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Chapter 365: How Nice It Is To Be Ordinary

Sitting on the flying boat, Chen Chen looked at the lotus mark in his hand and frowned.

He understood that when facing a cultivator with similar strength as him, he could use the name of Heavenly Devil City to intimidate the other party.

The other party did not have the confidence to kill him so there was no need to provoke a powerful enemy.

However, when facing someone who was much stronger, revealing the name of Heavenly Devil City would only bring about a disaster.

“Master, what should we do? Why don’t we wait for her to catch up and you should just follow Li Xian? It’s never too late for a gentleman to take revenge.”

“For now, we have to compromise. It’s not shameful. In the future, when we become stronger, you can kick her away!”

Huang Li waved her pink fists and said with slight anger.

Other than that, she did not show any unexpected emotions. It seemed that she was used to it.

Obviously, in the upper realm, it was not rare for female cultivators to take liberties with male cultivators.

Seeing her expression, Chen Chen was a little angry.

Ten years!

In ten years, his child would already have been born, what revenge could they take?

“Why didn’t you warn me earlier that such a thing would happen!?! Don’t you know that my appearance is so… forget it, a person should keep a low profile, don’t give me trouble.”

Huang Li said aggrievedly, “I feel that Master, your cultivation is strong, so it shouldn’t be like this. I didn’t expect that… at your level, it’s inevitable to encounter such a problem. Sigh! When will a beautiful girl like me not be coveted by others?”

Chen Chen was speechless when he heard that. In the end, he could only let out a deep sigh.

Not far away, Wu De was still looking at himself in the mirror, feeling sorry for himself. According to their clan’s aesthetic standards, he was an old but handsome man. However, for some reason, he did not seem to be working well now.

It was probably because his cultivation base was too low!

‘Yes, it must be because of my cultivation base.’

Looking at himself in the mirror, Wu De thought to himself silently, and then cast an envious gaze at Chen Chen.

‘Master, you don’t know how lucky you are.’

Chen Chen glanced at the few of them and found that none of them were reliable. He shook his head helplessly and took out supreme-grade Spirit Stones to give to the Red-Eyed Golden Guardian. Then, he drove the flying boat.

In an instant, the speed of the flying boat increased by a notch.

A day later, the few of them arrived at Tianyang City. Because the flying boat could not withstand the boundless spiritual energy of supreme-grade Spirit Stones, it was already on the verge of falling apart.

There was no other way. For the sake of his innocence, Chen Chen could only risk it all.

After arriving at Tianyang City, he was prepared to buy a better flying boat and give it to the Red-Eyed Golden Guardian, At the same time, he wanted to find out who Li Xian was and what level of cultivation she had.

If possible, he wanted to take the teleportation array and leave this place directly, even if he had to spend more Spirit Stones.

However, in the upper realm, the teleportation formation was also constrained by space. At most, it could only move about 50,000 kilometers at a time. Even so, the price was still extremely high. Usually, only some extremely powerful experts would use the teleportation formation when they encountered an emergency.

And in Tianyang City, there was a teleportation formation that led directly to Shining Moon City, which was 50,000 kilometers away.

Having been in the upper realm for so long, Chen Chen already had a certain understanding of the division of the Upper Realm’s regions.

The upper realm was divided into five regions: East, West, South, North, and Middle. Other than that, there were also some areas outside of the five regions. The areas outside of the five regions were not smaller than the five regions. The place where they were now belonged to the areas outside of the five regions.

Their target was the southern region of the upper realm. There was a branch of Heavenly Devil City there, and it was also the closest to this place.

If they used the teleportation array and teleported ten times in a row, they might be able to enter the northern region.

“We need to find a powerful backer quickly…”

Chen Chen sighed and led them into Tianyang City.

“Master, when you can become a City Lord, I’ll collect the entrance fee for you at the city gate!”

Huang Li looked at the two cultivators guarding the city with envy and whispered.

