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Chapter 364: Unpredictable Ways Of The World

“Huang Li, girls must be careful when they go out, especially beautiful ones. Do you understand? Don’t judge that female cultivator just now by her cultivation level, she definitely has some unknown trump card. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have the guts to wander around outside.”

Chen Chen took this opportunity to educate his disciple.

Since he couldn’t teach this disciple in terms of cultivation, then he could only spend more effort on teaching her how to behave.

Moreover, this disciple of his was indeed a little too naive. She did not understand the dangers of the world at all.

Huang Li nodded her head sensibly. A hint of shyness flashed across her eyes.

Did Master mean to say that she was pretty?

As she thought about it, she directly turned around and ran to the deck, sneering.

However, this scene could not escape Chen Chen’s divine sense detection at all.

He really did not know what to say to this silly disciple.

However, not long after flying, a figure suddenly blocked in front of the flying boat and stopped it.

When he saw that figure, Chen Chen’s expression suddenly became extremely gloomy.

Because that figure wasn’t anyone else but that enchanting young woman from before.

“What exactly do you want to do?”

Chen Chen flew out of the flying boat and looked at that enchanting young woman as he asked coldly.

This female cultivator was too abnormal. Logically speaking, an Essence Soul realm cultivator should not be able to catch up to them. Moreover, he did not notice this female cultivator following them along the way. However, she just happened to appear in front of them.

This was too unbelievable.

The enchanting young woman covered her mouth as she laughed softly. She sized up Chen Chen and asked, “Fellow Daoist, why do I feel that you seem familiar? May I ask, what is your name?”

Chen Chen heard this and replied righteously, “I will not change my name or last name. My surname is Zhang Ji, and I am known as the Devil King of Chaos!”

Upon hearing this nickname, the enchanting young woman was stunned for a moment. She smiled indifferently and said, “Fellow Daoist, what a domineering nickname. I Am Li Xian. After seeing you, I feel that you are like another person.”

Chen Chen’s heart thumped.

After Jiang Cheng Zi escaped, could it be that word about his appearance had been spread?

The techniques of the upper realm were too advanced!

With that thought, Chen Chen’s expression became even more unsightly.

If this female cultivator was concerned about his ten thousand transformations Divine Blade, then it was inevitable that they would have a fight.

However, at this time, he was not sure if this female cultivator was really after the Omni Divine Gold, so Chen Chen could not directly make a move. He simply followed her words and asked,

“The other person? Who is that person?”

When Li Xian heard this, a nostalgic look flashed across her eyes, and she softly said, “Like my fallen Daoist partner.”


Chen Chen almost could not catch his breath.

‘Like her fallen Daoist partner? Such a lousy excuse for striking a conversation. How could she say it out loud!’

“The world is so big, it’s inevitable that there are a few people who look alike. If there’s nothing else, please go ahead, Fellow Daoist. Otherwise, if there’s some misunderstanding, that would not be good.”

Chen Chen warned with a threatening look in his eyes.

“Misunderstanding? Fellow Daoist, do you want to fight? Then you go ahead, I won’t fight back…” Li Xian said pitifully.

Chen Chen couldn’t stand it any longer and directly used his spiritual sense to intimidate Li Xian in a bid to knock this female cultivator unconscious.

However, Li Xian still smiled sweetly, as if nothing had happened.

Seeing this scene, Chen Chen’s heart sank. He knew that he might have been failed.

“System, within a radius of fifty meters, which cultivator is the strongest?”

“It’s you, Host.”

Hearing this answer, Chen Chen’s heart relaxed slightly.

Then, he subconsciously asked, “Which cultivator is the second strongest?”

“It’s the Red-Eyed Golden Guardian twenty meters behind the host.”

“This doesn’t make sense. This is too illogical!”

Chen Chen was extremely shocked. This female cultivator in front of him was actually weaker than the Red-Eyed Golden Guardian?

How was this possible? If that divine sense had been directed at the Red-Eyed Golden Guardian, that big guy would have long fainted.

