploded into a bloody mist, and even the pitch-black armor was reduced to dust in an instant.

The malevolence in the eyes of the tenth Demon Venerable gradually turned into shock, then from shock to horror.

In the next second, the ugly, gray brick in his eyes gradually enlarged..


An explosion!

This attack was like an egg hitting a rock at high speed. Starting from his hands, the ten Demon Venerables were directly smashed into pieces by the exquisite Divine Golden brick, turning into a bloody mist in the sky!


Chen Chen was dumbfounded.

Before he could react, the exquisite Divine Golden brick had already flown more than a thousand meters away. Along the way, it also smashed another cultivator of the Crimson Fiend Sect, and finally hit a mountain of the Jade Tripod Sect.


With a deafening sound, the mountain was directly smashed into the ground and exploded. Even the earth began to shake violently, as if the stars had fallen and crashed into the ground.

The shaking lasted for dozens of seconds. When everything was calm, Chen Chen looked at the mountain again. It had already become a huge sinkhole, and the few mountains around the sinkhole had all collapsed.

In the middle of the sinkhole, a small brick was embedded in the soil diagonally. It looked almost the same as the debris around it. No one would have thought that this inconspicuous brick was the initiator of the big explosion just now.

The battlefield suddenly quieted down, and a large number of eyes instantly focused on Chen Chen.

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