“City Lord? I hope I still have the chance.”

Chen Chen said with a bitter smile.

Not long after, they came to a treasure specialty shop. Without thinking, Chen Chen bought the most expensive flying boat.

Seeing Chen Chen being so generous, the shopkeeper smiled happily. He grinned widely from ear to ear.

“Customer, please keep your things well. This flying boat was personally refined by Master Wang Yue in the city. It’s definitely worth the price!”

After saying this, the shopkeeper solemnly handed a storage ring to Chen Chen.

Chen Chen kept the storage ring and asked intentionally or unintentionally, “Shopkeeper, have you heard of the cultivator Li Xian?”

As soon as he said this, the shopkeeper immediately revealed a stunned expression, but he quickly understood.

“Dear customer, you are obviously a cultivator from a large sect passing by, so you have never heard of Li Xian. Most of the cultivators of Tianyang City know this name.”

Chen Chen’s heart thumped when he heard this.

Fame was often matched with strength. The more famous a cultivator was, the stronger they were.

If Li Xian’s cultivation level was one realm higher than him, he had a chance of escaping. But if it was two realms higher, he could only accept his fate.

“Then who exactly is she?”

Huang Li asked impatiently behind him.

“She is the sect master of the Li Xian sect, which is 10,000 kilometers away from here! Senior Li Xian is a very good person. She sends out her manifestations to patrol around the Li Xian sect all year round. Because of this, there are very few killings and snatching of treasures around the Li Xian sect.”

“Even our Tianyang City is also basking in her glory, so the cultivators of our Tianyang City respect her very much.”

The shopkeeper explained, his eyes filled with respect.

“She clearly sent her manifestation to violate me! Bah! A hypocrite, we disdain to associate with him!”

Chen Chen cursed in his heart and asked, “Then what is her cultivation?”

“Cultivation? I don’t know, but she is very powerful. Even our City Lord, who is at the peak of the Void Refinement realm, has to greet her as a senior.”

When Chen Chen heard this, he already had the thought of leaving Tianyang City as soon as possible.

She was familiar with the city lord. wasn’t it the same as staying in her nest?

The thirty-six stratagems were to leave.

However, on second thought, Chen Chen thought of another thing.

“Shopkeeper, do you have any disguise-type magic treasures here?”

“Yes, senior, do you want them? I’ll get them for you!”

Not long after, the shopkeeper took out seven to eight disguising masks.

Chen Chen picked the ugliest one and bought them. Then, he put them on his face and asked the system.

“System, who is the ugliest within a fifty-meter radius?”

“Wu De, who is two meters behind the host, is the ugliest.”

Upon hearing this, Chen Chen felt a little envious. Someone like Wu De would never encounter trouble like him. A simple life was truly blissful.

After buying the things, Chen Chen turned around and left. He did not dare to stay in Tianyang City any longer. As for the teleportation array, he did not dare to ask about it.

However, after he left, the shopkeeper’s face suddenly revealed an ecstatic expression. Then, he took out a communication token.

“Sir, I met a group of people. Their composition is exactly as you said. One is from the Scarlet Flame clan, one is from the gray demon clan, and there are two humans, a man and a woman. That human man even asked me to buy a disguise mask. I guess it is very likely that it is the person you are looking for.”

“What exactly is his appearance like?”

“The person from the Scarlet Flame clan is tall and big. He has the cultivation base of the Essence Soul realm. The Gray Demon clan is old, short, and ugly. His cultivation base is also not high.”.

“As for the two humans, the woman looks to be 16 or 17 years old. She looks a little naive. As for the male cultivator at the end…”

“He looks handsome. I can’t tell his cultivation base, but I can vaguely see anxiety in his eyes. It seems that he has encountered something unpleasant recently.”

“I got it. If It’s true, you will receive a lot of rewards.”

A faint voice came from the communication token, and then there was no more movement.

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