Or perhaps… this female cultivator wasn’t a cultivator at all?

“Can you tell?” Li Xian said with a light laugh.

Chen Chen smiled bitterly and nodded. “I can tell… Senior, what is it?”

At this moment, how could he not know that this female cultivator in front of him was the manifestation of a certain mighty figure? For her to be able to condense a manifestation that even he couldn’t see through, her strength was definitely stronger than his.

As the saying goes, one had to lower their head when under someone else’s roof. Since the situation was compelling, his tone naturally became mellower.

“I’m robbing.” Li Xian said concisely.

Chen Chen didn’t say anything else and took out his storage ring. He had no choice. It was still important to protect his life when encountering such a cultivator. After all, money was just a material possession.

“I don’t want these things.” Li Xian continued to say.

Chen Chen put away his storage ring and subconsciously wanted to take out the Omni Divine Blade. He didn’t expect that at this time, Li Xian would suddenly say, “I’m robbing you of your chastity.”

Chen Chen’s hand movements stopped abruptly!

What did he hear? This female cultivator was actually going to take liberties with him!

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a handsome young man. Sigh, you don’t even know how to hide when you’re out. You’re really a naive young man. I like naive young men like you the most! Tsk Tsk, tsk, it seems like you have an innate spirit body. It’s rare…”

Upon hearing Li Xian’s words, Chen Chen’s face was as sullen as it can be. He did not expect the cultivators of the upper realm to be so perverted.

It was fine if it was not safe for beautiful women to go out, but he did not expect that it was not safe for handsome men to go out either.

However, on second thought, it seemed to make sense.

In his previous life, due to the physical condition of women, they were generally in a more vulnerable position, so most of the time it was men who wanted to take liberties with women.

However, in this world, strength was not determined by gender but by cultivation level, so female cultivators could also take advantage of men.

A handsome, dignified, and handsome man like him was a very good target to rob.

“Screw you!”

Recalling the admonishments he had given Huang Li, Chen Chen could not help but want to curse.

Who would have thought that his appearance would actually bring him trouble?

“Little brother, fly 6,500 kilometers west from here. My clan is there. From now on, we will be an immortal couple. Won’t that be blissful?”

Li Xian’s smile was very frivolous. She even scratched Chen Chen’s neck with her finger before she gently licked it.

Chen Chen was so scared that he almost went limp. What kind of world was this… It was too dangerous!

‘I won’t accompany you! Goodbye!’

Chen Chen didn’t say anything else and turned around to return to the flying boat. He didn’t believe that a manifestation could do anything to him?

“Little brother, don’t make me do things the hard way!”

Li Xian’s calm voice came from outside the flying boat. The calmer her voice was, the more panicked Chen Chen became.

“Go! Go around her. This woman is crazy!”

Just as he finished speaking, Wu De stuck his head out of the flying boat and said loudly, “I am willing to take this great calamity on behalf of my master! Senior, please let my master off!”


A muffled sound rang out. Wu De had just finished speaking when his entire body was knocked back into the flying boat. He crashed into the wall and fainted.

When the Red-Eyed Golden Guardian saw this scene, he shuddered and hurriedly activated the flying boat in an attempt to get rid of Li Xian.

“Little brother, why must you be so heartless?”

Outside the flying boat, Li Xian’s voice rang out again. Following that, a wisp of smoke flew into the flying boat and gradually transformed into Li Xian’s figure.

“Since you don’t appreciate my kindness, then don’t blame me for being rough!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Li Xian’s figure suddenly disappeared. At the same time, a lotus mark appeared on Chen Chen’s wrist.

“Little brother, my main body will find you soon. When the time comes, hehehehe!”

Looking at the mark on his wrist, Chen Chen sucked in a breath of cold air. He was so angry that he wanted to curse.

He did not expect that not long after arriving in the upper realm, another mark would be given to him.

“Go… Go! Quickly go! Hide in the city!”

Chen Chen shouted incoherently. The flying boat soon disappeared into the horizon.

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